Top 10 Video Game Time Masters

Hello everyone, it’s me ChrisX and we’re back in another Top 10 list.

A particular element that tends to stand outside the common group of elements like Fire, Water, Earth and Wind (and Ice, and Thunder, and… a lot more) is the element that constantly moves even as I type this post, even as you read this post, even as you even so much take a breath. With this element, man grows from walking with four limbs, to two limbs and eventually three. I am of course talking about Time. The element that continue to march on for eternity, causing living beings to grow, to mature… and to die (unless either a massive blunt force or a pointy stick to a body part would have a word for that. Or viruses and bacterias.)

In video games, it’s pretty common that there’s someone who uses time manipulation to give them the advantage when it comes to fighting. They come in many flavors, either by rewinding, accelerating or altogether stopping time itself to give them plenty of time to set their enemies up. And hey, time motifs can look cool, starting from clockwork, stopwatches, or the cogs of time. And now is no better time to count down the clock of the 10 masters of time itself.

The normal rules will still do. Only one per series rule, and of course only from games I played. And exclusively for this, no mere Time Travelers. Sometimes you CAN use the time-travel device, but that doesn’t make you a Time Master. If you want to Time Travel in this list, you need to produce the phenomenon from your own skills or body, not borrow someone else’s. Also I know some of the more famous titles might be missing from this list, but please excuse me on that… because I haven’t played through those games, mostly.

And the time is ripe to finally start the countdown of…

time intro.jpg

Number 10

Platform games made up my childhood. And since I also grew up with the Playstation brand, I’m really familiar with the Crash Bandicoot games. Well maybe I wouldn’t put a lot of its characters to my favorite list in the future, but I always have fond memories with the games and the cast there. Which is to say, I only played the PS1 games, the latter games seemed rather turbulent in quality and might not be good (compounded with me shifting away from platformers mostly), but that’s enough to me to appreciate the games I’ve played. And it’s a good thing that the remake is AWESOME!


Especially the third title, Warped.

In the third title, Crash and his sister has to traverse through different time periods in order to obtain both Crystals and Gems to stop Dr. Neo Cortex and Uka Uka. While this may be some sort of time travel shenanigans, all of these are made possible due to one of Uka Uka’s new henchman…

#10. Dr. Nefarious Tropy (Crash Bandicoot)

Enter Dr. Nefarious Tropy, the very creator of the Time Twister device which is used to travel through time. He proclaims himself the ‘Master of Time’, and well from his designs, it shows. Well I guess that clock chest piece and helmet isn’t just for show. And for the most part, since he’s the creator of the Time Twister machine, he’s also responsible for the plot trying to get the Crystals separated throughout different time periods. And judging by his title, he’s actually not just an underling like N. Gin, he’s actually on the villainy caliber of Dr. Neo Cortex himself, which is why in N-Tranced, he was chosen as Uka Uka’s new main henchman where he teams up with the alien N. Trance and repeats his time and space manipulation that makes up the whole game levels… and about the hypnosis… we’ll just leave that to N. Trance, not him.

There’s one thing constant in the fights against N. Tropy. He’ll be using blasts from his chrono-powered stick, which if it hits Crash, it… evaporates Crash like being deleted from time. It’s not just burning to crisp, but deleted from time. Well… yikes. It takes form on homing orbs and linear lasers which he would shoot several times, before recharging and… accidentally making platforms for Crash to jump around and hit him. Seriously what was that? All right, we do need a weak point.

Art by dreelrayk

But on every hits (or 3 in N-Tranced), N. Tropy would cause his room to change place and time, from modern to other timelines like Ancient China or 1001 Nights of Arabia. But aside of that, it’s back to his old tricks, except with more ammunition from him.

Honestly, while it was a nifty tricks, it’s what makes him rank rather low here. It’s not exactly utilizing time very much, but hey, the time motifs is pretty cool, and we get an excuse to travel between different periods because of this guy. At least N. Tropy makes it to this list and it isn’t because he uses a time travel machine, he makes it himself and has some of the power of time on him because of it.

