Overwatch Character Ranking 12: Widowmaker

Snipers are great when pulled off nicely. Widowmaker is no exception, but her gameplay felt a little more like ‘normal sniper, but more’. But good thing that she makes it up with a pretty engaging story and background.


Like I said, the core of Widowmaker’s gameplay is technically similar if you played the Sniper in Team Fortress 2. Take a good vantage point, aim and hope for a headshot. Also, the jarate system exist in her sniper rifle too, if you keep the scope charged for a few seconds, your shot becomes more powerful. The thing I like the best for Widowmaker? She’s probably one of the most ‘mobile’ snipers I’ve seen. Her grappling hook means that she can easily reach out great vantage points that might not be easy to step at in the first place and also offers good way to escape a close range fight gone south. And if all else fails, she has a semi-auto rifle for close range combat, though it’s much better if you can find a safe spot and snipe away.

Her poison mine… isn’t exactly the one I’d use for killing people off, but it has its uses. If you put it in a pathway that could lead to your sniping position, it can give you a good signal to go away and knowing someone snuck on you. Destroyed or triggering, you’ll know. In addition of this, while her ultimate feels like just revealing other enemies’ position to you, it’s still damn effective as a sniper. You can just prepare a line of headshot that would be effective and no one knows any better.

And yes, I know that there are Widowmakers that just likes to camp and not even taking the frontline when necessary. While I know she works a lot better long range, I just gotta say… in games like Overwatch, don’t be afraid to advance, protect the objective and delay the enemy victory, every seconds count!

All in all, Widowmaker feels like as long as you know how to play a sniper in FPS, you’ll be fine, just with the extra tools she got. But… that’s about it from her gameplay. On the other hand… her story is one of those kind of stories that looks like it has a great potential.

Simply put, as of current, Widowmaker is a bitch. She’s a callous, cold-hearted assassin thriving to kill just to make her feel alive, under the employment of Talon. And anything Talon asks, she did with no questions asked. And Talon… it’s a terrorist organization, if you haven’t known already. Doesn’t matter who her target is, she will hunt them down, and gives zero fucks about the aftermath. Peaceful robot monk leader? No problem. Russia’s most influential problem? Shouldn’t be a problem… if it wasn’t for that meddling hacker friend. But still!

U effin’ mad, sistah?

All in all, you should know that Widowmaker is a real evil person… or is it?

As it turns out, while the things she did was evil, there’s more behind it. Talon was first made known after the Omnic Crisis as a fledging terrorist group, always thwarted by agent Gerard Lacroix of Overwatch. Gerard has a beautiful, peaceful and nice wife named Amelie. So to alleviate this, Talon… kidnapped Amelie, severely brainwash her into a sleeper agent that eventually killed Gerard in his sleep and returned to Talon, reprogrammed even more… and that’s our subject, ladies and gentlemen. Widowmaker.

The contrast between Amelie and Widowmaker continue to be a great point of contention. There has been hints that Amelie wasn’t completely erased from her body, witnessing how Widowmaker killed her targets remorselessly with her body. The public saw her as a menace, a murderer. If Amelie would awaken, you can imagine just how horrified she will become. She also clearly held her feelings to Gerard even after her turn to evil, she absolutely does not take people, even good guys, badmouthing him. To further this, during Christmas, she even visited Gerard’s grave, hinting that there may be some humanity in her left. It’s this one detail that makes the story of Widowmaker engaging and why I wouldn’t call her completely evil. While her actions are despicable and currently heartless, there is a tragedy surrounding her. This is one reason why I really really like the cast of Overwatch, even you can find sympathetic qualities on the villainous characters…


Well except Talon, I guess. That’s one organization I would say PURE EVIL.

So by that, there’s what I got to say on Widowmaker. While I think that her gameplay feels a bit like a cookie-cutter sniper with some wonderful toys, it still makes you feel great as a sniper, but it’s her story and potential that makes me feel more engaged to see more about her. Overall a very solid addition to the Overwatch cast…

And probably a little mitigated with the fact that I suck as a traditional sniper.

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