Top 10 Video Game Magic Casters

As another part of my Halloween treats, here’s another list about an archetype that is tightly related with one of those things in Halloween AND video games overall.

Witchcraft. Sorcery. What does witches and sorcerers use? Magic and Spells.


And we got plenty of them in video games. As we all know of, magic is a fascinating concept which when learned, allows various supernatural feats to be done by manipulating the fabric of nature itself. This is most commonly shown with the manipulation of the forces of nature, such as fire, lightning, earth and many more. In video games, this tends to be the tool of smart people who might not be that fit physically, but their intelligence and knowledge enable them to dabble with the intricacies of magic spells and lay down great destruction just as good or even better than their physical compatriots.

This list will consist of the characters that I think has the greatest potential when it comes to spell-casting and having enough varieties when it comes to magic and the destruction they bring. They’re not always limited to offense magic, sometimes healing magic counts… but we’re looking for more offensive magic. And magic has got to be their main forte, it should be their magic that is feared, not their physical forte. And also, maybe it’s just me, but I like varieties a lot better… so for those who are in this list, it’s all expressed with how variative they can be, not just how destructive their magic is.

And as usual, only from games I have played.

Okay, that’s enough talk. Click on the ‘Read More’ link below to see the list, and if you like it… like & drop a comment. The magic… begins here.

Number 10

I grew up with the original Sony Playstation, therefore… I don’t think you should expect a lot of more oft-used franchises from Nintendo to appear in my lists like Pokemon or Zelda or Mario. And hey, PS1 has a LOT of RPG’s to note. PS1 RPG isn’t all about Final Fantasy VII to IX, you know. Also let me just point this out, if you’re expecting Vivi from Final Fantasy IX… well you’d be disappointed, he’s not going to be in this list for being in a game I haven’t played. Sorry about that. Moving on.


So one of the first RPG series I have played in my life is the Genso Suikoden series… Yeah yeah, another game made by Konami left to rot because Konami is Konami… But let me make it clear that back in those days, Konami REALLY made good games. That cannot be forgotten even if today the company is shit. So let’s celebrate those good times.

Anyway, one of the main draws of the Suikoden series is the fact that for each games, you are recruiting 108 characters, including your main character. With that, there’s A LOT of magic casters that I can pick, and wow, it gets hard to pick on who gets to be the most powerful. We’d be here all day if we’re picking one by one. However, finally, I could pick one that will always stay with you regardless of which game it goes…

The gorgeous runemistress Jeane…

#10. Jeane (Suikoden)


Oh QUIET, DAMN IT! I really don’t bat an eye if a character has revealing costumes or overly fanservice character. I mean I appreciate eye-candies, but I usually don’t let it get in the way of how I rate things.

Anyway, let’s move on. Jeane is a mysterious runemistress that has been around since the past, and appearing in many places in the continents. She claims that it’s just her identical family members, but one thing for sure is that she has been around since ages past. Looks like one of those backgrounds to be some sort of magic caster.

They’re all Jeanes. Seriously.

She usually serves as the manager of the Rune shops in your Castle, helping to enchant Runes in many of your party members. In this way, she’s practically one of the major magic members in your army. In addition of that, when there is a major war battle to be fought, if you have Jeane, she’ll usually participate as a magic unit, and possibly one of the more powerful ones, assisting you with her magic, in which she specializes in deadly lightning magic

It wasn’t until the fourth game that you finally can get Jeane to participate in normal battles where she once again becomes an active mage. With high magic stat, she’s usually capable of laying destruction with her magic, and she can be customized with whatever magic rune you want on her, be it fire, earth or water. She became an all-rounder mage this way, but she also has one certain magical thing within her, the Charm Rune, which puts a spell onto the enemies that they cover for her at times. Huh, guess that’s how she makes every men fall for her, in addition of her barely-there clothing.


Jeane is usually not heavily involving herself in the main plot, except in the fifth game where she’s briefly involved with attaching the Sun Rune to Queen Lymsleia. But regardless of her minimum plot involvement, she’s providing your army with their main magical needs, allowing them to cast spells without visiting other places, and is also able to lay around her magical prowess onto the enemy to help your team, and she’s always around every main Suikoden installment to provide them. I mean sure, you also have the much cuter Viki who kept following you around and can cast a lot… but Jeane carries a much more professional and competence aura that makes her get into this list as the #10 Magic Caster in video games. The magic caster that lets YOU cast spells as well.

Number 9


I told you that the PS1 era was pretty flowing with a lot of good, underrated RPG’s, didn’t I? One of these RPG is this strategical piece known as Brigandine. Which is what happens when there’s a minor union between the Romance of the Three Kingdoms game and Final Fantasy Tactics, also combined with a plenty colorful cast of characters. Well only the main ones are the most colorful, but some of them has endeared themselves to my heart. It’s just too bad that it stayed at cult status that the infinitely better improved Grand Edition is stuck in Japan. But we’ll talk about the game itself later.

