Top 10 Video Game Dark Is Not Evil Characters


Needs to get a DSL. His line is always — Hold a sec, I’m not a Blizzard character who has been poked too many times, am I?


Welcome ladies and gentlemen to yet another series of countdown before Halloween closes in. So speaking of Halloween, I know that there is some sort of tradition to dress up as menacing being or monsters. Ghosts, Vampires, Werewolves, Pumpkin Heads… Those are the common creatures of darkness that lurk in both folk tales and often used in video games for us good guys to beat. So consensus is, these creatures associated with darkness are always evil, right?

Actually no.

Sometimes, a character looks that menacing, utilizing the power of Darkness, or can make you think ‘He’s dark related. He must be suspicious as hell.’, and you won’t be always wrong, because the power of darkness corrupts. Well not these characters, these characters utilize the power of darkness, or just evil powers overall, or just overall look menacing or terrifying, but they’re not that evil at heart. They can be perfectly good guys, or they can be just overall tragic character… that needs a hug. After all, always remember that power is just a tool, at the hands of good men, even the evilest power can be the greatest force of good… and at the hands of evil men, even the most righteous power can be the greatest force of evil.

And even TV Tropes has two articles in regards of these phenomenon: Bad Powers, Good People and… Dark Is Not Evil.

And now, I am going to list up 10 characters in video games that to me live up to these archetypes the most, the characters who looks evil or having evil or dark powers… but turns out to be not that bad or even heroic… so the next time someone approached you for trick or treat in this Halloween, you don’t get the wrong idea. Remember, they’re just innocent kids beneath the costume! … Uh, yeah we hope. Same rules apply, just from video games I have played.

Just be careful that there are spoilers galore. Well that’s enough talk… HAVE AT YOU!

Number 10


For the record, yes, I have played Bayonetta. And… yeah, it was a very good game! Fast packed actions, fun beat-em-up, intuitive bosses, rewarding good skills… and a female protagonist that screams SEX APPEAL and still comes off as a legit likable character that has more than SEX APPEAL. I didn’t continue to the second game as it made the jump to Nintendo and I didn’t have Wii U… but I digress. Let’s jump right in to the next entry of this… Bayonetta herself.

#10. Bayonetta (Bayonetta)

By just going over the basics, Bayonetta is a member of the Umbra Witch society, and thus she has in possession of various dark magic which materializes mostly in her hairs, which by the way, she’s using them as a makeshift cloth. In addition of this… well, let’s just say sex appeal gets a rather bad rap. More often than not, we tend to see evil ladies being portrayed as one sexy seductress, whereas the heroine is mostly a cute, petite girl. Bayonetta flaunts her sex appeal like no other, and like stated, she uses dark magic and demon summoning to trample upon angels. Is she a bad lady?

… Well, you have been reading the title of this post, haven’t you?

So… obviously not. Bayonetta isn’t that much of an evil lady. Naughty, maybe, but that doesn’t equate as evil. She also has a lot of soft spots which she shows greatly, like to little Cereza. Of course there’s a lot of big reasons for this that I won’t disclose… But that sure shows that she’s not at all evil in spite of her collection of dark looks and hypersexualized looks and attitude..

And we have to take notion that the Angels in her world isn’t exactly nice angels in our world, they’re instead evil creatures bathing in light appearance while slaughtering humanity. Well, Bayonetta isn’t a self-proclaimed protector of humanity, but she sure is determined to just smack and torture these angels with everything she got, from her guns, supernatural strength, time-stopping abilities and of course, her dark magic and hair-summoning spells… if they cross her. Which happens a lot.


One of the better heroines in this new era of gaming, Bayonetta possesses a lot of materials that one can say evil. But as stated in the beginning, power is just a tool, a dark power can be good in the hands of good people. Bayonetta is one such characters and her actions on both her light and playful side and her naughty and brutal (to those deserving) side earns her this position at #10.

Number 9


So dark powers are usually terrifying on the first glance. And yet, Gensokyo still manages to find a way more terrifying than just mere darkness. Such is the power to invoke death alone. As in… don’t like this guy? Invoke his death. No darkness at all… just BAM, you’re dead. Whatever the cause. And possessing this power is the ghost princess of Hakugyokuro, the final boss of Touhou: Perfect Cherry Blossom, Yuyuko Saigyouji.

