Overwatch Character Ranking 16: Lucio

Aw yeah, it’s dat boi. The super cool, funky DJ dude who champions freedom and is there to fight against oppression, Lucio. But do I think like the rest about him? Well…


I’d say it’s safe to say that healer MIGHT not be my biggest cup of tea, seeing that many of them are below average. Call me a casual scrub, but I think that’s how it is about me. Still I gotta admit that probably, Lucio is one of my ‘Healer’ safe call. Like if everything is already picked and there’s only Support/Healer slot left and I’m not in the mood to train as anyone… I’d pick Lucio. He’s one of those guys that gets the job done. If you don’t like to aim, Lucio got you covered, he can just be there, turning up his healing music and then he regenerates everyone’s health. If he needs to move on, he just needs to turn up his speed boost to make him and his allies move faster. The boost is not enough? Amp it up. You hear someone activating an ult? Drop the beat and then see as that someone cry due to their ultimate probably wasted.

And he does have his own way offense. If you’re a good shot, you can even use his 4-bullet autofire to even score headshots and pick off people. Or if they’re near a bottomless pit, you can even push them off there. That’s one of the things that will generate salt onto your enemies, while you get a good satisfaction. But yeah, I’m more leaning to his sustain capabilities and his role to support the team. I’m not that big on his wall-skating, but it is a cool feature.

But story and character-wise? How is he?

Well… most people will think that Lucio is one of the truly genuinely heroic character in the game. Well, I won’t deny that. He’s a cool dude and against evil oppression, that’s how he brought the freedom of his people: By going Robin Hood and steal from that evil oppressing corporate that made his people suffer, and then rallied his people to a rebellion. This was such a big hit that everyone consider him a hero, even Overwatch sees him. So, down with oppression, up with freedom forever? I might actually agree on that one.

But it was such a common thought that it is open for people to think that Lucio can do no wrong. He ended up using generalization on that corporation, Vishkar. While the corporate and what they did is evil, that I won’t disagree, safe to say that generalizing everyone there to be corrupt monsters wouldn’t be the best way to validate your point. Yet people think generalizing like that is okay, and if he steals, it’s okay because . This just doesn’t sit well on me. So stealing is totally cool when it is an asshole victim that does it? Wouldn’t that make you just as bad as the bad victim? The problem is that the narrative and Lucio seems to think that it’s always good without recognizing the badness. A recognition even if it won’t stop the fight would’ve spoken wonders, honestly. Or I guess that’s what happens when you’ve seen things like Tales of Vesperia…

In addition of that, I think he’s the kind of character who has little room for development. He’s good, he’s already reached his goal and becoming a hero. And… that’s it, really! Even if he develops, his character would still be the same, the freedom-loving DJ. It can be improved, yes, if he learns to not generalize things. But the change wouldn’t be that impressive. Now I understand that not everyone needs big development, but Lucio’s a case that he probably needs one, but the room was so little.

Like one of the things he championed: Freedom. He might say it’s the most important thing, but does he even realize that sometimes freedom can do harm and turn into anarchy? Or whoever saying that must be a Vishkar cheerleader trying to deter and antagonize him? … Well I think you better keep up with this series, because the result may come next.


Bottom line, I would like to keep it clear that I don’t hate Lucio. Even if he might be a little too naive, though looking like not as much as someone else, the fight for freedom is always admirable and… well, he’s at least very easy to be friends with. This is also compounded with how easy to manage he is in battle, he fulfills his role well and can sometimes sip in for a more offensive manner. He’s not totally harmless, he can be both at once. Overall a fun character and… I DO hope he would develop his character beyond generalization without losing who he is…  I like him, but I just don’t think he’s the perfect golden boy that can do no wrong. If Blizzard would take him to that direction, he might end up like a certain ‘Green Jesus’ and… let’s hope it doesn’t happen, for his sake!

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