Anyway, Brigandine tells the story of the continent of Forsena, which is split into six kingdoms and you aim to unify the continent. These kingdoms are pretty medieval, which is why magic is quite aplenty here. And there’s one Kingdom in here that stores a lot of magical talent. To the southwest of the continent is the Kingdom of Caerleon, where our next entry is… the Silent Wise King Cai.

#9. Cai (Brigandine)

At the first glance you might think he’s just an unassuming man who just happens to be the King of this so-called… ‘Magic Kingdom’. However, the ‘Wise’ part of his epithet is not just for show, and it’s not just wise at actions, but also at heart. The first thing he does after the fall of Almekia is to seal an alliance with New Almekia under Prince Lance, and allowing his country to fight on just Iscalio and Esgares. And like I’ve stated, his country is called ‘Magic Kingdom’ with the abundance of magic users within his country. Excepting a few like the Knight Master Dinadan or his sister Merriot, there’s just a lot of magic-attuned people and his starting castles allow the summoning of many magic-attuned units.

So yeah, magic is aplenty in Forsena, and most of them are accessible via mages. Cai simply gets the best deal of magic, from red spells, blue spells and green spells. When it comes to the elemental triangle, Cai will simply come up on the top. He can envelop his surrounding with either sea of flames with Geno Flame or flurry of ice with Geno Frost, or throw in a barrage of thunders to an area from a distance with Geno Thunder. His growth will allow him to expand further into his magery, letting him cast more spells and making them hurt more. Basically, if Cai is not being focused at, this ‘unassuming’ man will recite the words from his book and lay down great destruction to your ranks. And that’s not taking account to any other magic units he might bring, that serve under him. The things he doesn’t dabble is offensive light magic or dark magic, but hey, as far as Grand Edition is concerned, that has nothing to do with Cai’s elemental triad, so he’ll faceroll them all the same with his magic.

For those wondering about who’s Merriot and Dinadan

Amongst the land of Forsena, Cai stands out as the ultimate magic caster and magic leader. Inbetween ruling over mages and spell-slinging the best he can, he’s definitely one of the more powerful beings in that realm, and in spite of not many hearing it… He still holds a place in my heart as one of the more powerful spell casters as far as traditional RPG style goes, and the #9 best Video Game Magic Casters.

Number 8

One of the more common elements in magic in video games is the power of the elements. Mostly they took form in the more basic four, Fire, Wind, Water and Earth. However, the Japanese calendar system incorporates these four and three more: Metal, Moon and Sun. To master these elements require tremendous task, and there is one being who has mastered this to great usage… For that, let us visit the realm of Gensokyo once again.


The Scarlet Devil Mansion has a lot of quirky members around, if you saw my Knife video before, you might be familiar with Sakuya Izayoi. Well for this one, we go a few steps backwards to see its library, full of tomes from mundane to magical… And managed by this particular, One Week Wizard, the one who mastered those seven elements, Patchouli Knowledge.

#6. Patchouli Knowledge (Touhou)

What is known about Patchouli is that she’s a friend of the house’s mistress, Remilia Scarlet, and tasked with ‘solving problems’, from mundane to serious. One of those including somehow keeping her really dangerous sister Flandre within her attic. How does that even work… er, do I even have to say this? (sigh) All right.

“It’s MAGIC. I don’t have to explain it!”

She has the personality of a quiet, but extremely full of… ehem… knowledge. However, she’s also kind of secretive and wouldn’t spill out information that easily. She does make it up with snark, and considering that she could be the ‘tutor’ of the mansion, doing this with her rather childish mistress happen very often. Snark, if you’re smart, you almost always gonna have this one in fiction. Take note, because it’s going to come back later.

In spite of her immense knowledge, it’s even in her name, Patchouli is usually held back from being the ultimate caster due to her apparent sickness, most commonly considered asthma. That’s why she’s not a physical person, relying mostly on her spells to even make a dent. Even if it held back her prowess, she’s still capable of filling the whole screen with whatever of those seven elements she can come up within her grimoire. And there are actually times that she felt a little better in terms of health, where she would unleash even greater spells. By combining two out of the seven elements she possessed, she can create even greater power, and she also has one spell that COMBINES FIVE of them. That’s even more magical destruction than you can ask for to fill your screen.


So you might be thinking, when there’s another more obvious, more well known magician in form of Marisa Kirisame… why Patchouli? Lucky you, I have the answer ready. First is the old cliche reason that fame isn’t everything. Second… Marisa’s spells, while vast by the virtue of her copying other spells… most of them took form in blasting light. Just that form, when compared with how Patchouli can utilize seven forms. Marisa might make it good as a light wielder, but there’s that. Not to mention, at times, Marisa is not afraid to get some physical roughness… Patchouli 99% depends on what she can unleash from her sorcery.