#9. Yuyuko Saigyouji (Touhou: Perfect Cherry Blossom)

Actually, I’m quite impressed at Yuyuko’s overall story as a character. Basically, she was the body used as a seal of a malicious tree known as Saigyou Akashi, which delights in killing innocent humans. Over time, Yuyuko started to forget about that one fact, and only knew that she has this power to invoke death on others. So, she set on a plot helped by her gardener Youmu Konpaku to steal essences of Spring and make sure the Saigyou Akashi blooms. Of course, this attracted the attention of the playable heroines, either Reimu Hakurei, Marisa Kirisame or Sakuya Izayoi, and they all attempted to stop her.

And of course, Yuyuko would give a hell of a fight. I mean, sure, most of her attacks, in both the bullet hell games and fighting games seems to materialize in pink butterflies, pink spirits or red beams. But you gotta remember the symbolism of death and rebirth with butterflies amongst the Japanese cultures. All of the sudden, it makes sense that Yuyuko chose those butterflies as a motif of her death-invoking power.

That tree behind her is actually the bigger bad of that installment.

When the Saigyou Akashi is about to bloom, Yuyuko then realized that it was her own body. Rather than let her plan go on full throttle and caused the deaths of many, she lets the heroines re-seal her body and contents herself being a ghost princess.


A ghost princess who’s a little ditzy and hiding her own perceptive nature and skillful manipulator skills. However, Yuyuko still held a lot of responsibility of making sure that the Saigyou Akashi will always keep sealed. Not a bad personality for someone with such terrifying power close enough to the darkness of death! So in the end, Yuyuko is a very ghost princess with extremely powerful inherent power, and yet in the same time, she’s very friendly, if a bit of a ditz, as well as responsible about the power she possesses. Makes me want to excuse that she didn’t have super dark-colored powers or attire, and earns herr the position at #9.

Number 8

Sadly not all who controls dark powers prevail over it. But at the very least, such people does not succumb to true evil, even if the power they carry make them look terrifying or downright evil. Sometimes, the one in control is just someone so tragic and pitiful that this person just desperately needs a hug that the world kept denying her. Case in point, Sengoku Basara’s rendition of Oichi.

#8. Oichi (Sengoku Basara)

So where do I even start with this lady. Oh right, how about this for a pre-word. THE WORLD HATES OICHI!! Okay, now we can begin. Debuting at Sengoku Basara 2, Oichi was at first a slightly gimmicky NPC wielding a naginata and has some minor demon powers, inherited from her brother Nobunaga the Demon King. She usually appears in Kanegasaki stage alongside Azai Nagamasa, her husband, who’s the opposite of her more gloomy outlook, being a hot blooded warrior of justice. They still love each other for real, despite their differences. It’s not until the expansion that Oichi became playable, her demonic powers playing more role in her life and her life… going to complete hell. Nagamasa was killed in front of her and then Nobunaga took her in and made her participate in various slaughter in his name, this does not bode well for her psyche and eventually she starts hearing voices to encourage her to kill more… and then she snapped and started killing her allies, and eventually in a moment of complete insanity, she approached her brother and killed him within the burning temple of Honnoji. Oichi then in the last moments regained her sanity, bawled on her tragic life and then the temple collapsed, killing her as well…

Did I mention that the world hates her? Now you know. But wait, this isn’t over.


Oichi’s tragic story and character proved popular enough that she returns in Sengoku Basara 3, where she discards her naginata and completely fights with those dark, demonic hand that followed her around. She was apparently summoned by remnants of the Oda army to continue fighting on his stead, as much as her mind is off somewhere else, and again, fate can be extremely cruel with how she ended up– Oh whoa, it looks like I got a little carried away on how I described the story.

