Overwatch Character Ranking 15: Roadhog

Once upon a time, I thought that I wouldn’t be able to appreciate the typical ‘get over here’ skill like Pudge or Blitzcrank. But I guess Streetpig showed otherwise. It helps that he’s surprisingly has good depth for a story character.


Basically, Roadhog only has one job in this game: Stay in the front, spot an out-of-position enemy, drag them to his front, headshot with his close range scrap gun point blank. There’s not much that can survive that one. Of course, the one thing that you need to watch out is missing out can be a little fatal and tricky. He’s a very big target that it can be easy to hit him. But on the other hand, he’s got a boatload of HP and he can regenerate his health easily by just drinking… whatever that is he’s carrying. Hogdrogen… is that even a word…? Bah, who cares, when he can self-regenerate a good chunk of his HP, you can call it drinking a good dose of shit and get away with it. Just make sure that he’s not being hit with Ana’s anti-heal grenade or else he’d be literally drinking tasteless shit.

Also one thing… while his ultimate looks like a salvo of bullets that looks like it will greatly damage things… don’t hope on the damage too much. Trust me, it’s not that big. It has other uses, definitely, like if you want to keep the enemies at bay from the objective, or to push them off cliff for a mass YAAA-HOO-HOO-HOO-HOOEEY. Yeah, that’s gonna be useful if the map has bottomless pits. Just don’t think of it as a normal murder-machine. Never works. Unless your enemy group just happens to enter his sight while low in HP.

In a way, however, like I said, his main schthick is his hook. While I’ve been exposed with other hooks in MOBA, like Pudge, Blitzcrank, Sylvanus, Stitches… Roadhog’s hook seems to be the most satisfying-inducing. There’s just some oomph when you actually land that hook in person. I guess when I played Paladins, I became more appreciative to the token hooking character, Makoa, thanks to Roadhog. So all hail the pig, because he makes me appreciate the turtle… But I digress!

Now, back then, I said in Lucio’s entry that there should be a dark side of freedom. Well… Roadhog is the answer to that, and it ties to how the region of Australia is in a complete mess in Overwatch. See, when Omnic Crisis struck, the Australian government had a gall to surrender the country to Omnic forces. Surely it’s time for the men of Australia to stand up together and fight against the Omnics, reclaim their glorious freedom! One of them was this guy called Mako Rutledge. He had all the greatest intentions, get the freedom of his country back, after all it’s such a beautiful thing that shouldn’t be oppressed… right?


Freedom good! Or so I used to think…

Except that during the fight, he managed to blow up an Omnium core with his friends and it triggered a freak explosion. Sure, most Omnics were destroyed, but in the same time, the parts of his home, his beloved Australia, got turned into a toxic wasteland and pretty much a land of anarchy. And Mako let it happen for his fight of freedom. Consumed with guilt, he retreated to insanity and then donned a gas mask, becoming a ruthless terrorist now calling himself Roadhog.

For me, it serves as a good two things. First, freedom isn’t always sacred… even it can be given a dose of extremism and then can go wrong, creating anarchy. Roadhog served as a living example of that. Maybe Lucio should try to find out about that. But second and most importantly… while it doesn’t change the fact that Roadhog is now a ruthless criminal… it gave him sympathy. I like it when a villain can even have a shred of sympathy. You know they have to be stopped, but in the same time, you can’t help but shed a tear for him. Roadhog once had the heart of justice that loves freedom, but it blew right in his face and the disillusionment was too much that he turned to a life of crime.


Seriously, that brings a tear in my eye, and if it wasn’t for him being more likely to hook me in and then shoot me point blank, I’d give this fat-ass a big hug.

That’s actually more than I can say about the other villain I’ve listed here, Sombra. Roadhog is a man of few words and most of the time, it’s his actions that speaks, mostly with a hook ready and if you can land one, it’s a satisfying move to pull. While not exactly my favorite tank, I do appreciate his character very much, his backstory is particularly rather tragic and taught some things we have to be careful on for certain good values. He may rank lower than average, but this ain’t a hog that you can just slice and dice after you order them to act like one.

(Though probably Roadhog should avoid that guy…)

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