Overwatch Character Ranking 17: Mercy

Ah yes, this was one of the characters that would’ve been my go-to healer. But I feel that she’s fallen in the hard times these days. Still, for what it’s worth, Mercy is still a sweet soul.


Mercy is basically a carryover of the ‘linked Medic’. As in, if when playing Team Fortress 2 you used Medic, she’s right at home for you… Still, even if I haven’t played Team Fortress 2 that much, only playing with bots… There’s just one problem that Mercy has… She has to split her attention. When you’re using the Medic, all you need to do is heal as long as you can until eventually your patient gets supercharged. Mercy? She can only heal or boost attack at one time, and there’s no supercharge. So you have to juggle between a dedicated healer, and a damage booster, and honestly there’s just a few that Mercy could boost constantly with good results, like Bastion. Others, you have to move around and stay in place, alleviated with how Mercy can fly to her target, and if that person ended up not being able to aim well… well congratulations, you just had Mercy waste the time she could have used to attend to others.

Still, while her healing can be good and neverending, because her healing rod has split functions, it kind of hampers her focus. But she’s still a high value target, because she can negate a near-team kill if she’s left alone. If you hear “HEROES NEVER DIE”… well there goes your hard work of killing the enemy team. But… I just gotta say one thing. If you’re the one doing that… my god, the satisfaction just kind of make up for everything else. Yeah, she’s that kind of character. Also, at the very least, she has her own pistol for a small self defense, but if you’re good at aiming, you could also end up turning the tables. People go ‘No Mercy’ for a reason, you know.

Sadly, as much as she’s picturing the quintessential support greatly, Mercy’s story is… kind of lacking on her own. Let’s see… she’s a genius medical doctor who invented many medical progresses, opposed to Overwatch’s more militaristic nature but puts that aside to save more lives… Well… that’s it. It’s not the most compelling story, but apparently it makes some people think she’s a secretly evil person… okay, what the hell is wrong with you.

Regardless, she actually had more prominence in OTHER heroes’ bio. She saved Genji’s life even though she had to settle with him being cyborgified, and she attempted to resurrect Gabriel Reyes, but she somehow screwed up and this turned him into the wraith Reaper. Well at the very least it gave her flaw and a failure record, something to better herself at.But at the end of it, Mercy is a kindhearted healer and… that’s it?


While it was sadly a little too underwhelming and dependant on other characters’ lores, Mercy still gets the job done. Always remember, everything is worth it to get a five-man “HEROES NEVER DIE”, but don’t get too carried over. Always keep check on your team and tap them up good. The work of a healer is usually underappreciated, but it’s always important and makes the difference between victory and defeat. The job of Mercy in a nutshell. Hopefully she still have more rooms for development in the future, though.

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