Number 9


Does… anyone remember Psychic Force? I did put one of the characters there in my Ice List… Oh well, if you still don’t remember, here’s a rundown. It’s a 8-direction fighting game for the PS1 where the premise of the story is that a group of people with special powers like mutants from the X-Men, called Psychiccers, were shunned, causing them to strike against normal mankind for their own safety and prosperity, not knowing that some of these guys have their own nefarious ambition.

Maybe this guy escapes your radar, but I assure you… even Yuki Terumi can TAKE NOTES from this guy when it comes to successful evil bastards… that happens to use Time itself as his weapon. The Psychiccer of Time, Richard Wong.

#9. Richard Wong (Psychic Force)

Wong started out as a member of NOA under Keith Evans, being his sort of advisor and consultant. However, because his Psychic Power just happens to be about Time, it comes with a massive ego. Time always marches on it controls a lot of things in life. Therefore, since he controls time, that means he has Godlike powers and thinks that everyone should worship him as one. And for that, after several diabolical and inhuman plans and manipulating others to be his toys, Wong then shows his true colors to Keith and breaks away from him, forming his own Army to aim for world domination.

Let me just say this… Despite the fancy elements thrown here and there… Psychic Force’s story is DEPRESSING. This story takes all the bad things that happened in BlazBlue, starting from depressing backstories to some (especially on persecution) and highly efficient villains… and kicks ‘earning a happy ending’ in the nuts, by making the good guys’ victory end up pyrrhic or bittersweet at best. While bad guys… THEY THRIVE. And Wong is no exception. Thanks to his masterful planning and time powers, he tends to execute all his plans well and eventually rule over the world with time at his hand. Bastard… but then again… gives an excuse to say this:

Eat your heart out, Terumi. I do get the world really on my palm.

(No wonder this game gets discontinued storywise, and I don’t mean by just Taito’s dissolving)

As far as time manipulation goes, Wong uses the fabric of time itself in order to mostly confuse his enemies by either splitting in two images, making everything pass through him, or he can just teleport behind his foe. In fact one of his throws ARE teleporting around while beating the ever living crap of his enemies. In addition of this, he also liberally throws a giant sword that impales the enemy before summoning a ton of smaller swords that also impale the enemy before all of them explode. How did he manage to even prepare all those? Time power shenanigan.

Of course he has one giant ace up his sleeve that requires him to be on full power to even utilize…

Okay, a lot of characters in this list do this, but yeah, at least Wong could do THIS. The signature move of those who utilize time power, the power to stop time for even a brief moment. Though at the very least, Wong would be drained of all his powers and it lasts very shortly. But since energy recharge is a little cheaper in this, he can just simply recharge and then do it again. And again. And again. And again…


Maybe if Psychic Force wasn’t that short-lived, they could expand more on Wong’s time power, but the combination of a masterful planning and time manipulation makes him a very formidable foe and being the seeds of a successful villain in-universe. You’ll come to fear and hate this smug evil bastard for his evilness, yet at the same time be in awe with his ability to manipulate time, which makes him understandably gaining massive godlike ego for a soulless bastard like him.

Number 8

It’s time to talk about a game I have never talked about, and no one has ever talked about either amongst the community… SaGa Frontier.


Now, I wasn’t one to follow the whole SaGa games, but this is the game I stuck with in the PS1 games (I couldn’t follow up with the 2nd game). But the promise is the story of seven characters all with their own unique stories, but all of them taking place in one universe called The Region, where there are a lot of places to visit and fight at, but each are still committed to their own stories. I can safely say that this could be one of my favorite classic RPGs, but I digress.

The SaGa Frontier uses a ‘School of Magic’ system, one of them being Time Magic. Unlike other schools of magic, no ordinary people can freely learn Time Magic or obtain its Gift, which unlocks even greater Time Magic itself. In order to do so, the Player must travel to a realm that was governed by someone called the Time Lord…

#8. Time Lord (SaGa Frontier)

(By the way, no, I don’t follow Doctor Who, so stop with jokes from that show!)

