Overwatch Character Ranking 7: D.Va

If you ask me, there’s a lot of potential within D.Va. Not yet realized by Blizzard, of course, but I definitely see her more than the kind of… Doritos-munching, Mountain Dew-chugging gremlin that the fandom portray her as.


Now I know that probably D.Va at this time (early 2017) isn’t in a good place meta-wise. But who am I kidding, I fart in the meta’s general direction everytime! But anyway, let’s just get this straight and why I like D.Va as a character to be played as. Let’s just say she’s… versatile. This girl can eat up bullets and allowing the team to advance , this girl can make a mad dash and block off turrets with her shield while destroying them at close range, and with good aim, she can deal a good amount of damage close range. And again, with her dash, she can get to close range quick enough.

And she basically has two lives, just the second one might not last very long. If D.Va runs out of HP, her machine just explodes and she ejects, where she becomes a mobile pistol slinging girl. She’s usually vulnerable in either way, but she can move normally and swiftly enough and that pistol isn’t to be just dismissed. She can still headshot and kill you with good aim while she builds up her meter to re-summon her mecha.

And considering her ultimate, it’s just a self-destruct where hiding from plain sight actually NEGATES all the huge damage it may cause. It may sound too simple and easily blocked… but this is where smart play comes. You just need to find a way to make the enemies not know where you’re blowing your mech up. And even if it isn’t going to kill anyone, you can even activate the self destruct mechanism just so it will screw off the enemy formation, so giving your allies advantage…

Any time now…

… Ah yeah, there’s already the problem of your teammates not following up. Such is life.

Oh and did I mention that she can just activate the self-destruct machine just as she ran out of HP for her mech? That seems quite practical for someone who tends to get into the heat of the fight and then gets focused on… and then she forces the enemies killing her to get some space. All the above features apply on this.


So like I said, Blizzard seriously hasn’t gotten much to work on D.Va lorewise, but I’m sure it’ll turn out great when they do. The potential is there. So as a basic for story, Hana Song is the best Starcraft player in the Overwatch-verse (only surpassed by her dad), but then when the South Korean government got pressured under giant Omnic attacks, they ended up having to conscript its young gamers to pilot the MEKA units to combat the giant Omnic. Hana, under her callsign D.Va… does so to protect her country and to lift up the spirit of her fellow countrymen, she streamed her combat experience so the fans can cheer on her. In addition of this, she also has a part time job as… an actress/idol or sorts.

And how does D.Va takes all those? Quite enthusiastically. She’s some sort of prima donna, reveling in attention and being a young girl, she also likes to put in gaming jargons in what she said. Like, that ultimate? I still grin when she said it best: “NERF THIS”. Still, in spite of being a frickin’ attention grabber, D.Va’s patriotism and care for the world safety still shines. On seeing other countries’ ruined states, she usually would remark solemnly that it reminded her how bad her situation at home is and she’s fighting the hardest to achieve peace.

All those and she’s also the youngest girl in the game. To see the girls getting involved in war like is… well, not always a pretty sight. I’m sure D.Va has seen her friends die by the hands of the Omnics and if it wasn’t for them, she’d be a normal girl with youth to enjoy, either with friends or playing Starcraft. Why do I feel like that at night, D.Va locks herself in her room and cries when no one is looking? … It would be pretty human of her.

But of course, it’s Blizzard and their turtle-paced plot advancement progress speed. So come on Blizzard, let’s not make this gamer girl just being there for stereotypes. Fun stuffs, but could be more!


Regardless, if anything, Blizzard has truly done ‘gamer character’ justice in form of D.Va. She’s versatile and fun, she can grab the attention when it needs her the most, and her characterization is surprisingly more solid and rife of potential that can make a lot out of it, while occasionally quipping some game jargons that can make us gamers smile. For a young’un, D.Va did really really great without her personality bothering me (I’ve seen worse) and I like her for it.

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