Editorial: You had one job, Arc System Works, ONE JOB!!

Hello everyone, ChrisX here and welcome to another editorial…

Which might not be on highest quality because this is made out of an emotional outburst. I try not to get too over bloated, but let me try it.


So a few days ago, I put BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle as my top most hyped game for 2018. Well, it would be nice to advance in 2018 that way, right?

Well… a few days later (precisely January 13th, eleven days later)…

ASW announced that the game will have 40 roster, but 20 of them will be DLC. And what we got so far are the initial roster.


I mean, I’m NOT that overly pissed like others. But, even then, I think this is just an outright stupid move. Really Arc System Works, were you being tutored by, of all companies… Capcom? And was basically saying “Hold My Beer” in the face of the controversies of Street Fighter V and Marvel vs Capcom Infinite? You’re almost making me regret putting BBCTB as my top most hyped game for 2018. Almost.

The game will be released at the end of May 2018 for Asia and Japan, and early June 2018 for North America. And I’ve got a feeling that we’re not at rock bottom yet, which means there may be a way that they can make this worse…

Thankfully I had two characters ready for maining, but even I will have to be wary and see if the gameplay is actually worth playing, competing and also the story, so I guess it won’t be first day buy to me. I’m not one to go buy all the characters, so the practice doesn’t bother me that much compared to the others (it still bothers me a bit)… but the only characters I will get my money out for would be the characters I truly wanted… and that’s all it’ll ever be, not everything.

This is ChrisX and I’ll… uh… see you later, after a few drinks.

The future of 2018 gets a little bleaker…

It’s just a spin-off crossover… not an official thing… It’s just a spin-off…

It’s just a spin-off….


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