And there you have it, the elusive and quiet and asthmatic magician of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Patchouli might look frail and weak, but if you ever let her recite a spell… you’ll wish you were that dust within the books in her library to be normally wiped. Knowledge is her name, and her vast intellect and array of spells from the seven elements make her Gensokyo’s finest magic caster and overall #8 on this list.

Number 7


Castlevania. Ever since the 3rd game, we have been introduced with offensive magic through Sypha Belnades, the sorceress who would become the matriarch of the Belmont clan, passing her magical genes to her family. Now hear me out, I’d LOVE to put her into this list as the representative Castlevania magic caster, but… I decided not to, for some factors. Mainly, while her spells are quite devastating, they’re mostly limited to single spells and just the elemental trinity. And… ugh, her Judgment personality… That’s just a complete turning off mistake, that I prefer a minimum personality… So yeah, it just felt like Sypha is a great character who ended up as a wasted potential.

(And this is before Konami started turning to shit)

Luckily, from the latter Castlevania series, we finally have one magic caster who’s not only very adept in throwing magic at the forces of darkness, but also has a lot of potential and variety. As in, the young witch Charlotte Aulin.

#7. Charlotte Aulin (Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin)

Well I’m not one to say that Charlotte has an overly deep personality, but that’s not a problem. She’s Jonathan Morris’ childhood friend and learns the arts of black magic, in which most of her spells are stored within her book. Basically acting as a voice of reason for Jonathan, she continuously assisted him during his quest in Dracula’s castle, where he often nearly made reckless choices if it wasn’t for her. And she’s younger than him. Yeah, maturity exist in this lady. Well, except if she’s called a ‘little girl’. It’s still overall a pretty cute trait in her, trying to juggle between maturity and childishness for a girl of her age. But yeah, that’s a simple personality, but executed very well, another thing I like on her.

And as of her prowess as magic casting, I’d say that Charlotte is no slouch in this. She finds and learns spells from scrolls within the castle itself or being trained by Wind AKA Eric Lecarde, and from that, she could cast them. These spells contain not only the Elemental Trinity of Fire, Ice and Lightning, but also Earth, Acid, Holy, Dark, Non-Elemental or even buffing spells. In this way, Charlotte can throw more than offensive magics and she gets a lot more varieties for enemies depending on what they’re weak at. Oh and she also comes with a time-stopping spell.

Of course, the drawback of this is that when casting spells, she’s immobile, and any strikes would interrupt her casting. However, this is mitigated with how controlling her isn’t clunky at all. Yes, she moves just like any common Metroidvania characters that enables good positioning on her, and if all else fails, there’s always Jonathan to cover her up. Especially when her spell takes too long to cast, yet extremely vital to decide the outcome of the quest…


Yes, without Charlotte, the whole Portrait of Ruin will always end in a sour note. She’s the MVP here, guys.

And yet, in spite all these magic casting she can pull off, Charlotte is still a young girl, brimming with potential that she could get stronger in magic somewhere down the line. This, along with the vast variation of spells that she could cast throughout the quest, and how devastating they could get at the right enemies makes me decide that she’s by far, the best pure magic caster in the Castlevania series, and the #7 best Magic Caster in video games.

…. I still wish they didn’t waste the potential Sypha had…

Number 6


Tales series! Ah yes, this is hands down one of my favorite RPG series. Fast paced battle actions, epic storyline, a quirky and memorable cast of characters that changes every installment. Yeah, it looks more anime compared to the likes of Final Fantasy, but who cares. But surely it would be clunky to use a stationary spell-caster in games like this… right?

As a matter of fact, yes. While magic is impressive here, most of the adrenaline-pumping action in this series are mostly found on the frontlines with your fighters. You’re more likely to control your fighters instead of the mages waiting in the back line. Sounds more like the AI’s job, if you ask me. But still, they’re also tremendous helps towards your party, especially when their spells do not stop time unlike earlier Star Ocean games, making it more real time and responsive.

There’s a lot of spell casters to pick from this series. Who do I pick for this one?

Maybe the more popular choice would be… Genis Sage. What can I say, he hails from the western region’s most popular Tales, Tales of Symphonia. Unfortunately, not only I’ve wasted enough time in this whole opening, I’m also not one who grew up with Symphonia, I wasn’t there when it reached the peak of its popularity… I don’t have a GameCube! But this spell caster, in spite of being older and less fantasy-oriented… more than makes up for it…

Usually I prefer to control the physical fighter, the one I like the most, but in case of Tales of the Abyss, for a favorite, it’s none other than Colonel Jade Curtiss.