A flaw in the game is that some characters there have little to no personalities whatsoever. However, everything else around Time Lord screams about how he’s the master of time itself. When you enter the realm itself, you’d notice that time itself has stopped, rendering everything to be immobile. As you noticed, the glass that contains the sands of time were broken and empty. You go to another realm to find extra sands to restore the flow of time, before eventually reaching Time Lord himself. From there, you can have him teach Time Magics to any of your party members, or have him join your party, where he joins with the Gift of Time Magic, allowing you to use Advanced Time Magic.


The Time Magic possessed by Time Lord lives up to how it manipulates time, most of them are in regards of manipulating quickness and turns with either Delay Order or Time Leap. There’s also Chaos Stream that puts a magic clock on the ground, before spinning it around, damaging all enemies at random. And lastly, there’s the powerful Time Eclipse, where time completely stops on one target, either killing them via petrification or greatly reducing their stats. That, and in addition of being a Mystic, Time Lord also has access to the Mystic Magic and the ability to absorb enemies to his Mystic Equipments.

And with the Gift itself, Time Lord can also cast the Time Twister, repeating the action of one person once. So if the character has something super special in store, then Time Lord can make it repeat again. And the last of his spell is Overdrive, which is…

Uh… yeah, it stops time for himself where he reigns free to do whatever. Cast a spell, smack his opponents around for multiple turns while not having to pay for any costs for that period… except at the end of the turn limit, all of his resources go down. But that was enough to grant him time for wanton destruction however it is he wants.

Also, according to the supplemental reasons, Time Lord has a reason to stop time in his realm. Since Time Magic is very destructive, he’d rather not have it abused by the wrong hands. And that’s why he did the things about stopping time in his realm. However, one of the character quests, that being the magician Blue, involve attempting to get ALL the Magic Gifts around the world for himself and there’s this nifty rule that whoever kills the owner of Time Magic Gift inherits the Gift. So Blue is the only one who’ll be able to challenge Time Lord into battle and…

Yeah, you read all those things about Time Magic? Get ready to have it rained down on YOU in addition of Time Lord getting monstrous stat boosts and multiple powerful physical skills that makes him a dangerous foe that turns time against you if you do not shut down his capabilities to cast magic.

As a master of his own realm and being in possession of one of the more powerful magics amongst the realm, Time Lord is… the Time Lord. That ‘Lord’ isn’t just for show and even if his game wasn’t that well known or that he has very little personality, he displays enough time manipulation skills to make him stand amongst the best Time Masters in video games.

… No, still not accepting Doctor Who jokes.

Number 7


Last time in the Ice Masters list, I’ve mentioned this nifty game called Rosenkreuzstilette, a fanmade indie Megaman clone that combines the elements of that game with Castlevania, put together with a cast of very cute girls that may be on par with some magical girl anime series like the Nanoha franchise. And a rather serious storyline (though not completely bleak). First game’s out in Steam, if you’re an old school fan, I recommend it, while the second game is also out somewhere and if you’re nice, you could contact the translator for the English version… but I digress.

One thing about the game is that it pits you against the members of the RKS organization, a group of Magi that was oppressed, both games do that, resulting a smaller cast size, but each cast members that return get their chance to improve what they could do last time. One of them is the magician that specializes in Time magic, the field captain with designation number RKS007, Sichte Meister.

#7. Sichte Meister (Rosenkreuzstilette)

Sichte is the oldest and most senior of the RKS magi, fighting to create a world where normal humans and Magi could co-exist together. Due to being raised in slums, her childhood was a rough one, so she had trouble in trusting adults except those from the RKS.

When Count Graf Michael Zeppelin staged a coup on the basis that the Church was trying to oppress the Magi again and endangering his daughter, Sichte joined right in, but kept her level headedness, she’d rather talk things out but if they reached an impasse, then she will unleash all she had to see whose conviction was stronger. Also possessing an analytical mind, Sichte is usually pretty keen about details. All in all she’s a pretty cool big sister figure.


She usually prefers to fight somewhere near a clock tower in a place named Zuverburg. Even as her first entrance, she is already showing afterimages of herself just to get in. For the most part, she seemed like either throwing emerald bullets onto you. But then…

… Yep, she also has the power to temporarily stop time. At first she might be just using it to jump behind you, but the longer the fight gets, then she not only said the second sentence above (“Time, stop!/Toki yo tomare!”), she also puts up tons and tons of duplicate knives in addition of that knife on her hand. If you did not plan ahead, you may have to end up getting stabbed by knives placed on air.

