Overwatch Character Ranking 10: McCree

Probably because I rarely go for Wild West stuffs, but it’s usually rare for me to see a well-done cowboy character. But McCree? He’s got a lot of good stuffs that kind of makes me feel like a cowboy. Except the Horse.


First things first. A big draw on McCree for someone like me who appreciates voices… well that would be Matthew Mercer, his English VA. Well what can I say, I really do his voicework, and him doing a cowboy impression really does wonders for me. In addition of this, while he’s less mobile than other Offense characters, he’s still a force to be reckoned with his peacemaker. Single shot, powerful, accurate and can work as a semi-sniper. And of course there’s also the ever trusty flashbang, which stuns enemies close range and also makes them open for his simultaneous six shots of Fan the Hammer. The damage may have received nerf, but sometimes it’s still enough to oneshot a squishy targets. His only method of mobility, rolling to another side also completely refills his ammo to continue on this.

…. And that’s all I’m good at with him.

Don’t get me wrong, McCree’s Ultimate, Deadeye… or HIGH NOON, like most of you call it, is devastating and awesome. On cue, McCree will move very slowly and fire at everyone in his siht, but any enemies in his sight long enough will take increased damage to the point they can die. This even thematically fit so greatly with McCree being a cowboy-like character. You know, the Wild West single shot duel thing? The one handled with the trope Showdown At High Noon? McCree practically forces EVERY enemies to participate in that showdown, not just picking one, that’s just how deadly he is and what makes him, to me, a real cool cowboy, even if he doesn’t ride horses.

And the problem is that I never quite get how to pull this one on a lot of enemies. It’s awesome and very inspiring, but very hard to pull off correctly. But successful pulls can lead to morally-lifting things. But at the very least, he can cover both close range and long range… well, better close but still that gotta count for something.

I should try to git gud.

While I’m not that big onto McCree’s story, I’d say his story is quite servicable. Let’s see, he used to be a dangerous gang member of the Deadlock Gang, until the Overwatch apprehended him and then given a new chance in life while serving under Gabriel Reyes and then Blackwatch. The admirable thing in McCree is that he was once really quite the baddest of bad, and unruly savage. But he learned morals by staying with Overwatch, and while he’s still bitter on the past, he’s gotten some idealism from his new home. The Overwatch is his new family.

And then Blackwatch is revealed to have done some dirty business that goes against Overwatch’s public image. And the Overwatch went down the hill and then was banned by the government. McCree just watched his family drifted apart, and he’s now a mercenary who does good things, but still considered a dangerous vigilante when there are many other questionable chaotic things in the world. Though he didn’t discard his lessons learned, if anything, it makes him more vigilant to do the right thing even if he has to break some rules.

But if anything, while the backstory and pre-background development was nice, I think McCree’s story was… kind of done. I don’t quite see any further development that can be made. Except if we bring back the Deadlock Gang, but… that seemed less likely. But overall, it doesn’t change that McCree’s time with the Overwatch, good or bad, has had a positive change on him, and it’s all good.

While others would’ve spoken about McCree storywise better, I’d say that his gameplay presentation wins me over, even if I can’t use him that well compared to others. But sometimes? If I can’t kill people over high noons, a good ol’ flashbang and a few well placed shots does the job nicely. Plus, gotta dig the cowboy outfit and the ‘BAMF’ belt… and the awesome voice of Matt Mercer…

And the cigar.

I hope I can keep this if I enter Heroes of the Storm

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