#4. Jade Curtiss (Tales of the Abyss)

Yes I like him as a character as well as his magic-casting capability. Known as Jade the Necromancer for the tendency to gather the corpses of his fallen enemies, he’s a knowledgable man who not only dispenses wisdom but also a lot of times, sarcastic jokes. He’s simply one of the most hilarious character because of that. Of course beneath that wise-cracking joke hides a dark past that he used to be a sociopathic asshole, who got better because of the influence of his master and ended up inventing the arts of creating replica, which made up the bulk of the game’s story.

“Actually I am thinking about helping the poor… never mind the shiny glass, people. Move along.”

All in all, Jade’s character just really doesn’t disappoint, even if Luke takes up the majority of development. But then again, when you’re a smart person, sometimes you just can’t help to dispense some witty jokes, though thankfully he never goes too far. He’s assisting Luke’s quest for the majority of time, though one can’t blame him for temporarily getting fed up at Luke’s early obnoxiousness, but he quickly came around and came to accept him.

When Jade is first encountered, being the veteran colonel, he understandably starts with higher level, showing how awesome he is. But that period of awesome was short-lived when the enemy threw a Fon Slot Seal on him, which lowers his levels and the vast of majority of his magic, but Jade being Jade, he manages to catch up without looking overly weak. But regardless, with knowledge comes power, and Jade has that aplenty with his spells.

This is the least of your worries on him.

It says something that Jade is armed with a spear… but that’s not exactly what you want to worry about when facing him. While it does look like standard collection of Tales spells, Jade is the one who’s focusing purely on offensive magic, with the standard main elements like Fire, Wind, Water and Earth. And eventually, even throwing meteors are fair game for Jade.

And of course, he’s the guy who gets the trademark best Tales spell, Indignation. He really does this spell justice, regardless of the language used.

That was totally badass…

Of course, same problem arises that he had to stand still and complete his incantation, but that’s nothing a few skills and the protection of your physical fighters, which means he’ll be casting all day. Personality also plays a gigantic factor here, Jade is such a sarcastic fun character in addition of a great, focused offensive magic caster that has the mastery of the elements and the intelligence and wisdom to back up his spell-flinging, making him the #6 best magic casters in Video Games.

Number 5

So… uh…

Fire Emblem.


… Do you realize how hard it is to pick JUST ONE best magic caster when you have tons of them to pick from a huge pool of characters!? All right, fine. Let us give it a shot…

Fire Emblem is a Turn-Based Strategy Game, therefore, most of the magic would look like just simple ‘pick a spell, now go blast the enemy with it’. Simplistic, but it still gets the job done. In later games, magic is usually separated by its school. There’s Light, Dark and Anima, which is to say, elementals. Anima gets separated again between Fire, Wind and Lightning.

But did you know? Back in the time when all we had was just the Archanea games in Shadow Dragon and Mystery of the Emblem, all offensive magics come in just one school. Wind, Fire, Thunder, Light, Dark… all of them are usable by the Mage class (well except Gharnef’s Imhullu. That goddamn fucked up spell.) So I guess I could say that the mage that can use ALL these at once definitely deserve a place here and… yeah.

#5. Linde (Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon)

Enter the daughter of Pontifex Miloah, Linde. Because her father is one of the few who studied magic under Archsage Gotoh, he passed down a lot of his magical genes onto Linde, making her a magical prodigy even if she still has to learn. He also inherited the Aura tome onto her… which in case you don’t know, it’s a Light spell and a dang powerful one, summoning pillars of light to engulf the enemy. Unfortunately, Miloah was killed by Gotoh’s other pupil Gharnef because he’s jealous, and then he wanted to make sure any of Miloah’s relatives are dead too. So Linde was on the run, disguising herself as a boy, captured by slave traders, rescued by Marth and went on to avenge her father by beating Gharnef, since mages like her can use the spell Starlight to negate his Imhullu. She assisted Marth again years later to defeat the returning Gharnef, and at that point, with even more mastery on magic, she’s an even deadlier force to be reckoned with.

I’ll admit that back in the era of Archanea, characterization were kept at a minimum, but Linde stands out as those who actually has a pretty good deal of characterization, but for now let’s focus on how much she’s one of the best mages in video games.


As stated, because she’s the daughter of Miloah, it makes her get a good deal of magical genes that makes her pretty good at learning spells. This girl is BORN mage. Due to her lineage, she’s the only one who can access the Aura spell easily, other ladies either needed a good mastery on spellcasting first before being able to use it. And in addition of that, as stated, since all spell types in Archanea games were categorized in just one group, that means Linde pretty much also has access to fire spells, wind spells, thunder spells, even ICE spells or drain spells (Nosferatu. That was considered dark magic back then).

And she pretty much has the stats to back it up. With great magic growth and decent speed and skill, this means that if you give her enough time to train, Linde would rain down destruction with her spells with little effort. She is the ultimate glass cannon, if the enemy can get to her, she would go down fast, but if they can’t, she decimates them fast enough with sheer firepower, augmented further with her ability to access the Aura spell almost exclusively.


