Editorial: ‘Reaction’ to Super Robot Wars T!

Hello, this is ChrisX. And gee it has been awhile and… Hmm? What is this?

Super Robot Wars? Now that’s a series I haven’t been around with. I don’t know, maybe the lineups didn’t interest me or something, or finally the abundance of Japanese overwhelmed the hell out of me. The last SRW I played was Super Robot Wars K. However, I had really fun times with these series. It introduced me to many wonderful mecha anime (Original Generation series is another story, and I LOVE them). Gameplay is simple strategy game, but you’re probably not in for that. You’re in for your favorite robot beating or blasting the shit out of your enemies, re-enacting some famous anime scenes, and hopefully fix some of them for a better end… Long story short, it’s a massive crossover that’s done right and awesome.

Lately, they have been making translation for the English language. Two games have been released, V and X, but it wasn’t enough to get me funked. This one, though? I’m funked as hell. You wanna know why? Well, I guess I’ll tell you as I ‘react’ to the images of the trailer and tell you what I think about what gets in there… You’ll see why I’m… well… trying to hold my excitement right here.

So we begin with our title. It’s Super Robot Wars T. What comes next is usually the series involved, starting from returning series.

Hm, Zeta Gundam? A most lauded anime series. It’s just that I didn’t REALLY get into it. I didn’t do much of the older Gundam. Others may be super excited, but I’m not really. I’ll admit that it’s one of the oft-featured series of SRW, so I guess I can’t really complain…

Martian Successor Nadesico: Prince of Darkness? While I watched the original TV series, I didn’t really do the movie. I appreciate what it is, but it’s not really that high in my ‘YAY!’ list. Still a solid series overall, though.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack is one of the biggest hallmarks of Real Robot movies. Yes, I haven’t watched that one too, but I did trek through Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 to know some of its scenes… a little. And playing too many SRWs made me know the gist of the plot overall. Not exactly a top ‘YEAH!’ for SRW, but it’s OK…

Oh, you were wondering why I’m kinda being a downer? Sit tight…

Oh My God! GaoGaiGar!

Beforehand, I was not really aware of GaoGaiGar. After a showcasing in the Super Robot Wars Alpha series, I got REALLY hooked on this super hot blooded show and it quickly became one of my favorite Super Robot shows. And am I glad that they got a HD treatment like this!

I guess my only regret is that they only covered the TV series, the FINAL OVA escalated things to ridiculously epic levels, I’ve seen it in SRW Alpha 3 and W and it was glorious. But regardless, I’m pumped to see GaoGaiGar in!

Ooh. Getter Robo Armageddon, eh? I actually haven’t watched this one, though I should start soon. This is probably Getter in one of the most apocalyptic setting, and it is looking quite good, and it also features our protagonist Ryoma Nagare in his most batshit insane personality. How batshit insane, I’ll have to look up myself. I’ve seen the series in Super Robot Wars D, but just as a warning, every Getter are always good stuffs. Mostly.

Huh? Might Gaine? Now I haven’t watched this one, but it is part of the Brave Series, like GaoGaiGar…

Wait, the protagonist Maito sounds like the GGG protagonist Guy… and he’s known as one of the most hot blooded seiyuu ever. Double the Hiyama Nobuyuki protagonist voice, double the Hot Blood…


Dis gunna be gud!

Is that Gunbuster? It’s known as one of the most hot blooded anime with a female protagonist, although my only coverage was in Super Robot Wars Alpha 3. Seemed like a good deal, and this is probably where I will have to look at it full on, considering it’s also in English. I’ll see for myself if the hearsays are true about Noriko Takaya…

Aura Battler Dunbine? It’s an other-world style anime. All I know aside of that are the fact that it’s written by Yoshiyuki Tomino (and applies his trademark ‘Kill’em All’ in the anime) and it’s kind of the basis of Cybuster. Aside of that, I do not know much, but I’ll definitely take extra look. I tend to not pay much attention to it when it appeared in the classic series. I should rectify that here.

Tryder G7, huh. It debuted in SRW Z2, but… I didn’t get that far with it. All I know is that it’s part of the Invincible series along with Daitarn 3 and Zambot 3 (those two, I know). But really, I almost got nothing on this. Apologies for fans of the show, even if I’m also mostly a Super Robot fan.