She returns in the second game as a boss in a similar place and she has other ways to implement not only her emerald bullets, but also how she throws her knives. Not only she’ll throw her knives upwards to cause a knife rain, she’ll also start teleporting around the area to scare you before appearing with another knife barrage. We can imply that she just uses the time stop skill again, but you just didn’t get to see what she’s doing while at it, until she appears for real. Once she gets desperate again, she WILL use the time stop magic again to… drop a giant block of wall right on to you.


The leader of RKS will not make your time against her easy and the many times she could completely stop time itself to her advantage means that her expertise in time magic is not to be trifled with. As a member of the RKS, Sichte’s time mastery will provide to be a great challenge to fight against and shows why despite being in an indie game, it’s still enough for her to become one of the best Video Game Time Masters.

All right, so… you may have wondered all this time. A female who wields and summons tons of knives, and has the ability to manipulate time. Doesn’t that sound familiar to you?

… We’ll get to it in a short time later.

Number 6


So. Yeah. Final Fantasy.


Final Fantasy VIII.

I don’t hate it.

Yeah, as much as most people think that the majority hates this game, coming off from the more popular and solid Final Fantasy VII, I don’t have a lot of problems with this installment. First of all, I don’t think that the main character is a brooding emo, and even if he IS one… he just doesn’t give me problems. But anyway, I digress.

As you play through the game, you find out that most of the events starting from the war between Gardens and the formation of the elite squad of SeeDs are actually aimed against one certain sorceress that aims to use a certain ‘Time Compression’ to altogether stop time itself and rule the world from there. That sorceress is the one we’re looking at, the final boss itself Ultimecia.

#6. Ultimecia (Final Fantasy VIII)

Ultimecia’s true body might have been just revealed majorly in the final parts of the game (she has a brief appearance at the end of the 2nd disc). But her presence has been felt since the earlier part of the game, because by using a time travel technique, she gave a certain Edea Kramer the powers of a sorceress then possessed her. Yeah, that Sorceress Edea you sought from the 1st and 2nd discs was Ultimecia all along. She was REALLY adamant on destroying the SeeDs thus manipulating the Galbadia region and its Garden to destroy them. Why? Because she foresaw that a Legendary SeeD would destroy her, so she’s trying to escape her fate. Well, it’s not a final boss material if she doesn’t go through that to avoid that fate. She does have a solution, by casting something called ‘Time Compression’ that will absorb time and space onto her, making her a living God.

Uh… yikes.

After trials and tribulations, Squall and his party eventually made it to her timeline and castle where we see the effects of the Time Compression she just casted in her timeline… The world is in complete silence and non-motion. Everything just… stops. To explore a world in such state… yikes. For the time it was released, it was pretty chilling.

Then you fight Ultimecia herself, and while she’s an exceptionally powerful sorceress, she wasn’t really utilizing her time magic a lot. She just uses typical spells or later on, special spells on her own, but it’s mostly normal direct damage spells, nothing about time. I mean, yeah, Shockwave Pulsar, Apocalypse, all of them are terrifying spells, but it wasn’t about time.


Thankfully, she makes up the lack of usage of time-based shenanigans in the crossover Dissidia Final Fantasy. Aside of her magic taking form in lances that appear from a tearing of time and space out of nowhere, she can also freeze an enemy right using the Time Crush, and also altogether stopping time and summoning a lot of dark lances to impale on the enemy while time itself stops using a miniature version of the Time Compression. It’s not as much as what she has shown in the original game, but it’s something!

The Time Compression as it’s described and shown in the game is actually a terrifying thought, and backed with Ultimecia’s actual Sorceress strength, it makes her one terrifying time master. Yeah, maybe Final Fantasy VIII’s plot is a bit hard to digest, but hey, for what it is, it’s still followable and Ultimecia proves herself to be one of the masters of time to be reckoned with, and a worthy final boss of the Final Fantasy series.