She’s born with extraordinary talent as a mage and uses that talent extremely well to aid the good cause and her friends. It’s like she’s DESTINED to be a helpful mage, and at the very least she’s also a pretty friendly girl, who’s kind of hiding the pain of losing daddy dearest. Newer mages have come in Fire Emblem history, and I can understand people preferring them, and they even got a lot more characterization. But to me, I’d say that Linde is the progenitor of these powerful mages the franchise had, being able to use any kinds of offensive spells and easily destroying things with it, granting her the position of the #5 Top Video Game Magic Casters.

Number 4

The thing about magic casters is that with their vast array of spells, playing them in a fast-paced setting on their own becomes a feat of their own and a show of intelligence, to master them, you have to be like them. Learn a lot of their possible spells and when to use them best. Sure, the most classical manner is that ‘Stay in the back, plant yourself there, chant your spell and hope that there won’t be any pebble thrown at you to break your concentration’. For these characters, however, they eschew that outdated manner and daringly goes frontline, their chanting mostly uninterrupted in the classic way, low defenses be damned, it’s all about flinging those spells up close.


So now, let’s go to the series known as BlazBlue. For the longest time, that scumbag obnoxious bastard known as Terumi (we’ll get to that later) enjoyed success… because there’s someone behind his planning to provide tons and tons broken deus ex machina for his favor. It’s a setting where pure magic is overpowered story-wise. This… thing… known as Phantom, continued to elude us in mystery for three main games straight, but all that’s known that this being used to go by the identity of Nine A. Mercury, one of the Six Heroes that… pretty much taught magic to the whole humanity.

And by the fourth game, she was made playable, now known as Nine the Phantom and holy shit, she’s really showing what it means to be a deus ex machina-giving witch.

#3. Nine the Phantom (BlazBlue)

Okay, her past is rather… complicated, what with the newest XBlaze getting her as a protagonist when she’s a child (We’ll not get to that. I think), her character is quite easy to follow… and I don’t mean by just looks. Nine is the creator of the Nox Nyctores and participated in the Dark War against the Black Beast. She fell in love with Jubei… a cat beastkin, and had a daughter Kokonoe, and she’s damn protective of her sister Celica. But she made the mistake of putting Yuuki Terumi into her services to defeat the Black Beast and this got her killed and then revived as a revenant mage that was first forced to serve Terumi and later Hades Izanami, but on being released… she reveals that she’s already developed her own megalomania due to a certain awful truth. But beneath that, she still has her own sense of care and love, even if her extremist methods kind of eclipsed that. I’ll not spoil any more, if you wanna know, go play Central Fiction. NOW!


Now where was I…Oh, right. A magic caster that gets more up close to throw their spells usually proves to be a lot more dependent on moment and memories. Nine is one of these kind of magic caster, seeing that she’s a witch in a fighting game. Her attacks are basically manipulating the elements of water, wind and fire, in which every attacks that connects will store an element to her Drive, Abyss Diver. She can store up to three elements and then switch to another storage, or she can sacrifice all the elements she has stored to boost one element. The stored element can also be consumed to have her cast various destructive magic depending on what she consumed. By this… well, she can have around 20 spell combinations that she can use in one battle, and to master Nine… well you gotta remember those spell combinations and WHEN to use them. When mastered, Nine can REALLY show why she’s one of the frickin’ Six Heroes specializing in magic, and the reason why Terumi even had a chance of success in the previous games. Credits is where credits is due.

Of course, as a witch, she possesses similar weaknesses like others, for instance, her low endurance, slow movement speed for fighting game standards as well as if she’s hit while her consumed spell is waiting to activate, well there goes the spell. However, her normal attacks and special moves are pretty much her casting magic, and those are not interruptible by any means. Oh, and did I mention that her Astral Finish is… raining meteors to her opponent until nothing’s left? … What’s with video game magic casters and their fetish of summoning meteors as one of their best spells!?

“Get on with it already!”

I should get used to it, I guess…

That said, Nine’s magic have already proven vital to defeat a world-destroying beast like the Black Beast, and she still stands poised with her magic to potentially destroy the wrecked, sad world within the BlazBlue series, and this, combined with her very mage-like play style, vast variations in destructive spells in her disposal that she will execute in quick succession, makes her one of the deadliest magic casters in video game history, ranking at #4 on this list.

Number 2

Well, when Nine came around to be playable, a lot compared her style to be like Marvel Vs Capcom 3’s version of Dormammu (he’s not going to be here). The style in question is taking a few reagents of the elements and then combining them to invoke one spell. This is actually a rather good, unique way for casting magic, but it does make a character harder to master. Like I said above, that can be one plus point when it comes to magic casting.