So, how did she enter this list? Well, let’s see. At heart, Oichi didn’t have the evil bone within the Oda clan, she just wanted to be with her love, or… just have friends, really. Except of course, the dark power within her is just downright terrifying. Manifesting in dark hands, it can go into a rampage and smack people around. And that’s not getting into her stage in 3, the Nightmare of Kanegasaki, where she haunts you and your army that got captured… by the remnants of her brother’s army. In combination of this, Oichi might not be a force of good, true. However, it just goes to show that her dark powers will not always make her an evil bastard like her other family members. She… well she just needs a hug. Treat her nicely and she’ll actually follow you around happily. Never mind if the way she expresses it is by dragging and trampling around those who attack you with those dark creepy giant hands.


Just remember my words before, a power is just a tool, it’s not inherently evil, it’s only evil when used by people who are evil at heart. Oichi has dark power which brought her misery and tragedy… but while she’s not fully a good person… she’s not fully evil either. That’s why she ended up here at the #7 of this list…

Will someone please give this lady a hug?

Number 7


Somewhere near the realm of Valoran, there is this vast dimension called ‘The Void’. To explain this would take a lot of time, but long story short… it’s not a place meant to known by men. For in this dimension lies horrendous creatures that is only concerned for one thing. Hunger… to consume… to devour… to eat… Just about anything. And if a mere man was to set his eyes on it, he will be driven into madness… to become its harbinger for these creatures to just consume the whole world.

Or… he can end up getting hardened and swore to protect their world from these creatures assault. That, ladies and gentlemen… is the Void Walker amongst the champions of Runeterra in League of Legends, Kassadin.

#7. Kassadin (League of Legends)

Seriously, you just look at this guy. He’s wearing a helmet that makes him look like Cthulhu. How do you think he gets his power that makes him eligible as a champion? He took a peek into the Void itself. You know, that thing that will drive you mad like that mad prophet Malzahar? Well, sure enough, Kassadin was nearly consumed by the Void. But he found a way to escape that harsh fate, he let the Void within him, making it his power, and with it, he swore to prevent the incoming assault of the Void, hungering creatures that only want to consume everything in their path like Cho’Gath, Rek’Sai, Vel’Koz, etc. So this guy saw through madness, survived it and is using the power he got from there to protect the world? Frickin’ awesome.

Too bad that people so far didn’t believe him. But Kassadin is not alone. While most of them are not seen, he has gathered many like-minded individuals, calling themselves Preservers of Valoran. The giant assault hasn’t arrived yet, but he stands ready.

I’d call him ‘Cthulhu Justice’, personally.

And yes, I’m not joking when I say he really uses the dangerous maddening power of the Void even in the Summoner’s Rift. With his passive Void Stone, he can take on the ethereal form of a ghost, moving through other units without any collision. Null Sphere has him shoot out a dark energy ball that not only deals damage but also temporarily silences them. Not that long, but good enough to interrupt spellcasting, but considering how Kassadin looks and where he draws power from, that might as well look like forcing them to take a little peek of the madness of the void, frightening them even for a short time, and from that fright, Kassadin gains magic shield, making him more resistant to spells. In addition, the Nether Blade he carries not only deals bonus damage, it can also be activated to give him extra range and damage for just the next attack, and even moreso if it hits a champion. Like that name and the shape of the sword itself isn’t that dark enough. And the more he’s seen spells being casted around him, he’ll start building up power to unleash the Force Pulse, a wave of dark energy that damages and slows down anyone caught in the cone greatly. The more you become desperate in flinging spells at him, which his magic shield might as well block, that’s more power to him and his Force Pulse. And if you think you kind of outrun him or managed to jump behind an obstacle so he loses sight to you, then he suddenly appears with his ultimate, Riftwalk, which is basically one of the rare blink abilities in League of Legends, and making him not only slippery and hard to catch, but also enables him to close in and chase people running.

Even if it’s a dark power, with great power comes great responsibility, and Kassadin took it at heart. He will protect Valoran and show no mercy against those abominations that flee from him. Even while he possesses terrifying power that could’ve driven people mad, he’s using it for the sake of the world. That is a great example of how one’s power does not define you, and how he still kept his sanity intact while breathing like Darth Vader everytime grants him the spot in this list at #7.

