Overwatch Character Ranking 4: Reinhardt

‘Justice’. These days, the term seems heavily misused to force one’s mindset onto others. So it is to my utmost joy to get a character who actually does ‘justice’ right. And the guy who exemplify that? This German knight who reigned as my top hammer expert, Reinhardt.


But before we get to that thing about justice, let’s take a look at Reinhardt as in his design and gameplay. Design-wise, I just like how much he’s like a combination of an old school knight with modern technology. Armor made of high class steel that covers his body, and a giant rocket-powered hammer. I like the design of medieval knights and this man just takes it beyond cool.

Gameplay-wise, Reinhardt might be the one character that could be defying expectation on an FPS game. I mean, yes, in a shooter game, you should take your distance and shoot from there. Reinhardt expects you to get close and start swinging that hammer for a greater range and arc per swing. While on paper it might sound suicidal, it helps that Reinhardt is a TANK. He has tons of HP and also a wide area shield that has separate HP and blocks everything in sight, so it makes being close with the enemy more advantageous to him.


Of course, being a tank, he is very slow, but that seems like a fair exchange to me. He does have a way to get into the thick of battle using Charge, which makes him activate the jet propeller behind his back and dash with limited strafing forward, tossing anyone that slipped by him and if they stand in front of him, they will be pinned on his charge and once he hits the wall… it’s instant death to them. Just don’t forget your role as a tank. Be a shield to your teammate… not a——-

…. Goddammit, Leeroy.

That said, while extremely limited in long range, Reinhardt can swing his hammer to generate a fire-based projectile that goes through anything except wall. So if you expect them to stay far in front of you while having a slow advance, just go ahead and shoot the Fire Strike. And if you have a good aim and in front of you there are multiple enemies, it’s time to strike the HAMMER DOWN with Earthshatter, slamming the ground so hard everyone falls down for several seconds, enough for your team to wail down the enemy or you to single out one enemy with your strikes and eventually pinned to death to the wall.

You ask for a tank? This is usually my answer. Even if D.Va can technically dash to enemies on a higher ground while covering herself, Reinhardt is usually my go-to guy when it comes to tanking. He certainly looks like it!


Well story-wise he doesn’t seem to have done much, except of being some sort of adventurer that quells evil where they come, like that one time he drove away a group of terrorizing gangs from an innocent village. Shall we say that Reinhardt has a very active imagination with the tendency of imagining his enemies as some sort of lizard monsters. Monsters terrorizing the innocents are enemies of justice and he’s usually the guy who said ‘Justice will be done!’. But make no mistake, Reinhardt is not completely off the rockers even with his claims for justice, this is something I really admire about him.

See, Reinhardt is an old man, he’s one of the founding members of the old Overwatch as well. And he’s that dedicated to help the people like an inspiring knight in shining armor. And even then, his moral code strikes as one of the greatest. He’s idealistic and trusting, stalwart and brave, but also knows when things will work out and won’t. This is why he’s the moral fiber of the old Overwatch, and predictably, once he quitted… that was when the Overwatch eventually start showing its corruptions more blatantly leading to its downfall. Granted, he’s told to retire for his age due to certain events out of his control, but still! If the Overwatch has a complete Lawful Good Paladin character, Reinhardt definitely fits the bill, instead of being some people who used the word ‘justice’ as nothing but pretty words to make people side with their cause that might not be so fair and only trying to force their own opinions onto others (I hate that kind of definition of justice). So he doesn’t just look like a knight, he acts like one as well, keeping the morals of everyone…

And it also HELPS in terms of likability that he’s an entertaining, enthusiastic boisterous man. Seriously, he hams it up in most of the things he said you can’t help but be entertained at how he boasts his toughness and sharing it with his friends, or how much he insists that as a German, he really really likes David Hasselhoff and his works. He’s just… very amusing to watch and combined with all those things, like having good moral fiber that does the word ‘justice’ justice (ehem) without embarrassing it and being the bonafide tank, there’s just no denying it anymore.


Reinhardt is one of those modern knights done well. I like him and he’s probably my best Tank character, both in likability and gameplay.

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