Number 5

Right on time… Welcome to the #5 of this entry.


… Yeah. It’s someone from Castlevania Judgment, and who else but the original character from there, Aeon.

#5. Aeon (Castlevania Judgment)

But before we get into that, I think I gotta say one thing. Now I’m not to say that Castlevania Judgment sucks, it has its values. But I’ll just say that the gameplay isn’t for me overall. Mostly because of one thing… I could appreciate a lock-on feature there, man! Not to mention some characterizations. Some of them come off pretty kickass, but some others get a little too butchered that even having no personality comes off better (I’m looking at you, Sypha).

Thankfully, being someone who was created specificially for this game, Aeon has no such problems. Well okay, probably words that come off from his mouth will be 80% about time and its puns, but that’s OK in my books, he also has a gentlemanly aura on him and his soft-spoken calm way can give a good impression.

But at the very least since it is his original debut, and his only appearance, I can definitely say that despite not being a fan of the designs here at times, Aeon’s design comes off pretty kickass and fits his role. Let’s see, he always keeps a stopwatch, and fights with a giant clock with a massive blade protruding from it, which can summon another long blade from it. And the place you ultimately fight him before the true final boss? A giant clock tower as well. This guy really has time written all over him.


As of the story, well, the game’s plot may look like it’s some sort of excuse to bring over characters of Castlevania altogether, but it’s servicable. Aeon is one of the members of a group keeping the stability of time, so when one of Dracula’s nemesis Galamoth decided to screw time by sending the Time Reaper to kill Dracula in the past, but Aeon caught on this. So his solution? Gather thirteen warriors across the timeline, good and evil be damned, and see who’s worthy to take on the Time Reaper. If they were deemed unworthy, then he’ll just go defeat the Time Reaper himself.

Noble thought, but I still have issues with how he picks up which warrior and which timeline. I mean, come on, why take some characters when they were just beginning, not on the peak of their powers? Yeah, I’m talking about three of the more problematic characters like Maria, Sypha or Eric. If Aeon picked a better time about them, we may have less boob-obsessed little girl, hypocritical witch bitch, and arrogant little prick for this game and I probably wouldn’t be so bitter about characterization.


So, that giant clock device on Aeon’s hand isn’t just for show. He really can lift that device and its size with much ease, slashing through his enemies or turning it into a giant scissors. Or he can imbue it with the power of time to shoot out giant lasers. But if there’s one thing that is definitely very showing how time plays a part in him is how he utilizes his Hour of Judgment. Whenever he blocks with a barrier, the clock hand in him moves, giving him various options depending on which time he’s on… that laser beam? One of them? And one of them also being…

… Dammit, Dio! Stop making this a running gag!

But yeah, Aeon also comes with the signature ‘Time Stopping’ skill, which gives him ample opportunities to unleash his Hyper Move, stopping time for yet another minute, or so he says (usually they take quicker than usual. Give or take, 10-15 seconds), before… you know what, just look at it yourself.

Yeah, he gets creative with what he can say to his targets before time marches on and screws his enemy over right on time.


While Castlevania Judgment is a contested game and it might not be my cup of tea, Aeon carries the game pretty well, and he’s pretty OK in my books, and he does show extensive usage of the element of time enough that I can name him one of the finest Time Masters in video games. He may just appear once throughout the series, but it’s quite an impressionable time for him to make an impact.

And if some of you gets mad that I didn’t like Aeon enough… well… my bad, but that’s just how it goes for my opinions.

Number 4


Aaand we’re back to Smite. Well I can’t help it, that game gets me interested in mythology. The term about ‘Time Master’ has come around since even ancient times. And with so many mythological beings duking out here, there’s no way we’re going to miss the element of Time being in.

In fact, this may be some sort of occurrence among MOBA games in general. Time has been a rather recurring element within the genre itself, with many heroes or champions having the motif of time. And while there are so many interpretations of Gods among the media, in this case, Time is represented well enough by its personification by the Greek mythology, the Keeper of Time, Chronos.