Number 6

Necromancy is the art bringing the dead back to the world of living, not quite full resurrection or a second life, but with the side effect of these raised ones is either at the state of zombie state or just bones. In other words, being a necromancer will have the connotations that you’re evil for disturbing the peaceful rest of the dead and bringing in the stuffs of nightmares into reality. Of course, in the end, it’s just that. It’s a form of power, and power is just a tool, and… you get the idea, I’m not repeating that again. Sometimes, an actually GOOD Necromancer exist.

#6. Necromancer (Diablo 2) …. ?

In the Sanctuary, the Necromancers there are examples of these kind of good Necromancers. With demonic possession a very danger in dabbling with the dark arts, these Necromancers… did not study that kind of dark arts. They’re more likely studying ancient prime magic, which happens to also include communing with the dead spirits or materializing them in life. Their concern isn’t power, but the preservation of balance between order and chaos, good and evil, and many more. Such was their dedication that they’re pretty much unaffected with the demonic influence of the Burning Hells and sometimes the madness of the High Heavens… (It happens). They will always oppose those who disturb balance, and their mastery at the dark arts are second to none, and it’s used for good.

Just another day for kicking evil arse for the Necromancer.

Yeah, the Sanctuary rarely or never have an evil Necromancers. One of them is even your playable classes in Diablo 2, so this enables you to go around raising skeletons from enemy corpses, or blow them up for good measure, throw in bone and poison magic, curse and debilitate them so they take more losses as you hit them with your army of the dead. One of my finest experiences in youth playing Diablo 2.


And what more joy could I have when one of these Necromancers get into Heroes of the Storm, under the name of…

#6. Xul (Diablo 2/Heroes of the Storm)

Okay his name is Xul, but I just can’t resist. He’s just spelled like that video. Seriously. But I’m still glad, he WAS one of the heroes I wanted in this game, and he’s in.

And it doesn’t mean he lets up on the creepiness factor. Just look at him guy, he looks like this creepy muscular old man! Not someone you want to meet at the dark alley, but once you get on his good side, he’s decent. Rather than just typical wand, Xul now dual wields a poisonous dagger and one massive scythe that he can swing around to decrepify anyone caught in the swing. Any minions that die within his radius also get immediately raised as minor skeletons, which is good to push waves. In addition, he can also imprison certain targets using his Bone Prison to immobilize them for a considerable time and can materialize his scythe from afar and have it come back swinging to him, damaging anyone in his path. In addition, he can unleash an extremely potent Poison Nova to kill many over time or summon a line of Skeleton Mages to bar the enemy’s path. All of them are potent tools to lay waste on his enemies until he reaches the enemy Nexus and destroy them.

All right, fine. XUL, MOTHERFUKERS, XUUULLL!!!

It doesn’t matter if he’s a good guy, he’s still a terrifying and creepy looking guy that may frighten the enemies in sight. Xul the Cryptic Necromancer is a great example of a good guy with a class mostly classified as evil, and he really backs it up, hence why he’s at #6 of this list.

Number 5


For this spot, we’re going over to the Tales series… and again, I’m not picking anyone from Symphonia. I know there’s the Summon Spirit Shadow, but still…

It’s impressive on how much the Tales series so far has evolved. It still has super cliche moments here and there with a good dose of humors, but I’d say Tales of Berseria is one that goes differently, and in a good way. For starters, the heroine… yes, heroine… is a bonafide example of this topic that I had to replace the old holder of this spot in the past.

#5. Velvet Crowe (Tales of Berseria)

That’s right, it’s Velvet Crowe, the very heroine herself. Never mind about the outfit, she got her own practical reasons for that (not to mention it’s one of those rare moments that Tales pretty much SKIPS out the boob joke skits on her). Just how… ‘dark’ is she? Well, let’s see. In the beginning she was a normal girl, but then her brother Arthur, now taking the guise of the world savior known as the Shepherd Artorius, sacrificed her little brother Laphicet and then cut off her arms, turning her into some sort of abomination, a therion, a monster, with cursed arm that devours everything it comes across for her nutrition. She was turned into a monster by her close family member.

