Overwatch Character Ranking 8: Mei

You’ve seen her as one of my favorite Ice Masters in video games, and now I’ll get even more into details on what Mei really stood for me amongst the Overwatch cast. Behold, the… Chinese… Eskimo… person.


So let me get this straight. Yes, her ice spray is really annoying to fight against. But that’s why you have an option to actually sneak up on her or using your mobility skills sparingly when you know there’s a Mei. For instance! Genji can’t deflect her spray. Then don’t use his dash to get in range, use his dash to get out once she started freezing. Usually works. But hey, this is about Mei. Less aiming is required, and while freezing does take time, it pays off really when an enemy is frozen helpless and then you chunk in an icicle to their heads, the same gravity-defying icicle that can be used to snipe things (but not as greatly as other snipers). These are usually the same reasons why she’s called Satan… and I revel on it. Those are Mei’s strong points.

Truly the face of pure evil…

As a Defense character, Mei is also pretty good at disrupting. You can just put an ice wall near a pesky sniper spot, forcing them to change position, or just block off enemy advances. Just note that this is another Troll skill, so use sparingly. Don’t be the troll. Be the bae. And it also helps that she can heal herself by encasing herself within the ice. It heals a good damage and can make enemies waste their bullet or ultimate. Just be ready for retaliation once you get back up. Also, that ice wall can make Mei go through higher locations, so if you think you can go ninja? Sometimes, Mei can.

And ultimately, if you time it right, her Ultimate, Blizzard, can be a complete game-changer. As long as she’s not detected, no one will know where her partner Snowball would drop in and then generate a Blizzard that freezes anyone over time, putting them in a position where they would get screwed hard by either her, or her teammates… What? Those frozen bodies are waiting to get stabbed with icicle on the head.

Mei’s story is surprisingly touching. She used to be a member of the Overwatch’s research division (or something) and got sent to Antarctica to solve about climate problem. When a severe blizzard hit in, she suggested everyone take a cryostasis, putting them into sleep in a frozen tube. And as years passed… only she woke up, the rest didn’t make it. That was… surprisingly tragic and hurt Mei a lot, since she was normally a nice and optimistic girl.  But even then, she still resolved to fight for the world, in whatever ways she does. So far… being a weather report girl or researcher? Okay.

Her personal motto, no matter what, “Our world is worth fighting for.” An admirable motto. Even if deep down she probably didn’t feel all that overly happy because of the loss. It’s actually quite interesting to see where Mei would go from this point and how she takes on the world personally…


But if there’s one thing I seriously like about Mei… it’s this one little thing. While she doesn’t look like it, she HATES bullies and usually condemns anyone who is like that. Let’s just face it… How is it that ‘bullying’ is considered a cool thing anyway? Internet bullies, real life bullies… all of them… They exist, and they’re… just… ugh. Just don’t be a bully, seriously, it doesn’t make you look cool. So kudos to Mei for believing in this, since I don’t like bullies, I don’t care what form they take.

(Watch as a certain ‘bully’ hasn’t been added here yet and will rank higher than Mei. Silly me)


So yeah, it goes without saying that Mei gets a lot of good points for being an ice user, I always appreciate one, I even find some joy and satisfaction of her gameplay, even if most people think it’s Satan. There are more forms of fun than just “Run around and do those ninja flips and FLY and shits like that”. I dunno, variety is the spice of life… as long as you know your role. Plus it is a bonus points that she’s got a surprisingly touching story but a nice personality regardless and distaste towards bullies. And she’s cute, regardless of body size, and has an adorably dorky quirks too. Overall a pretty solid character and a fun character to use.

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