Overwatch Character Ranking 20: Sombra

This is actually not that high compared to the last number. Which may be a little ironic considering who’s in last time, but we’ll see if we can boop through this. And don’t worry, special precautions have been made so this does not get h– let’s just get this over with.


Now, I rarely played Team Fortress 2, so I didn’t touch sneaky characters like The Spy so I didn’t have much experience with super sneaky characters. I didn’t even touch Skye in Paladins (or maybe because her ultimate gave me Tracer vibes, just slower to go boom…). But in the case of Sombra? She’s… actually pretty decent, I gotta say. You just need to find a clear area where bullets don’t fly, so she can sneak in undetected, and either start shooting from the back with uzi, or set up an escape plan. As a sneaky character… the latter is more important, because once out of stealth, Sombra really lacks serious quick escape plan. Of course, you can just set up a point to teleport back. Your stealth will be ready too when you start setting things up, so when things go south, teleport back and start again. That might be similar to Tracer’s time rewind, but at the very least, with Sombra, you can plan ahead where and when you will return in position and time.

Oh yeah and she can also hack people or objects. Health packs regenerate faster for your side or damage the enemy, or makes her enemies unable to do anything aside of attacking. Well, that does a number for the tanks, but you need to be good at sneaking instead of attacking from the front, take your sweet time to complete the hack, and again, like the case of Zarya, you need teamwork here. You can’t just hack while your teammates don’t follow up, Sombra is squishy enough that she might not survive hacking if she’s spotted. Her ultimate works the same way, except instantaneous and area-wide. But again, this really requires a good synergy with your teammates. If you’re not concerned with the hack, you can be a backstabber, but it wouldn’t be good if you’re not using what Sombra excelled at: Debilitating her enemies. Okay, so maybe distraction can work, but still.

Design-wise, I’m not sure if this is a trend or something. Sombra looked fine, the fact that she has her terminal out of nowhere in thin air adds a cool factor on it. It’s just that… her hair. I’m not sure, but is ‘half-bald’ women hairstyle trending today in video games? How many half bald women have I seen lately? Johanna in Heroes of the Storm? Illaoi in League of Legends? Laura in Street Fighter V? Now Sombra?? Wait, Tyra from Paladins too!? Okay, okay, I shouldn’t talk too much about this.

Her story isn’t exactly mind-blowing, but she gave a good fresh air compared to the other antagonists that at least have sympathetic backgrounds. Sombra? She’s got… none. Or too buried within mysteries. All we know that she likes hacking, she likes sowing chaos like a troll, and she’s also a wild card despite being under Talon’s payroll. She does look like she has the makings of an unrepentant villain, but she seems too much of a wild card, if she’s a villain, she may be truly on a different payroll than Talon, but who knows?


One thing I appreciate is how much she’s such an affable tease for a bad guy. I just can’t seem to stop using the ‘Boop!’ voiceline. It just has this quirky fun feel on it.

But somehow, it’s because of this hyper mystery that I feel less inclined to feel strongly about her. Overwatch has had solid record to make characters with incredible pasts (and by that I mean, a combination of sad, relatability or overcoming obstacles). Sombra may be a breath of fresh air in terms of villainy, but the many many mysteries around her where things were unknown makes her less eligible for me to feel strongly for in a game like this.

I think her only two saving graces are about her gameplay and ‘Boop!’, even if it wasn’t my top pick. But aside of that, I felt that Sombra is a little lackluster, but still comes off fine. Even if just a little. Like I said, there’s not much that I dislike in Overwatch. Maybe I should just try playing as her more. Maybe…

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