Overwatch Character Ranking 23: Tracer

Well, I gotta start from someone at first at the bottom. So… (sigh) it looks like the one at the bottom apparently is everybody’s favorite super cheery Brit girl, Lena Oxton AKA Tracer. I can definitely see those who’d jeer on me for liking everybody’s favorite poster girl, but… I am prepared.


Well don’t get me wrong, I don’t think she’s a bad character, if I make a Top X most disliked character, I don’t think Tracer can even make it there. Personal preference. They exist, you know? I’ll give it that without Tracer, I don’t think I would be convinced that Overwatch could work as an FPS-MOBA hybrid. That time rewind thing is great. And on paper, someone who keeps fighting for the people’s welfare and happiness, justice and all… All of them are great, wonderful ideals worth fighting for. That’s why I can’t completely hate her, she’s fighting for a cause I very much admire. Genuinely, with no ulterior motives either.

Oh, maybe you’re asking about how she’s actually a lesbian that she’s my least favorite character. Honestly? I don’t even consider that a factor/reason to dislike. She’s lesbian. So what? I’m not in this whole ‘waifu’ thing and if I am, Tracer won’t be on the top. Or is it the butt meme? … I’m more of a boob person, personally, so again, that holds no bearing to me.

So how does it go wrong? Honestly, that’s not a most proper way to say it, probably better to say ‘How is it that it doesn’t get through me’.

Well… first I gotta say one thing. Cara Theobold is a nice voice actress and I’m sure she enjoys playing as Tracer. Still… the exaggerated Cockney accent turns out to be not quite my taste. Everytime I hear that “deja vu” thing, I felt like I want to shoot Tracer and shut her up. If the purpose was to ‘annoy’… well good job, it’s working. So I meant no offense to the voice actress, but yeah, Tracer’s voice stuffs aren’t my cup of tea.

Second, her ultimate. It may be on the trope of ‘Boring But Practical’… but maybe for me, Tracer’s ultimate is the least impressive compared to the rest. She just sticks a bomb, it explodes, that’s it. Other ultimates may have other unique effects or at least have an awesome line to behold, but Tracer’s… not so much for me. And the counter felt like ‘Shoot her down before she does her ult”. Other ultimates may have other counters like get behind a tank, stay out of sight, but Tracer’s not so much. If you’re stuck, you’re doomed, because you have such a short window of time to prevent it, if you’re even able.

And lastly… sometimes, a person’s greatest asset also becomes their greatest flaw. And in case of Tracer… it’s her idealism that’s also the greatest flaw within her. Tracer… is too idealistic for her own good. The world could use more heroes, yes. But Tracer speaks and acts like she has no understanding on how evil was made, how bad things were done, overall just sinking deep into idealism with little reasons, that event in Alive when she questioned Widowmaker ‘why would you even do that’ speaks of this naivete a lot. Sure, there may be a time when she got nearly erased from time, but we don’t even know if that was the catalyst for her to act cheery all the time, it would’ve helped if it was! A grey morality story can be very engaging and interesting, but Tracer felt like thinking it’s going to be black and white morality, or the world should be like that. Can I say… too naive for her own good?

… I’m probably going to turn back on that word eventually, because there are a lot of naive characters ahead. Yeah, you can start calling me a hypocritical schmuck.

In addition of this, one of the things I noticed about Tracer is that… is it just me, but she looked more like a personified ideal that people liked than her own character? Like I said, she could use more character development like the time she nearly got erased in time, but her origin story didn’t imply anything, like she’s always this cheery girl fighting for good from the start. She felt more liked because she followed the ideals people liked, not because of compelling characteristics. If she would stray from that, she would be left with nothing. I wish that was an in-lore characteristic, because that might actually be a good development! But unfortunately, it’s just outside so to me, she felt… kind of shallow. The good ideals are good and admirable, but I’d love some extra spice.


I got nothing else. Sad to say that even if she’s the poster girl of Overwatch, Tracer ended up being at the bottom of my list. I’ve got my own tastes and somehow I don’t put poster boys/girls very often. Oh and she’s also an even more of a pain to fight against in Heroes of the Storm. Don’t treat this like some factual information, it’s just an opinion, if you like Tracer (which I assume a lot of you do), it’s all cool.

But yeah… I think there’s a reason why even until today, I have never even touched Tracer (yes, my stats say I have used her about 0 times).

Don’t worry, it’ll just get ‘better’ upwards. So, I’ll see you next time…. (luvs).

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