Overwatch Character Ranking 22: Bastion

And moving on we have… yeah. That PTSD-inflicted murderbot Bastion. Oh boy, he really did live up the ability that he can make an Attack phase a frickin’ nightmare, if the Bastion positions itself into a strategic position and gets proper support.


But first, the good things about this murderbot. I like that actually, even if facing it can get really annoying, it does have quite a bit of counters as long as you know what you’re doing. First, you can headshot it while in turret mode, the target is that blue light on its back, so if you can sneak past it, do it and attack from there.

While it looks like it eats up tanks like breakfast (oh boy, using Reinhardt is a nightmare when facing him), if your character has a way to block off the bullets, it cannot do much. Throw in a Symmetra Photon Barrier and you already saved your team from a bunch of Bastion bullets. Pick D.Va and then go rush while activating her bullet-eating barrier, and you’ve gotten yourself in a position where you can jump around and mess with its aim while firing at him.

And of course, there’s the classic ‘use Genji to deflect his bullets’. While it mostly works, smart Bastion players exist, and it just becomes a matter of whether Bastion panics and fires deflected bullets that kills itself, or it stays calm, forcing Genji to either retreat or find another point of attack before it kills him. So basically, it also becomes a good battle of wits. And of course, if you have someone who can attack from far away accurately and quite fast (Genji himself, snipers, McCree, etc), Bastion becomes a sitting duck that may be forced to give up its turret position. So yeah, for anyone who says Bastion is an unkillable broken killing machine, there’s your solutions. Get on it. But on the other hand, it does salvage its status for me. I don’t think I even need to mention its ult, turning to a tank. It’s fun, but remember that people are most likely to run away from Bastion, so get used to picking off what you can pick off.

Its backstory is at least pretty decent to me as well. Like I said, it’s like a robot that has a PTSD, remembering the horrors of its old life before first deactivation and certainly, if it has a mind, it certainly preferred living in peace with its pet bird Ganymede. Unfortunately, that’s… quite about it. Other than that, its personality is kind of hard to describe when all it does seemed to be beep-booping. It’s good that at least there were some tones for expression of emotion like mostly ‘saddened’ when racist people say he’s just like another Omnic, destructive. But we’re not quite sure, that most of the personalities seemed to be fan-interpretation of those beep-boops. And one of the things that becomes a minus point for me is when a character has rather too few defined personality or ways to express it, making it a bait for people to self-insert themselves into the character.

Well, at least it didn’t come with some accent that can be a little off to some.

I mean, if you like Bastion and think that it’s a sweet cinnamon roll bot, well that’s OK, it does have its grounds for sympathetic backstory. But the lack of very defined strong personality turned me off from that, and while it was good to rack up kills… well it kind of gets a little boring when prolonged, and people will catch up to your tactics. But don’t worry, it’s not quite powered with salt as much as other people like to claim (But then again, I’m not a pro player, just a casual filth, so… don’t always think my claims are that accurate).

So… yeah. There you have it, my opinion on Bastion. It’s rather low… but probably not that dead last.

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