Editorial: Well, that’s an improvement, ASW…

Hello, everyone. It’s ChrisX…

Previously, on Arc System Works…


All right, all right. Well… apparently at least Arc System Works weren’t that ignorant. Right after the DLC fiasco, they eventually announced that at least the DLC of Blake Belladona and Yang Xiao Long will be free, and the cost of the DLC overall will ensure that the price will be lower than a normal full game (CMIIW). This is a good damage control overall. Maybe some of the fans are still butthurt and unwilling to forgive Arc System Works because DLC, but… Well, I’m not going to be overly optimist either. But, I’ll give them good props to know when they goofed up. Which is more than I can say than poor MVC Infinite (… Damn it, and I was so looking up for the fighting game debut of Megaman X!). Myself I’m not one to watch RWBY, but I’m glad for the RWBY fans out there!

Well, icing the cake further is that two of my most wanted on the list, Kanji Tatsumi and Orie Valadier (well, definitely not Platinum the Trinity. She’s kind of low on my priorities) are amongst the first batch of DLC and early buyers will get them for free… Also while I am not a dub-only or sub-only supporter (except for… some), I’m glad to say that the game will be dubbed after going no-dub on Central Fiction, and the old cast in general will return, confirmed so far are D.C Douglas (Azrael), Patrick Seitz (Ragna), Cristina Valenzuela (Noel, Nu-13), David Vincent (Jin) and Amanda Winn-Lee (Yukiko).

(Though I probably shouldn’t really hope that high for the legendary Troy Baker or Laura Bailey to return, I think they have ‘assigned’ their worthy successors (Matthew Mercer and Alexis Tipton) in the anime-style dubbing world. Still gonna miss them, tho.)

This will also be the first time that the cast of Under Night In-Birth will be dubbed to English, which is a treat on its own because it never had any dubs before. And judging from picking the cast from LA, which did a lot of anime… well I’m sure this will turn out to be a dub worth looking for.

Granted, I’m probably still not doing the dub very often, nor am I hoping that they will dub CF, but… I’m glad for this. The dub enthusiasts will have their wish fulfilled, they should rejoice.

But again, it only takes one bad move to spoil the good fun. The hype machine of this game still walks, but probably not in a high level before the DLC marketing was revealed the first time. But props for Arc System Works to attempt damage control. I know it may be a bit too cringe-worthy if I said this, considering a certain ‘producer’ said this about a bombshell after a most-awaited game, but… It’s better than nothing. Better to have a damage control than being ignorant at all!

Is BBCTAG back to my most wanted game in 2018? ……. Maybe? Maybe not the first spot, but it’ll probably be right at the higher positions. Until then, we can only wait and see more features being announced (just please bring back a certain boob doctor…)

This is ChrisX, signing out!


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