Overwatch Character Ranking 18: Ana

We don’t get too much grandmas in video games in general, so I’m thankful on this one. She’s just low because I lack experience myself, but I like Ana.


Now I understand that Ana is one of the top tier character when used in Ranked plays. But I’m never one to play a Ranked game in general. No, I don’t wanna deal with people who gets toxic very easy. But still, I do like that Ana is a hybrid between a defense and a support. She just hangs in the back, shoot to heal or sometimes do some tick damages with her shoots. The problem is that she’s hard to get into a vantage point, but that’s hardly a matter of problem if your job is to heal. But still, in the middle of battle, it can get hard to heal specific people, when there is a chance that enemies are walking around and might even take the hit for your healed teammate. She has a healing grenade, but it has shorter range. And sure, she can also put people to sleep, but the dart seems to be small on size that it can be easy to miss

Good thing that she doesn’t exactly need her scope to actually heal your friends. She doesn’t utilize headshots after all.

And of course, her ultimate comes to play greatly when you have a great offensive character that can wreck with high accuracy, or even tanks. This is why the meta favors her. She’s flexible enough to fulfill both spots as support or a bit of attacking.

As the story goes, Ana actually had a pretty good one, I guess it kind of makes up my lack of experience with her. As one of the founding members of the Overwatch, she’s known as one of the greatest snipers in the age, but she also struggles about being a good mother to Fareeha (Pharah) as well as her conscience weighing on her when it became apparent that her job was requiring her to kill people regardless. Which costed her big when Widowmaker shot her in the eye, that the combination of this made her feel like she’s better off reported dead.

But even in her retreat, the world didn’t change for better. In fact, it got worse, so she picked up her rifle again and became a bounty hunter that eventually teams up with an old friend, Soldier: 76/Jack Morrison in his crusade against whoever plotted Overwatch’s downfall. It’s still quite a mystery on where she’d be after all this, but if anything she’ll stay true to what she usually says in the start of any matches…

Never stop fighting for what you believe in

It’s a very powerful creed, that while justice and freedom are good things, what matters the most is that you have something to believe in, and you fight for it. While Ana might be the lowest ranked support here, as a character she’s great and I can definitely see her clawing her ranks up to higher and higher. So yeah, sue me for not using her too much, I must be some sort of noob who only picks Offense and rarely support/healers.

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