#4. Chronos (Smite)

All that is known about Chronos is that he has existed from the very beginning of time itself, since he’s one of the primordial beings in the universe. And I have got to applaud on how Hi-Rez designed Chronos without making him look like a typical grandfather of time (though there’s a skin for that). His WHOLE body is made to look like a collection of clockwork cogs forming into one body. I dunno, that sounds like a personification of someone from clock punk… who happens to control time as well. All in all, he also has a fittingly calm personality, doesn’t matter how many times he’s beaten, he’ll always still exist. Not to mention that he does have fun being a personification of time, making comments about how he’ll know that one day automobiles will exist, or yes he knows time travel and ‘kind of’ invented the concept.

But the best I can say is that how his gameplay really put the emphasis of what happens when time is attempting to screw you. Chronos is the kind of hard carry, he starts out weak, but if the game drags on long enough, he becomes a wrecking ball of destruction, just because you let him reign long enough. Just like Aeon, Chronos also utilizes the Wheel of Time to measure what kind of bonus he’ll get when he Accelerates at a specific time, he not only boosts his speed, which gets faster over time, but also boosting his own healing over time or normal attacks or skill power, or he can have his skill cost no mana at all, depending on where the time stops. If you can time it right, Chronos can lock down the time he needs to wreck the enemy or recover himself. He can also create a Time Rift in an area, which is simply just exploding and damaging any enemies caught in it. Oh and also there are images of clock cogs around it… just because.


His Stop Time is also one of his more dangerous skills, since it’s a linear orb shot where anyone who gets caught in it will take a rapid decrease of speed until they are stunned for a few seconds. Considering Chronos’ growing strength over time, this actually gets REALLY deadly that you don’t want to get Chronos to stop your time. But what I like the most is that his quote using this is pretty drawn out, fitting with how you feel your time slowing down.

And of course, there’s his ultimate… nope, it isn’t a mass time-stopping skill (phew!), but it is a Rewind. Basically Chronos reverts his own time, going back to his situation 8 seconds ago, refreshing pretty much everything about him based on that state. It’s a pretty good touch-in as a master of time, and it makes him more elusive. If you have been gunning him down relentlessly… well good luck fighting him again on a refreshed state back when he’s healthy before! Oh and did I mention that in keeping of the time theme, he’ll also have his sentence reversed as he travel back in time? Theme-fitting is a beautiful thing.


There’s not quite much to say about Chronos, but I know that he’s a very chill primordial that when given time, will become a great threat to his enemies and show that time means business. With still keeping the time motifs, The Keeper of Time no doubt earns his spot here amongst Video Game Time Masters… well, I’m just speaking of his incarnation in Smite, so there.

Number 3


For the 3rd spot, let’s get back to the all-girls fighting game Arcana Heart.

With a lot of choices of Arcana, there’s a lot of elements to be included here. And what do you know, the element of Time has been around since the very first game, represented by the Millenial Guardian, Kamui Tokinomiya.


#3. Kamui Tokinomiya (Arcana Heart)


While her looks seems like pretty unfitting as a time master, it has to be noted that Kamui is using some sort of disguise to blend in with school girls (of course, carrying a katana everywhere is going to raise suspicions). It’s not exactly known the time where she made a pact to the Arcana of Time, Anutpada, to become the Millenial Guardian… except it was when she was at the tender age of… ten!? Well… that’s some dedication? But as a result of making the pact with Anutpada, she was supposed to be rendered unable to age, though she had her time to grow until she’s 16 years old… and after that she’s put to an ageless sleep until a crisis presents itself, either when it comes to humans or the Elemental Realms, where with a cool head she will eliminate the threat.

Because of this, Kamui has been around when history was made. And amongst one of her accomplishment were somehow… fighting the Third Reich. Uhh… yeah, basically if there’s an experienced badass in the Arcana Heart, it’s Kamui all the way. But because of this, sometimes Kamui can be rather slow in how technology advances, leaving her hopeless at it, while also keeping some things to show that beneath all those time power shenanigans, she’s still a girl: She loves cute things and plushies. However, even at this, she knows that one day she would leave behind her friends because of her pact to sleep again when the crisis ended, so… she had other plans.


