Overwatch Character Ranking 11: Pharah

In deathmatches games like Unreal Tournament and Quake III Arena, I love Rocket Launchers. In games like this, it seems less powerful, but when you combine that with Pharah’s jetpack, it kinda makes it up.


It’s mostly about gameplay and if you haven’t noticed, after so far we never spoke of Offense heroes further after Sombra, we’re finally going to talk about Offense heroes. I like offense heroes. Now in the case of Pharah, I just like that she can at least function as a semi-sniper, that rocket of hers go very far and with splash damage, even if you don’t hit your target directly, you can still hope for the explosion to actually damage the enemy, and if the enemy is weakened enough, you can kill them with the small explosion. And the better thing about Pharah is that her jetpack can allow some good mobility and some characters end up just unable to reach you with their weapons.

Oh what’s that, you’ve got a deadly short range weapon? Welp, I’m just gonna fly in the sky and you’ll never hit me that easily! Nyah nyah! And here, eat some rocket, it’s good for your health.

Her alternate blast might not look that offensively useful, but sometimes it could have its uses when it comes to trying to back away from close range, or as usual, drop someone off to bottom cliffs. Also that jump jet pack allowed her to reach areas not quite accessible to others, allowing her to sneak to enemy ranks and surprising them… the best way to set up her ultimate.

…. All right fine. In three… two… one…


I am NOT going to repeat that again, it’s oft-repeated, but at any rate, Barrage is a very powerful ultimate when done right. it basically freezes Pharah in place, but lets her fire a huge amount of rockets that will decimate anyone not running away fast enough, and you can even redirect where the rockets fly. Just as long as no one can deflect it or eat it up, Pharah can cause a group of enemies to get wasted in seconds. But again, if she’s detected and there’s someone with extremely good range, like snipers… Well, that won’t end well for Pharah, that’s why you shouldn’t open fire in an open range.

Well enough of that, storywise, I just think that probably Pharah was one of the lesser notes there, but it builds up good character foundation. As the daughter of the legendary Ana Amari, Fareeha practically idolized the Overwatch back in those days and dreamed of joining there, though her mom always tried to dissuade her to spare her from the horrors of war. This is shown with how much she interacts with other Overwatch heroes with great passion… but especially the hulking knight Reinhardt. Unfortunately before she came to a good age where she could join, Overwatch was dissolved and deemed illegal. There goes Fareeha’s dream to fight for good old fashioned justice.

But thankfully, her warrior spirit inherited from her mother and ancestors still remains and as she grew up, she found another place to be able to display it in a way of protecting innocents… join the Helix Security International, one of the few honest corps out there (trust me, there’s going to be a lot of these corps and they ain’t so honest), as a security guard and safeguarding Egypt with the callsign Pharah. And while she had some bitterness about what transpired in the past that caused her to be a little uptight at first, a battle with a rogue God Program makes her realize the importance of protecting the innocents and managed to prevent further casualties.

Though she still wishes there’s more free time for her. Well, she’s only human after all.

It’s also interesting that as much as her mom forbids her to get too involved with the horrors of war? Time actually does wonders about how it fixes her opinions about Ana, and she appreciates and still idolizes her for raising her up to who she is. Though she does have someone else to blame… But still! Since the in-game quotes aren’t meant to be fully canon and her mother is hanging out with that guy she blamed for… reasons… I think I’m seeing potential for an engaging story. A family feud maybe?


Pharah does a damn good job as a sky protector, her flight is flexible enough that as long as you keep moving, you still won’t be an easy target, and you can still shoot rockets as best you can. I know I’m gonna miss the ludicrous gibs stuffs that comes with rocket launchers, but it’s not that bad. And of course there’s the immense satisfaction of pulling her ult well enough, and a budding story that has potential to go in places. Overall, a solid add to the cast and one of the coolest rocketeers I’ve seen so far.

Because at least she’s not using a pick-up rocket launcher!

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