Of course she’s pissed as hell

Throughout the game, Velvet comes off very standoffish and very anti-heroic, unlike many other straightforward heroes in Tales. Hell, I haven’t played Vesperia, and from I read on the outside, all Yuri Lowell was guilty of was vigilantism (against scums). Velvet? She tosses aside anything that seems useless on her, devours things for nourishment with her arm and pretty much embraces her monster persona, all just for one goal: Vengeance against Artorius, to hell with the rest. That’s… pretty hardcore dark. Sure, her skills are more variative, using the four cardinal elements like Earth, Wind, Fire and Water, but man, even in design and personality alone, you know Velvet is a dark creature on her own. Not to mention despite those elements she used, her fighting style is actually pretty aggressive and brutal, showcasing the ferocity she has with her dark power.

Thankfully, since she’s a Tales heroine, character development is part of the package, and Velvet eventually develops to be more heroic… while keeping the dark powers. Unsurprisingly, Artorius is a well known Light user and to the audience, he’s not exactly the shining example of goodness. So for a ‘Dark is not Evil’ hero, we get a ‘Light is not Good’ villain, completing the circle.velvet3

As a new heroine of the Tales series, Velvet doesn’t disappoint, but what’s more important is that she’s one of the examples of ‘Dark Is Not Evil’ character done really well and going down in history as the ‘Lord of Calamity’ by the time Zestiria rolls in just enforces that image, that she got all the bad stuffs but we know she’s not that bad. That alone gave her the new spot at #5 in this list.

Number 4

It’s back to someone I have talked about in a previous post. It’s now back to the Grim Reaper from BlazBlue, Ragna the Bloodedge.

#4. Ragna the Bloodedge (BlazBlue)

Hey, if anything, there’s a LOT that Velvet took notes from this guy, so there’s that. I guess I can be briefer since I already pointed out some things about him in the aforementioned previous post.

So he ranked kind of low back then because I didn’t rank him high enough about scythe experts. Because to me, Ragna was less about how he swings his scythe, but more about how much he fits the term ‘Dark is Not Evil’. This is the kind of rude guy who swore off like a sailor in the face of many things, and in his possession is the Azure Grimoire that grants him powers that lets him drain the soul of whoever he attacks. These all materialize in form of really dark energy, like things summoned from Hell itself. Even the way he names his attacks aren’t exactly walk in the park. Let’s see… Hell’s Fang? Gauntlet Hades? Inferno Divider? … Wow. Sounds like names evil dark characters would use for their attacks. And to continue on his personality, he’s also brooding and gloomy due to his dark past and is pretty much hostile to nearly everyone, and in addition, he has done several reckless crime spree like mass murder. Okay, it is on a rather oppressive government, but that still doesn’t quite excuse murdering innocent people who happens to be working there and the crime was just being ‘you’re in my way’!

Yep, that right hand is more known than his scythe.

And even this kind of brutality translates into how he fights. His low defense, offset with his life-draining abilities, encourages a very aggressive style and brutal combat. You’re going to see a lot of those dark energies swirling around him while he pounds you into submission, or sometimes just delete your existence right away.

But even so, Ragna is still deep down an actually nice guy when you get to his bottom. He’s protective and willing to go through hell to save someone he actually cares. And as of why he’s such a brooding man? Well let’s just say his past SUCKS BALLS. Yeah, thanks for that, Terumi. Where do we even start… having his orphanage burnt down, his brother possessed and cut off his arm, his sister captured and turned into… something. Then turned to a half-vampire and then being grafted with an artifact of doom that makes people afraid of him… yeah, is there any wonder he turns out like that personality-wise? But even then, he really didn’t have that much malice. In order to find the answers he seek, he’ll never give up, no matter how many chips are against him.

Honestly, the glorious shot of someone who never gives up. Look at his face and tell me if he’s the ‘giving up’ type.

And eventually in spite of how many failures he had, Ragna still kept his better heart deep down, and succeeded in doing something truly altruistic, something he really wanted to do to create a better world. And do a permanent number against that fucker. You know who I’m talking about. Rude and possessing extremely dark and killer power on the outside, but ultimately has a great golden heart. Amongst the more modern games, Ragna the Bloodedge really exemplifies that even when one possesses the power of darkness, they’re not always evil, earning him the spot at #4.

