My Company Experience Episode 1 – SNK

Hello, this is ChrisX speaking.

Well, as you could read from my first post, I’ve had my peculiar history of gaming. It comes to no surprise that there are some video game companies that caught my interest not in just how I play their games, but also how I see their development. Generally it’s a little hard for me to get pissed, so even companies considered problematic will have their time to shine in this series and not in a mocking manner either. I may be a little forgiving or gullible in the eyes of others this way, admittedly. But enough about that, because… well at least the first entry today isn’t that problematic! I hope…

Growing up, one of the genres I fell in love with is the fighting game genre. I think it was rooted from how I played a lot of the arcades, the 90’s was the hit. But wait, for most people, they would go for either Capcom for Street Fighter II or Midway for the Mortal Kombat series, and I played those too (on consoles). So which company was it? Oh, well… It’s none other than SNK. There’s just something pretty charming about a company that tried to go toe to toe with the fighting game juggernaut at the time, and almost matching… only to be brought down with bankruptcy and then suddenly rising back like a phoenix. It remains as one of my favorite companies, through good times and hard times.

So then, I’m ChrisX and this is…

My Company Experience with SNK

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Reboot Intro! ChrisX’s History of Gaming

Hello, this is ChrisX speaking. Yes, I apologize that my old blog is practically gone. For personal reasons. I did give you a warning since I think November. Don’t worry, I’ll start posting again time by time.

Now to open up with this new blog, I think I would like to do something. It’s not about video games and the current surrounding, but I would like to share something about history. I’m basically retelling my history with video games in general. There may be some mistakes that I forgot, but… overall I think this will sum up the games I’ve played and the franchises I’d be familiar with because they form my childhood and younger days. And maybe it’ll give you an understanding on why certain popular series don’t pop up much whenever I talk about the topic.

If you got questions to me, feel free to drop me a comment!

So! Let’s begin with the History of ChrisX Gaming.

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