BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle: Reveal Impressions

I usually do not do articles like this, but…

I have to.

Because, I have no words.

This is… THIS IS….!!


So let me get this straight. I’ve been a fan of the Arc System Works games, I like the Persona series, I have a soft spot on Under Night In-Birth… and NOW you’re saying that ASW decided to go balls deep and cross them over in a tag battle, while still hot on heels with Dragon Ball Fighter Z!?

technical difficulties.jpg
ChrisX is doing things in his bunk, unable to contain excitement.

… Okay with that done with, let’s see what we got so far. So yes, it’s a 2v2 crossover fighting game featuring BlazBlue, Persona 4 Arena and Under Night In-Birth. Um, never mind that Under Night In-Birth was developed by French Bread, but ASW helped in publishing it… But no matter, it’s still awesome, we can expect very fast-paced and action packed fighting this way. It’s just ASW’s style. In addition, they added in Ruby Rose from the Web Animation RWBY.

… No, I haven’t watched that series. But it has a pretty sizable fanbase. So, cool I guess.

It looks like we will be getting two languages, since the characters from the three games speak Japanese, but Ruby speaks in English, even if RWBY actually has a Japanese dub. I do not know if it means we will get an English dub (which would be a feat, because Under Night In-Birth never had one), or they will go the Tekken way, where we pretend everyone can understand what they’re talking about despite the different language… Language barrier? What’s that? Oh, must be something that’s in here…

Well the trailer only reveal the main heroes so far, being Ragna the Bloodedge and Jin Kisaragi from BlazBlue, Ruby Rose from RWBY, Yu Narukami from Persona and Hyde Kido from Under Night In-Birth. Seeing that it was just a reveal trailer of the whole game, it makes sense. If it’s a character wish list, we’ll get to that later.

But at the very least I already know who’s going to be one of the characters I will definitely use.

Now, we don’t know the roster size or if it’s going to be just those 4 series. Some games like Under Night In-Birth was known to include guest fighters, being Eltnum (Sion Eltnam Atlasia from Melty Blood) and Akatsuki (from Akatsuki Blitzkampf), so even this game may follow suit. It may be just a rumor, but perhaps Ruby Rose’s status was a mere guest character, as much as I think it would be awesome for Weiss, Blake and Yang to enter the fray as well. But if we imagine that there may be more Guests… I can definitely think of some candidates.

  • Sol Badguy of Guilty Gear: With Guilty Gear being ASW’s other flagship fighter, it is natural that they may feature them. Why just guest? You have to remember that the latest Guilty Gear game, Xrd and REVELATOR, were made using Unreal Engine, making a 2D fighter with 3D graphics and models. Imagine how many workloads ASW had to made to convert many characters from there, so I guess just bringing in the main character will do as a testing bed.
  • Heart Aino of Arcana Heart: This game is in the same situation with Under Night In-Birth, being that Arc System Works only helped in publishing, Examu is the one developing the game. The game’s also fast-paced and really action packed if you get past the all-girls roster and moe stereotype vibes that the game can give (I like it). Not to mention there was an April Fools’ gig where Heart dated Ragna. Still, I think I can understand the difficulty of porting over since while it’s easy to put Heart with Partinias as her main Arcana, choosing your own Arcana was one of the main appeals of the game, not to mention the homing system may take a bit of work to balance. Still, I know ASW can do it. And as much as I have someone else in mind for Arcana Heart as a favorite… Heart is a good enough representative. I mean, it’s just her who was made to date Ragna, no one else!
  • Date Masamune of Sengoku Basara: Yeah, this one may be out there, but Arc System Work once collaborated with Capcom to make a Sengoku Basara fighter game, Sengoku Basara X. It… bombed, unfortunately. Shows that even ASW could make mistakes. But even then, Sengoku Basara as a series moved forward and continued being the crazy awesome take of the Sengoku Period. Masamune is the perfect representation of that and can be a way to show that ASW can learn from their mistakes and redeem themselves from their failure at Sengoku Basara X. The problem is a little too ridiculous, however… as in, ridiculously laughable: They’re basically asking Capcom, their current rival, to feature a character from their franchise, as ASW was beating down their current tag team game (Marvel vs Capcom Infinite) in the eyes of the fandom. That… doesn’t look like a proposal Capcom would accept.
  • Kenshiro of Fist of the North Star: Yes, another licensed game by ASW. I think Kenshiro would be a perfect fit for games like this, even if the game’s performance wasn’t that well (but a bit better than Sengoku Basara X). Not only he has an instant kill, he can also use a feature that is later given to Guilty Gear characters and Azrael: Knock the enemy horizontally as he dashes to deliver a custom beatdown. Just call in Konishi Katsuyuki, the go-to seiyuu to voice Kenshiro these days to voice him, and they’re set. The only problem I see in this is the licensing issues, they’re already juggling with the license fees for Dragon Ball.

Well those are just my opinions and I think I would love to see more and more things revealed. I’ll not be picky, the concept of this game is already awesome enough.

Oh and now that we’ve come to this, I guess it’s time I give out my wishlist on who’s gonna be in, based on who’s in the games featured. It’s not much, but I’d really love it (I don’t need to mention Jin again).

Well, I think that’s kind of all I can say for now about this game. The rest are just pure excitement that this is happening (I mean, what else is there to talk about when all you have is just the reveal trailer? Re-used sprites? Eh, I got no problem with that). Sure, it ain’t Guilty Gear vs BlazBlue, but I’ll damn take it! While we wait for that, feel free to comment on your own comments and excitement about this game, your wishlist and predictions.

2018 can’t come soon enough.

This is ChrisX signing out! With a smile on his face!


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