Well, definitely higher than his position as a Scythe Expert…

Number 3

Honestly this might feel like cheating. Because… well this is something from a similar company and has been in one game with someone from this very list too… All right, fine, I’ll give a little hint. This character’s from a Blizzard game and has appeared in Heroes of the Storm. OK now let’s get to it.


While I admit that I suck at playing Starcraft, even against computer when it comes to custom maps, it would be a lie to say that I completely ignore its setting and rich lore. One of my favorite units in there is the Protoss Dark Templar. They are the other side of the religious Khala unit High Templar, being stealthy assassins that is permanently cloaked to assassinate enemies without being seen, walking through the darkness. In addition, they also draw the power from the Korprulu’s Sector’s version of Void. Yeah, by this you already know they mean bad news. However, in general, they are actually very reasonable and holds no ill wills. It’s just that the rigid law made them heretics. And the greatest of these Dark Templars is the guy we’re talking about for this… the Dark Prelate Zeratul.

#3. Zeratul (Starcraft)

Probably the greatest Dark Templar that ever existed, Zeratul is elusive and shrouded with mystery, as in he just doesn’t talk unnecessary things. However, he still possesses tremendous wisdom that is unbound with the rigid laws of Khala. It was he who eventually convinced the formerly rigid Executor Tassadar to eventually loosen up, which led to the events where he would sacrifice himself as Protoss’ greatest hero. He made his entrance to the whole main story by killing a Zerg Cerebrate Zasz, formerly known to be invincible. If any of you doesn’t quite understand… well the Zerg is close enough to be a rabid alien swarms that ravages through anything it comes across. At that time, Zeratul selflessly did the world a great service, and through trial and tribulations, even if he and his brethren is rejected by the normal Protoss and he continues to use his void powers and walk in the darkness, he always stands ready to fight for the good and his homeland. Which will prove useful, when it turns out their opposition is a galaxy-scale omnicidal maniac like Amon. No matter how heavy the price, Zeratul will pay it to shape the future and the destiny.


Let’s just say that Zeratul is pretty much a Dark Templar on steroids, and he’s frickin’ BADASS. He’s invisible, so unless there’s a detector, he will never be seen. And his attack is so powerful that even smaller units DIE in one blow from his wrist mounted laser blade (Yep, you read it right. WRIST-MOUNTED LASER BLADE), when other Dark Templars would at least require a few hits to kill a worker unit. That’s just how dangerous he and his power of the void are in normal setting. Then comes his appearance in Heroes of the Storm, where he takes it to a next level. Sure, his attacks are more standard powered than usual, but in the genre of MOBA? His stealth becomes even more dangerous, as he can not just sneak and slash through the enemy from where they did not expect, he can also plant Void Bombs to further damage and debilitate his target. And if you think he just walks, he takes a cue from other blinkers, by being able to Blink to another location in instant. Unlike Kassadin, Zeratul can do this without any of the increasing mana cost, since it’s not his Heroic, which are either the Shadow Assault, making him stick to his enemies quicker and having his strikes more powerful, or the Void Prison, pretty much setting an area with a time stop. Yep, just imagine you’re doing this when he pulls that off.

As one who walks the path of darkness, Zeratul possesses a lot of knowledge and wisdom and backed up with extreme power. But, his heart is that of honor and duty and above all else, good. For one who wields the power of the void, he could be one of your best, most loyal and most steadfast allies from the dark, these are the qualities that made him one of the best examples of Dark Is Not Evil, placing himself at #3 on this list.

En taro Zeratul!

Number 2


Ah yes, Castlevania series. Considering its theme of confronting Count Dracula, one of the greatest vampires there is, it comes of no surprise that this series is a popular subject for Halloween goodies by gamers. Especially since it has existed since the era of NES… back when Konami wasn’t this shitty company… But, I digress.