Anyway, one thing that Dota 2 has over other MOBA is this one thing: It has a seriously hard learning curve, even for those who looked like it was simple enough… being the majority of those under my Top 20 Heroes videos list. But I have fought in a lot of gruelling Dota battles to know a good magic caster without playing as one… and it was a good thing too… because this magic caster encapsulates not just the requirement of intelligence of playing Dota 2, which many fails to comprehend, as well as what I have said about magic casters possessing a lot of spells by combining just several elements alone.

Behold before you, the illustrious, the imperious, ingenious arch-mage… CARL!

#3. Invoker (Dota 2)

… Wait what? Well, underwhelming true name aside… The Invoker really is a walking debilitating and destructive magic factory. In the world of Dota 2, magic prowess is calculated by memory capacity in addition of intelligence. A lot of people back then only mastered like one or two and sometimes even needs books for that. Invoker is not that kind of people. His intelligence and memory bank is vast that he can master at least TEN spells and cast them in instant. It’s just that he found a lot of these spells useless so he tends to forget those he deemed useless and practice new ones, one of them being… an immortality spell that he casted on himself. As such, Invoker is close enough to be an immortal. However, if there’s one thing notorious about him is that his vast knowledge and magical prowess is matched with how prideful he is about himself. Only he and his knowledge matters in that world, and the world shall depend on how much he remembers things…

The kind of character I think I am going to REALLY hate, the self-important obnoxious bastard. But it’s Dota, it has a tendency to make even certain obnoxious characters have their charms. Well, at the very least, Invoker isn’t actively malicious…

And now, it’s the time you’re waiting for. How do you think that Invoker, the being of vast knowledge get THIS high? Like I said, he utilizes three reagents that he can mix and match, Quas for ice and its tough stature in form of Strength, Wex for lightning and its alacrity in form of Agility and finally, Exort for fire and its shining brilliance in form of Intelligence. Level. He can store three reagents, which can contain double, to eventually be used for his ultimate, Invoke, which produces a spell depending on the combination. Okay, that may be less spells than Nine, but what makes Invoker stand out is that his spells are not limited to just how much you can hinder your enemy or blast them away.

I do summon magic as well, thank you.

In addition of some direct damage spells such as the EMP, which drains mana too, Cold Snap, Deafening Blast, Sun Strike and… yeah, another meteor spell, Chaos Meteor (can I just call it ‘Meat Ball’ instead?), the Invoker can also turn invisible using Ghost Walk, and you know how vital it can be for a mage in a MOBA game (shut up, I won’t call it ARTS, I’m not that elitist). And from that, he can also enhance his movement speed with Alacrity. He can also toss a Tornado that tosses everyone caught in the blast upwards, summon fire spirits to assist him and also create a slowing wide Ice Wall. Another advantage he has over Nine is that once Invoker casts his spell, absolutely nothing outside himself can interrupt it. So many spells, so many situations available for the Invoker to utilize them through phases of the game, making him one of the most flexible heroes amongst tons of already complex and flexible heroes.


That is, if you can spare a lot of time to learn the majority of his spell combinations and when to use that depending on your position in the game. Which is to say… A LOT. Difficult But Awesome doesn’t even begin to describe Invoker. But that is what makes him one of the greatest magic casters, he actually forces you to have good memory and be smart in decision making to make the best out of him. There’s a reason why pro players LOVE Invoker and he’s pretty much a mainstay amongst the main Dota 2 competition, The International. With vast knowledge, versatile and destructive magic in his disposal, ego problems aside, there’s no doubt that Invoker stands as one of the greatest magic casters to ever embrace the whole genre…

The keyword being ‘one of’. Because he’s just #3 of my list.

Number 2


Now that I think of it, I can’t believe how much I have forgotten the good times I had with SaGa Frontier. Even if it’s a simple turn-based RPG with an oddball skill learning curve, I really had tons of fun with it.

And it just happens that within the game is a character that I can definitely say DEFINES top magic caster. The caster that travels throughout all Regions to obtain all magic gifts that were opposites to each other… I warn you, though, there is a HEAVY SPOILER awaiting if you read this.








If you’re still with me, good. Let’s move into this character.

This is Blue (and his chibi-art)

One of the protagonists of the game is called Blue. He’s a top graduate of the magic academy of Magic Kingdom, destined to be one of the greatest magic users in all realms. But he’s declared incomplete.

To be complete, he has to travel through all Regions, gather the Gifts of magic while his brother Rouge did the same thing. And once he’s gathered enough Gifts… he would have to engage in a magic duel of death with Rouge.

And this is Rouge

Oh and did I mention that Blue is a jerk? He is so focused in his quest to gather all magics that while he’s a bloody good spell caster that learns magic quickly, especially if he already got the Gift of that school… he just couldn’t be bothered to develop this thing called ’empathy’? He sees other people as just a means to complete his quest, he’ll destroy places if it means getting Magic Gifts, he’ll leave a virtuous man in a belly of a monster just as soon as he’s got what he needed… On the contrary, Rouge appears in other scenarios where the protagonists can look for Magic Gifts and happily join and assist them in quests not related to Magic Gifts.