Again, while everyone could equip any Arcana, story-wise, Kamui is mostly related to Anutpada, which is shaped like a clockwork cog, so I guess that makes up how she looks like a schoolgirl. With the soul-cutting katana Tamayorihime at hand, Kamui is actually a fierce swordswoman, with her sword sometimes cutting down the void to strike the enemy. With Anutpada around her, Kamui also has a slew amount of time-related techniques that she can fully use. She can delay her actions, making it attack in an afterimage after she has done something else so it could trap an enemy with an unexpected combo, or the afterimage could distract the enemy by getting hit while she just moved somewhere else, or she could have a long range quick dash that position herself behind her enemy. She can also send out an orb of time explosion that moves slowly, but to confuse the enemy in a wake up game? This can be useful.

And eventually with Anutpada, whenever she goes Extend, she pretty much manipulates time itself by making her move FASTER than everyone else, them being slower than her,  allowing her for better surprise attack and quicker combos. Another of her super skill is locking an enemy in a stasis if they get hit, allowing her to smack the enemy around at her leisure. And then there’s her Arcana Blaze…

… Rrright, let’s just put a counter on it. So far it’s 5 times… Moving on.

It’s basically stopping time, not just on her enemies, but also if there’s a time limit set into the game… well, the game timer just STOPS. So basically, even Kamui’s time-stopping skill stops the game time itself. Talk about going beyond the fourth wall. A bit.


That is a lot to say for a girl with dedication to protect the realm from ancient times by becoming a guardian of time… ehem, Millennial Guardian. As far as canon goes, Kamui and Anutpada are inseparable and she’s a definitive wise badass, except when it comes to technology, and between sword skills and time manipulation? She’s one of the best and one of the ancient guardians I would trust with time.

Number 2

Yeah, remember that time when I said about how Sichte may remind you of someone? Let’s get to that then.

… What? Were you expecting someone else? The Spanish Inquisition, maybe?

Heh, obviously not. Even before Sichte, the term ‘knife-wielding lady with the power of time’ was already made famous by this character from Touhou series, the Perfect Elegant Maid, Sakuya Izayoi.

#2. Sakuya Izayoi (Touhou)

Maybe if you somehow stumbled upon my video, yeah I listed Sakuya as one of the best knife users, but what do you know, her time manipulation is still amongst the finest I’ve seen. But just in case you haven’t seen my old, outdated video… let’s just recap her story first.

Sakuya’s past was shrouded in mystery, but one day she appeared in the Scarlet Devil Mansion, intending to eliminate its mistress Remilia Scarlet. She was beaten, but was taken in to become Remilia’s head maid. Ever since that time, Sakuya developed genuine loyalty to Remilia and would fight to protect her and her mansion at all time while going along with her plans no matter what. In addition of her knife skills that made her a maid, she also possesses the power to manipulate time, which in addition of being a dangerous fighting tool… also makes her job at being a maid look more perfect.


Though it should be noted that she didn’t literally STOP time, but manipulate the time flow that it looked so slow that time itself stopped. That… takes a lot of intuition and skill.

When encountered in battle, the main concern on Sakuya is about how many knives she throws, which is a crapload of them at once, and then she can just make time look like it stopped itself just so she can throw even MORE knives. Wait… what did I just–

Fine, six! Does this mean I’m gonna hit seven later!?

Moving on, yeah. In a nutshell, that’s how it goes for Sakuya in the original bullet hell games. It might not be that much about time manipulation itself. However, her time manipulation shines a lot better in fighting game spin-offs. In there, Sakuya gets more creative uses of her ‘time stopping’ skills. Of course, she has the classical time stop skill, but now she can also slow down her enemies, throw her clock to completely stop an enemy, summon a delayed knife strike by making them appear out of nowhere quickly and launching them on delay, or just teleport if she’s ever struck. Or sending out a lot of clocks that stops the enemies dead on track if they ever touch it. So yeah, she gets a LOT of points of being really creative.


While Sakuya is probably more known for her knife-mastery (and I think I ranked her a LITTLE too low last time), her time mastery is also no slouch as well, and makes her who she is. And it’s deadly like hell, making her ranking THIS high amongst Time Masters in video games.