Sure enough, for every dark creatures or people with dark powers, not everyone are going to be evil. There are a lot of such people that aren’t evil as such, like the werewolf Cornell, or the Devil Forgemaster Hector. Or even the incarnation of Dracula in Aria of Sorrow, Soma Cruz. All of them good contenders… but for this one, I’ve got no other choice but to pick the original one. Yes, they’ve been doing this since the NES era with Dracula’s son, Adrian Fahrenheight Tepes, AKA Alucard.

… Surprised? This is how he looked in Dracula’s Curse

So maybe you’re asking, why Alucard, instead of the others? Well, aside of having seniority, it also helps that Alucard DOES look more obvious on the outside. Let’s see, he’s a half-vampire, direct son of Dracula himself, and even when you fight him in Castlevania 3: Dracula’s Curse, he was already sporting some of his father’s attacks. You know, the triple fireball, teleporting thing? And even when he became playable, he can either shoot energy balls in three directions just like his father, while also turning into a flying bat. Yep, just like his daddy, except that he’s actually opposing said daddy and trying to stop him, putting himself into slumber once the deed was done.

#2. Alucard/Adrian Fahrenheight Tepes (Castlevania)

His past and reasoning would be detailed in Castlevania Symphony of the Night, where… holy shit, that was some beauty sleep… So anyway, Symphony of the Night is such a huge leap from the usual Castlevania formula, and it succeeded, boosting Alucard’s popularity, but nonetheless, he remains your friendly neighborhood half-vampire, in as much as being a conflicted, stoic but upstanding being. Even if he has a lot more tricks up to his sleeve that makes him utilize the fact that he’s a vampire, son of Dracula, starting from being able to temporarily drain the life of anyone he attacks with something that gushed out blood, or using Dracula’s signature ‘teleport then three fireball’ move, summoning damaging spirits or familiars, or even cause a mass soul-stealing attack out of nowhere, inflicting everyone within his sight. Yikes, it’s like Alucard is no longer messing around, probably saying to evil, “Enough talk, HAVE AT YOU!”

… What? Those words aren’t evil.

But I digress. In this game, we also learn further about why Alucard didn’t turn out like his big bad daddy Dracula. The event that broke Dracula and sent him to the path of evil, the burning of Alucard’s mother Lisa, was also witnessed by Alucard, but his mother urged him to not hate humans because they’ve suffered enough. Long story short, Alucard, while also distraught, kept his mother’s words at heart and kept being a good guy, Dracula was too blinded by rage and descended into evil. And Alucard kept his promise as long as he drew breath, which helps when he’s immortal, so he can also guide the incarnation of Dracula, Soma Cruz, to not fall to the same path as his father.


I suppose those explanations would really suffice why I think Alucard is amongst the prime examples of why not all creatures of darkness is evil. It’s both actions and heart that decided it, not the nature of your existence. And I’m not saying this because he’s one of the most well-known video game characters, I like him personally amongst Castlevania characters, I enjoy his arc and how he plays through (Except in Castlevania 3: Dracula’s Curse. Sorry, Al, but you gotta admit he felt kind of clunky in there.). With that said, this is why he stands amongst the greatest video game characters who wield dark powers, but absolutely not evil. At the #2 position, no less!

But by this, you may start wondering. Just WHO can surpass Alucard?

Number 1

I stand by my statement before… wait, wasn’t it Quarter Guy who said that first? Eh, it’s common phrase enough, so here we go… Fame isn’t everything. I could have just put Alucard into Number 1, pick one of the Honorable Mentions below as the #10, and call it a day. But I can’t do that. Not when I have found this character from this one game, one of the rare RPG gems found in the era of PS1.


The Legend of Dragoon. I shouldn’t be surprised. Most of the countdown makers I’ve known seems to mainly grow up with Nintendo consoles, while as for me, after Sega Genesis, it was the Sony Playstation line for me. And as stated before, it houses a lot of JRPG, like it was the golden age of JRPG’s. So anyway… Our story revolve around our protagonist Dart, who found out about how he would become one of the legendary Dragoons, warriors chosen to rule over Dragons that has existed since thousands of years before, and then get involved in several quests to find out about the Black Monster who ravaged his home town and killed his parents, which further gets mixed with the world’s politics as well as the war known as the Dragon Campaign and one evil God that wants to delete the world for reasons.

