Heyo, it’s ChrisX and his Intro Post

I’m a programmer who has passions for fictions or video games. And in this blog, I’ll be posting a lot of things that comes to my mind about the fictions and the world within there.

What, does this name and site name look familiar to some of you?

Ah yes, I used to make a blog with the same title in Blogspot. Let’s just say I decided to switch home, and expand from my old stuff, from just majorly Tokusatsu to other things like more video games or more anime.

I also make videos. I have a Youtube channel over here. These videos are mostly about countdowns or top X lists, based on the likes of Quarter Guy and Josh Scorcher. I will be posting my videos first so you guys can also enjoy it. However, within this blog, I will be making text countdowns as well. Perhaps some of you will say “Text countdowns are boring”. But I object to that. It’s another form of opinion expression, and it also saves time for someone who has a full-time job like me. Second, thanks to Youtube’s more strict policies about copyright, it’s kind of hard to make things based on anime there, because I would need to use clips from that. I’m still learning the ropes on that. But in the meantime, ideas still come and go fast, so before those ideas run dry, this is a good back up.

And lastly… I never said I quit making videos. I’d still be making them, and perhaps some of the posts here will be upgraded into videos later. But as I said, it takes more time.

Regardless, I hope you guys enjoy your visit over here! A lot of great things incoming!


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