Number 1

Most of the people I’ve described so far are those who are still on the boundaries of time, and still able to manipulate time itself. You may ask yourself this, who can actually surpass them, or at least more dangerous than most of them? Well you’ll find it in Dota 2.


Well let’s try to think outside the box and imagine if there’s someone out there who could exist to a place outside time… and then use time from there as a tool for his own gains, that being just mostly beating the crap out of his enemies while manipulating the time around not just him, but also that of his enemies. In a nutshell… that is what Darkterror the Faceless Void is all about.

#1. Faceless Void (Dota 2)

Where do I even begin with this Hero.

Well for starters, maybe he didn’t have time motifs within his design, but really, look at his face. Realistically, when we enter voids or time rifts like that, chances are, we may not come out in one piece. Maybe our body and face will end up being REALLY screwed. Well, Faceless Void is FACELESS for a reason. But even then, he’s still not giving any damn, and goes on to view time as nothing but his personal weapon, be it to aid his allies or crush his enemies. As a being who once visited the Claszureme, a realm outside time, Darkterror is adamant in fixing the balance of power and realms caused by the battle participated by powerful heroes and even Gods or beings beyond Gods. And when it comes to battles like that… of course Time becomes a most valuable tool!


Just about everything about the Faceless Void IS about how time is used to debilitate his opponents and making sure they’re dead before they realize it. Just like Chronos, Faceless Void is a hypercarry that gets dangerous if his time of farming is uninterrupted. Even if he’s only wielding a mace, the collection of dangerously powerful items in Dota 2 will make his attacks REALLY hurt. Time Walk allows him to take a walk to Claszureme for a short distance while also undoing all the damage he has gotten in the last 2 seconds, in addition of moving him forward for surprise attacks.

And if the enemy gets a little too trigger-happy with their skills, Faceless Void can use a Time Dilation, not only just slowing the enemies around him, but also locking their cooldown timer temporarily, the more skills that were locked on cooldown, the more slower you get, so basically if you’re not careful with your time and skill management, Faceless Void will use that wasted time against you. And there is also a chance that a swing of his mace will cause a Time Lock, which not only stuns his target, but also deals bonus damage. The chance is actually pretty high once leveled, making Faceless Void’s status as a carry more apparent: Once fed and having good enough items, he can just mace the enemy to death, locking them down as he smack them away.

But since he’s an auto-attack reliant carry, perhaps you think you can just easily interrupt him? Well…

That was different… still! 7 times! Whew, that’ll be the last of it, I guess.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is his signature move, the Chronosphere. It affects a rather large around him, but the premise is simple. Time stops around that area, giving Faceless Void, with everything he’s equipped which can be deadly, to smack his selected victim to death. 4-5 seconds might not be too long, but in a MOBA game? That’s a damn long time, especially for Faceless Void that has been building up power and attack speed in the meantime. And… you know what is REALLY dangerous in this amongst time stopping skills? It is one of the quickest that one could perform and hands down to be the most dangerous that can freely claim lives. Faceless Void only needs a delay in, like, 1 second and then a select area gets frozen in time.


It’s near-instantaneous and can spell swift death to his enemy and if there’s one thing that can stop that? Mind your time, don’t let Faceless Void go uninterrupted in his farming time, the more you waste your time like that, the more you will regret giving Darkterror the time to become the terror of late game. And no matter how it is, to me, that makes Faceless Void not just merely dangerous, but THE finest example of Time Masters in Video Games. It’s not just the show, but the efficiency is DAMN high in bringing one’s time to an end.

Like this countdown.

I’m ChrisX and… I swear that the title isn’t meant to be an off-shoot for the same-named trope from TV Tropes, it’s just following suit with my other element list, I had to use ‘Master’ on the end! … Welp, I’ll see you later!

Honorable Mentions

Zilean (League of Legends)

Tracer (Overwatch)

Chromie (World of Warcraft/Heroes of the Storm)

Shadow the Hedgehog (Sonic the Hedgehog)

BZZT– …. Goddammit.

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