Overwatch Character Ranking 13: Winston

No, you’ll not find any Harambe jokes here. It’s not that funny of a meme. But back on topic, Winston is definitely one of the better outlandish thing Overwatch offered.


I mean seriously, even his concept screams of ‘Wow, this is gonna be great’. A space gorilla in an FPS game? And being one of the main guys? That’s definitely going to instantly grab the attention of many! Well played, Blizzard, well played. Though I’ll have to apologize that he’s just about mid-tier in my list.

Well, a lot of people say that he’s kind of the go-to ‘mindless’ character when it comes to tanks. But me? I just think that Winston is also one of those ‘safe’ choices. Like, all you need to do is to jump right on the enemy ranks, set up shield, set your sights to the general direction of your enemy, and then start firing his tesla gun, which has auto aim. Nothing to write home about, and if your HP drops low enough and you have the ultimate ready, then time to go angry monkey and bash people out of your sight. Will help better if there’s a bottomless pit nearby, but if anything, it will save your life and allowing you to stay in the fight longer and also disrupting the enemy positioning. And even if you don’t follow the pattern, a well-placed shield can screw off the positioning of a long range sniper, you’re basically carrying a portable wall that definitely won’t go away with several sniper shots.

As a character, I guess Winston is overall fine. I mean, being a genetically-engineered gorilla that survived a space gorilla uprising and then found a place in Earth as a member of the Overwatch where the best qualities of humanity shine. Winston continue to stay as not just a scientist, as he’s a particularly smart one, but also one of the shining beacon of good deeds and what’s great for humanity. After all, he’s the guy who decided that the chaos at the Earth cannot stand any longer and that’s why he decided to reinstate Overwatch, even if it’s against the law. Because when there’s a large group of terrorists running amok without being stopped and damaging the society… well that’s definitely the right thing to do.

Screw the rules, heroes ho!

Too bad he lived in a Blizzard time where they took their sweet sweet time to even advance the plot. So not everyone has arrived… even after the change of year.


Regardless, while I don’t have much to say about Winston, he’s an okay character and also one of the safer ones as a tank. Guess that’s why he’s higher than Roadhog even if Roadhog has a more compelling story. Still, he wins by the sheer brightness of his design that I think he probably could be the best gorilla I’ve seen in video game history.

And even better when you know his voice is done by Crispin Freeman. FRICKIN’. AWESOME.

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