So yeah, Blue is a dick. But in a way that kind of shows the resolve of learning magic, extreme focus to the goal. Maybe Rouge doesn’t have that, but nonetheless, he displays the same zeal for magic.

Magic in the world of SaGa Frontier is separated into several opposing schools. Light Magic opposes Shadow Magic, Rune Magic opposes Arcane Magic, Realm Magic opposes Mystic Magic, Time Magic opposes Space Magic, Mind Magic opposes Evil Magic. And there were oddballs like Life Magic. But bottom line, if you get a Gift for one school, you can’t get the Gift of the opposing school. Blue, being born from the Magic Kingdom, comes with the Gift for Realm Magic. While he can’t get the Gift of Mystic Magic, he could just buy some spells and later regain his Realm Magic. But by that, he’s gotten access to some exclusive spells that can include a mass destruction spell like the Vermillion Sand or an anti-magic spell called the Psychic Prison, which punishes spell casting by making them backfire. So… yeah, even by that alone, Blue can regulate how spells were thrown in the battlefield.

Anyway, back to the point about opposing schools of magic… the ultimate goal of Blue by defeating Rouge is to eventually become someone who breaks that rule of opposing Magic School. By the end of his quest, Blue will become a magic that wields ALL Magic school Gifts (except certain oddballs like Evil Magic), allowing him all kinds of crazy spell combinations where he can either support his team, debuff or lay waste on his enemies with sheer magic power. Sure, sometimes he could be customized to learn fighting or sword or gun skills, but he develops his magic faster than most characters…

But before that, gotta finish this duel first.

And reaching that goal means the spoileriffic things I warned you: By defeating or getting beaten by Rouge, Blue pretty much merges with his brother. Turns out, he was one person that was split into two magically specifically to fulfill that goal, in order to descend into Hell and battle the Hell’s Lord for eternity, preventing him to lay waste to the world, which he did on the Magic Kingdom the moment Blue and Rouge finished their duel.

And as much as a dick Blue is, even he feels compelled to sacrifice himself for mankind. Well, that was quite unexpected from someone who we thought are going to be a Villain Protagonist…

And yeah, there was no way they could win this one. But by being the most powerful magic caster in all regions, Blue/Rouge would have enough magic power to contain Hell’s Lord, which is why their scenario ended rather abruptly. So who took this spot?

#2. Blue & Rouge (SaGa Frontier)

They both do. Blue and Rouge are like two sides of the coin that eventually merges into one being, they’re both designed to become the one greatest magic caster that could go toe to toe with the devil for what could be called an eternity. And by mastering every schools of magic available in that world, Blue and Rouge has access to every kinds of magic combination that existed at least in that world, making them the #2 Top Video Game Magic Casters.

They’re one person just split into two, dammit!

Number 1

So let’s recap. We’ve seen people who gets creative in combining or enhancing their magic. We’ve seen youths brimmed with potential in magic. We’ve seen studious and curious people with vast knowledge and memory. We’ve seen people with variations of knowledge instead of focusing on just one school of magic. And the massive ego that comes with it. Can you believe that there is one character that takes all those and still overall be a really good character, even moral-wise? A morally straight great mage?


The answer is right there at the Sanctuary. The world where the Lord of Terror, Diablo, lurks.


In that world, magic casters usually bear the moniker ‘Sorcerer’ or ‘Mage’. However, the term ‘Wizard’ is a class on their own. They don’t just study the normal spells, they’re pretty rebellious and usually held disdain in usual rules. Yeah, we know, magic is corrupting, yadda yadda yadda… but these Wizards have enough willpower to keep their sanity intact in spite of their magical prowess. Okay sure, they may be a little too cocky for their own good, but that won’t stop them to follow their altruistic heart to protect the innocents. And these Wizards can be one of your chosen characters in Diablo III, where they not only hand Diablo’s ass into a silver platter (seal him forever? Nah. How about just obliterate him when you can?), when certain Angels prove to be too stubborn and endangering humanity, they went ahead and kick the angel’s butt again.

So… the #1 spot is the Wizard in the Diablo series? … Well… near accurate. However, Blizzard has released several short stories for certain characters. And as of the Wizard, it just happens to be a prodigal girl born from Xiansai named Li-Ming.

