Overwatch Character Ranking 6: Junkrat

This is really really unexpected. I thought I would’ve dismissed Junkrat, but I ended up immensely enjoying him, starting from his explosions and the sheer amount of fun he displays.


Now, defense heroes sometimes get really bad rap in competitive, but like I said, I don’t care. Junkrat is chaotic and unpredictable, and his gameplay shows that. His grenade launcher shoots grenades on an arc that takes a bit while to explode except when he instantly hits an enemy. But if you can aim and predict where the arc goes, it will be devastating. These balls also deal GREAT damage per shot, you can shatter down shields with just a few shots. Yeah Reaper can be a tank-buster at short range, but Junkrat can shatter tank shields in a few shots from afar.

Usually mines aren’t my thing, but Junkrat makes it work. One is a trap mine like a bear trap, which if you’re camping like the defender you are (though Junkrat can also take on offensive at times), it can be used to increase awareness of who’s going to sneak behind you. Also you can just drop it in the middle of fight or where you think the enemy is charging forward and then the enemy is a sitting duck that a few grenade shots can kill him. And then there’s Concussion mine. You might think that it’s just a damage mine that explodes on a button press. Yet, the damage was high enough and he can blow it up before it touches the ground. Junkrat’s grenade launcher only has five bullets… but with this, he’s like having six bullets in general. Not to mention it can launch him pretty high, allowing Junkrat ways to reach out impossible places. Jump out like MJ indeed.

Oh and if he dies? He lets out several explode-ready dynamites that blew up and can even kill people who pass around. Yeah, killing people by dying. Doesn’t get any better than that… Though no,  it’s not that dependable. But if you die in the middle of a thick battle, you might get a few kill that way.


Now how do I describe his ultimate? Oh right, WHEEL OF FUCKING DEATH. Junkrat lets out a remote control explosive wheel that explodes on a button press dealing huge damage on an area. This wheel can also run up walls to surprise anyone. As long as you got a good sight on where the enemy is located, this can decimate a group of enemies too late to react in instant. Of course the enemy will know because that tire’s noise is loud enough for them to notice, but if you managed to pull a surprise with that, oh boy. You won’t regret that.

Surprisingly, though, Junkrat’s story position is quite similar with D.Va at the moment. His background is there, but it could be much more. Junkrat, born Jamison Fawkes, was just around five when Roadhog’s accident on Australia in the name of freedom happened. With the radiated Australia as his new home, shall we say that he becomes… erratic and grew up like that. But he’s at least smart enough to make gadgets and explosives with scraps from there. Oh and, he’s one leg short. But y’know, it’s impressive that he’s able to do all those in spite of all the disabilities he had.

While at first amongst the Junkers, Junkrat eventually found some exquisite treasure or sorts, which got him on the ‘hit list’ of many groups from other villains to bounty hunters. To alleviate this, Junkrat enlists the services of Roadhog as his bodyguard, and together… they traveled around the world for an international crime spree.

If both of them are an unstoppable duo in combat, why the hell not.

Now the story might not be going anywhere at the moment, but Junkrat is also somehow racist to Omnics, maybe because he blames them for Australia’s state, or it could be linked to that treasure he found… whatever that is, it must not be pretty. But let’s take a look aside of that and just focus on why I ended up liking him a lot.

Presentation, fellas.

Junkrat’s personality is really jovial that sometimes it makes you forget that he’s a complete anarchist, but man he’s like inviting you to have fun with his so-called ‘sense of humor’. You’ll laugh along as you blow things up with him. Oh and did I mention that he has an awesome Aussie accent? Kudos to Chris Parson for pulling it off so greatly. And actually he is pretty smart as well, as he’s actually able to say at least ‘Happy New Year’ in Mandarin.

And there was also a time where he decided that maybe he should try doing a honest legit work a shot instead of just terrorism as shown in the comics Going Legit. Of course that got shot down to hell when he found out that his employer was a corrupt bastard. But it’s there and what makes me think that Junkrat so far isn’t pure evil.

So actually, there’s a lot of qualities he’s got beneath him. Whatever path the game will get him to, I am very assured that…

It’s gonna be explosive.

So, Junkrat is very very fun to play at least in Quick Play mode, where I usually hang around, his grenades can be powerful and his mines and every other types of explosives he has is a force to be reckoned with, enough that so far he’s MY safest character so far. Add in a fun personality and a story that’s full of potential that can be game-changing in the lore so far and yeah, I’d say this guy can give both Bomberman and your waifu a run for their moneys.

… What? He has a sensitive side…

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