Overwatch Character Ranking

Hello everyone, it’s ChrisX and…


Well 2016 has passed and Overwatch has been quite hailed as one of the best games in that year. Honestly? I’m also impressed. It’s gameplay are solid and fun, the challenge’s there, it’s accessible net-wise for me… and most importantly…

The characters are all variative and fun and overall solid. There’s just… literally no one I don’t like as a character. In addition of that, after several last years with their stories either being hit or miss, this one seems to be shaping up to a solid, growing story overall. With up to 23 characters at the end of 2016, and still continuing to grow… Well, I just can’t resist to make my own character ranking and explaining why a character is in the position in my opinion.

It works like Countdowns, but I am only reserving one post per character. I’d be ranking these characters not just on how they play and how good they are, but also their characteristization, what they represent to me and their personality as well. As usual, these are all just my opinion, if your favorite is in the lower position (you’ll see this a lot) or someone you don’t like is in a higher position… well, I’m sorry, but that’s how it’s gonna be. And the good thing about blog format is that should there be new characters… I’ll be able to just update the list in a bit instead of uploading something new.

Well, it’s only a greeting post, so stay tuned. We’re going to start from the bottom to the top! See you soon!

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