#1. Li-Ming (Diablo 3/Heroes of the Storm)

Taken in at the age of 7 as the apprentice of the Sorceress that fought and killed Diablo years before, Isendra, Li-Ming showed her genius mind by mastering magic quickly, and she proves her rebelliousness against her other teacher Valthek by going ahead to learn forbidden magic and even liberally used it to help the people of Caldeum and even saved a whole city from drought with it. Unfortunately, this made the mage clans sent assassins to Isendra, believing her as a corrupting influence, and had her killed. After confronting Valthek about it, Li-Ming used most of her forbidden knowledge to best him in magic combat and traveled away to fulfill her destiny, which involves a certain falling star to Tristram, where eventually Li-Ming came to learn her heritage as a Nephalem and participated in the battle against Diablo and the Burning Hells, and later the madness of Malthael.

So consider that magic is really really corrupting and those who didn’t have enough sense of control would fall into evil and madness, just like the Sorcerer in the first Diablo. Li-Ming usually has none of that, she may be cocky and her words just dripe in self confidence, but she also has a good self-control as well as altruistic heart to temper her thirst for more knowledge. Really, that’s a really great thing to have for someone who DOES like good people. Like me.


But enough about that, in the original game, Li-Ming and other Wizards have access of four elements at least, Fire, Ice, Lightning and Arcane. Each of these have various spells which can be variated into possessing the other element, each with other attributes. For instance… let’s take one of the most common spell that… yes, they have it too… Meteor. So it’s usually a Fire Spell, but in the hands of these Wizards, they can at one point turn into an ice meteor, multiply into smaller meteors, or become a meteor full of concentrated arcane power. And there’s a lot more ways they can do to blow their enemies to smithereens by the manner they combine and enhance their spells, each basic spells can be enhanced in at least 5 ways, and that’s not counting certain gears they found that can enhance these spells (which, by the way, they favor magic wands and magical orbs to enhance their magic, like every magic users). Combined with magical passive traits, this will enhance every magic casting they had. And their signature ultimate spell, Archon? It turns them into a being of pure energy that hits even harder close range by just smacking their fist to the ground. When that time comes, may as well say this to nearby demons… “It’s slaughtering time.”

And due to how the leveling system goes, they can really go godlike, reaching hundreds of levels as opposed to be stuck in, like, Level 255. That speaks of the potentials of Wizards in general. Remember, they managed to drive the Demon Lord Diablo mad by escaping his inescapable Realm of Terror and THEN kill him off without going mad. That’s an extreme accomplishment.

Blizzard fulfilled my wish to include her in Heroes of the Storm (even if she’s just my #2 most wanted behind Grom Hellscream)

And to elevate this further, Li-Ming went on to become the representative Wizard class for Heroes of the Storm. And MAN is she such a blast to play as with a great, sassy personality to match…

For balance’s sake, she just limits herself with the Arcane Magic, especially her Magic Missile and Arcane Orb, but they’re still very potent magic spells. And like her origin game, she also comes with the Teleport spell, a short distance blink that will help her traverse through the map and dodge attacks. She also retains another Wizard signature spell, Disintegrate, a concentrated beam of energy that shatters through everything, the only reason her victims are not completely destroyed until there’s nothing else left like the demons she fought was because they’re tough heroes on their own. And to help this further, her Critical Mass will reset every of her spell’s cooldown everytime she participated in an assist/kill, meaning that if left alone, she can turn one death into a domino of disaster to the enemy, probably EVEN wiping out the whole enemy team single-handedly with nothing but magic! A team full of legends from another world, can fall like that by the hand of this prodigal Wizard. Yeah, you cannot just imagine how glad I am to make her my second most wanted Hero for Heroes of the Storm and Li-Ming absolutely delivers with flying colors.

Oh and she can still use her Archon in that game. That’s basically a complete pack, worth losing the usual elemental triangle for balance.


So as I said before, Li-Ming has combined a lot of the good things within a magic-casting wizard. She’s uninterruptible in casting her spells, she’s still 19 years old therefore a young girl full of potential, her magic brings down the otherwise invincible Lord of Terror, she possesses a lot of creativity with her magic, she’s a cocky, sarcastic teenager due to her vast knowledge but still has a golden heart, she continues to venture more into the realm of forbidden magic while keeping her sanity together for the sake of innocent people.

I’m ChrisX, and… I really couldn’t ask for a better candidate for the #1 Video Game Magic Caster than the Rebellious Wizard herself, Li-Ming. The realms truly needs her.

Thanks for reading!

Honorable Mentions

Okay, because this is a very common type in video games, I’m gonna have to divide it to two: A few characters from the series listed above that got surpassed by the entries, and the last one, characters from other games that… didn’t make the cut.

Surpassed HM

Sypha Belnades (Castlevania)
Marisa Kirisame (Touhou)
Rubick (Dota 2)
Archsage Athos (Fire Emblem)

Outer HM

Jaina Proudmoore (Warcraft)
Yukiko Amagi (Persona 4)
Ryze (League of Legends)
Celine Jules (Star Ocean 2)
Edwin Odesseiron (Baldur’s Gate)
Shang Tsung (Mortal Kombat)

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