Overwatch Character Ranking 14: Zenyatta

Well this proves that I need to play healers more. Because somehow I like ‘eliminating’ enemies better. But thankfully, Zenyatta is chill and provides both.

(There’s going to be some NSFW stuff below, so beware!)


Like I said, Zenyatta is mainly a healer. But this is definitely one healer that hits as hard as he heals. Those steel balls that he shoots out of people’s crotches–wait, no, I mean, the steel balls that floats around him surprisingly hit hard and in a very accurate speed and precision too. And can headshot too!  If an enemy is not careful around him, Zenyatta might as well be an additional DPS hero to your team and that’s a very nice bonus. He can even charge his attack to unleash all his balls at once for even massive damage if you’re careful in aiming his balls…

Okay that sounds hella awkward.

Right, so as I was saying! He can enhance the damage caused by his ba–ORBS by tossing another orb, the Orb of Discord, which lowers the defense of whoever gets tagged in as long as they’re in his sight. Now you see why DPS-ing with him gets a little easier? Tag in a Discord orb and even tanks unprotected can melt quite easily on him.

Most healers seems to have to at least focus on the target they heal. Well there’s Lucio that can just hang around and automatically heal others. Zenyatta, though… Orb of Harmony tags an ally with a healing orb that gets them healed in a quick pace, and while he does have to stay near the ally, he can return fire to approaching enemies with ease. So tag your friends with Harmony Orb and then get back to focusing fire on the enemy. Those orbs are also said to induce something in the target’s mind. The Orb of Harmony induces good feelings to heal, like sunshine and rainbows, while the Orb of Discord… claws into the mind of the victims and brings forward their worst fears… Uh…

And… this is the peaceful zen monk?

His ultimate is also pretty game-changing as well. Nothing feels a lot better than having him float with high speed, healing everyone near him in high speed by having them experience tranquility, and probably cancelling out enemy ultimates that just got activated. Though considering how much he’s really good at a DPS in spite of being a peaceful monk, I kinda thought that when he wanted people to experience tranquility like tasting what rainbow feels like, this is how he’s actually saying it…

At the moment of the storyline, on the other hand… Zenyatta is… kind of lacking, but his character does inspire different contrast with his surrounding. He’s a member of the Shambali, a group of peaceful Omnic Monk out to spread the teachings of peace and harmony of souls. Most of them agree with just using books or speeches. But Zenyatta prefers a more… personal approach. So he left his group to travel the world and spread the teachings directly.

I wouldn’t say that he’s very game-changing, but… just let me say this: Zenyatta is pretty OP. If the world of Overwatch is filled with a lot of people who are confused (there’s a lot, trust me), they just need a visit on him and then they come out like a way better, different person. You want to know one satisfied patient? Ask that Green Cyborg Ninja Dude over there. Imagine if he’d deliver those to others that need it. Trust me, there’s a lot who could line up. I guess that’s why he’s kind of underused.

But one thing that greatly got my attention is that… Zenyatta is not a complete pacifist. He’s left the group that was formed by his brother Mondatta, but when his brother died assassinated, Zenyatta did feel sorrow on his loss. And if he finds said killer, even in his most tranquil manner, he’ll not spare kind words. Just a simple “That was for my friend.” Yeah, he’s a peaceful and serene monk, but he still hasn’t killed all his emotions, if you still piss him off, it’s his b–ORB that’s coming to you.

Or a boot to the head.


If you check my stats, you might notice that I only has a few use times as Zenyatta. Just to make this clear, from what little uses I had on him, I had immense fun: He’s an efficient healer that can double as an efficient DPS, and… it’s kinda funny to smack people while telling them to experience tranquility as they were being tossed with steel orbs. Not to mention, he’s definitely a wise counselor/advisor that the world could use in addition of more heroes.

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