He’s not the guy I’m talking about. He’s using fire, for God’s sake!

At any rate, early in the game, he unlocked his power of Dragoon when there’s this female Dragoon called Rose, who saved him from a rampaging dragon in the beginning of the game, who ends up accompanying him for reasons…

#1. Rose (The Legend of Dragoon)

Rose is the designated Dark Dragoon, she has an elegant, but precise and deadly fighting style with her rapier, and as Dragoons are capable of magic, her magic just so happens to be dark-attributed, capable of vampiric draining and instantly eliminating minor enemies by throwing them to another dimension of darkness. In addition, her cold but stern personality probably didn’t win her early fans, though she considerably warmed up, beforehand she suppressed her personality, which wasn’t all sunny in the first place anyway, and eventually Dart and the whole team accepted her as a friend and semi-mentor.

All in all, Rose seems to be instantly a shoe-in for lists like this. Dark powers, cold no-nonsense personality, deadly and precise fighting style. But… that alone wouldn’t make her surpass the likes of Alucard, I tell you. It’s something else… and I warn you…













Still with me? OK, good.

Best I can find of about the Black Monster.

As they journeyed on, Dart started to learn about the truth behind the Black Monster. As it turned out, the Black Monster was massacring the so-called Moon Child who was said to born after every 108 years and then gives a holy blessing to the world after moving in to the Moon That Never Sets after acquiring the three Moon Artifacts. That ‘holy blessing’ was a lie, it was actually becoming the God of Destruction and then destroying the world so the creator Soa can recreate it anew. Wow, asshole creator, if you ask me.

But then, there was a Dragoon that survived the Dragon Campaign, after losing all of her friends that learned about this. She swore to never let it come to pass, and as such, becomes the nemesis of these Moon Children, it helps that she had been rendered immortal with a help of something. For 11000 years, the Black Monster has slaughtered every Moon Children before their power manifested, and killed and razed villages full of innocent people that were enthralled by the Moon Children. And she never missed the mark for those years of time.

And as it turns out… The Black Monster was none other than Rose herself.

Nevertheless, in spite of making herself the public nemesis of everyone, a heartless monster that ‘terrorized’ the world mercilessly, Rose stuck to her dedication to prevent apocalypse and has been doing that for around 11000 years, only kind of missing out one, which is how the game came to be. That seriously takes balls and nothing short of impressive, many would have jumped off the slippery slope and become the monster that everyone feared, but Rose still kept her morality, even if her personality seriously soured, and she is still the force of good, actively fighting against world destruction.

Your despicable ‘mass murderer’, people. Just someone who’d prevent apocalypse for about 11000 years…

Rose has sacrificed a lot of things about her, making herself a feared creature amongst men, to be hated and reviled, for thousands of years she committed massacres for the greater good, preventing the destined apocalypse of the world, all while slinging dark magic, or mercilessly cutting down her enemies. THIS is what makes her stand out as the most supreme example of how a Dark-wielding character or someone with such a dark look and reputation are not always evil. I probably like Alucard better as a character, but in terms of ‘Dark is not Evil’? Rose totally beats him out of water in my opinion, she was doing it every 108 years for a waaay longer period of time!

For this Halloween, always remember to never judge a book by its cover, until proven otherwise, someone who just happens to look dark or using dark tools are not instantly evil. Being scared, that’s fine, but try not to just dismiss it as evil on looks alone.

I am ChrisX, and to me, the best representation for that in video game history has got to be the Black Monster and Dark Dragoon Rose. The #1 Video Game ‘Dark Is Not Evil’ characters.

Honorable Mentions

Judas (Tales of Destiny 2)

Cecil Harvey (Final Fantasy IV) (But only as a Dark Knight)

Jin Kazama (Tekken)

Nox (Smite)

Nohr Royal Family (Xander, Camilla, Leo and Elise) (Fire Emblem Fates)

Shadow the Hedgehog (Sonic the Hedgehog)

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Video Game Dark Is Not Evil Characters

    • ChrisX December 4, 2016 / 5:58 am

      That’s because I haven’t played Zelda games overall to put her in.


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