This one’s a novel for Char’s Counterattack, but it mostly served to introduce two of the main hero/villain’s extra powerful mechas: Hi-Nu Gundam and Nightingale. Good for them, I guess…

VOTOMS series. I’m not into them so I can’t say anything.

Same goes with Crossbone Gundam. Though I noticed that one of its main character is voiced by the recently deceased Tsujitani Kouji. I do wonder about that one more than the show itself…

Whoa! That’s a surprise from Mazinger Z: Infinity, as our token Mazinger here! Granted, I haven’t watched that, so I guess I should prepare to be surprised here. I do know about the series stalwart Koji Kabuto, this seems to be his tale after the original continuity. He’s grown older… so yeah. This SRW would be my first coverage for it, although it has appered in SRW X Omega… which I did not get.

Gundam ZZ is another one of the backbone ‘basic’ UC Gundam in SRW, alongside Zeta and Char’s Counterattack. But amongst those? I’d say this one is the one I like the most, although not by much compared to others. It’s good to see’em here, though.

Dunbine? Again? … Oh wait, New Story. I guess it’s an OVA or continuity. I’m not sure what really goes on there, so I guess I’ll go along for the ride.

Hmm… for as much as I hyped this, why do I feel like this isn’t so much excit–


It’s been like, how long!? 15 years since MX? Or a bit less since there’s SRW NEO for Wii before!? But most importantly… G Gundam and GaoGaiGar in the same SRW!? Okay! Shit just got real, because G Gundam is amongst the top hot blooded anime that I also got into watching because of this series. And it never appeared alongside GaoGaiGar or even Gunbuster! So, this is a first… and it’s gonna be awesome, I hope!

Oh whoa whoa whoa, it’s Gun X Sword! Last appearing in that last SRW I played, SRW K! The protagonist there turned out to be controversial or so people said, but from my experience, I played that game because I got hooked with just how slick and awesome Dann of Thursday was. And of course, it caused me to watch Gun X Sword literally, and… I’ve been a fan! And this is gonna be the first time it’s in HD console!

And if you wanna know how it captured my heart in just K alone… well, have a look at yourself in his attack showcases in that game here:

And with that being said, let’s continue.

It’s time for the new series, but let’s recap my favorites first. So we got GaoGaiGar, G Gundam, Gun X Sword in one SRW, and bonus points for Gunbuster and Might Gaine. All in all this is looking to be a solid SRW that caught my attention more than SRW V and X. So let’s see which ones are the new entries here…

Expelled from Paradise? I haven’t watched that one, though it was penned by that Gen Urobuchi and for once, wasn’t THAT full of angst compared to his other works (I should know. Fate/Zero, Madoka…). But aside of that, I got nothing…

Whoa, what the heck!? Cowboy Bebop!? That classic anime that raised the names of Steve Blum and Wendee Lee in the anime dub scene!? But how, that wasn’t even a mecha anime! Still, after some weird titles like Space Battleship Yamato 2199 in V and Nadia of Blue Water in X, I guess Banpresto is really expanding the requirement. Now, unlike many of the Westerners… I’m completely blank on Cowboy Bebop. Didn’t watch that one. But it held a very special place within the Westerners, so… good job, Banpresto. That’s how you attract the international crowd. (Though they probably won’t bring the dub, despite how phenomenal it was)

A pity that probably they won’t dub this one. Oh, and… the death of the seiyuu of Jet Black, Unshou Ishizuka, before this announcement. That must’ve stung…

… What’s that title? Arcadia of My Youth: Endless Orbit SSX… All I recognize is the pilot of that battleship… Captain Harlock!? Now I haven’t watched his shows (apparently he got a lot), but I heard he’s dang famous worldwide, one of the most known Space Pirates in fiction. Wow, after this and Cowboy Bebop, it looks like Banpresto isn’t pulling their punches in churning out newcomers for an English translted SRW. Can they really top this–


Ahem… Okay, let me explain.

I’ve been watching Magic Knight Rayearth since I was a kid, one of the Magic Knights actually my childhood anime crush… ehem… An epic tale of girls adventuring to a different world, gaining help of sentient giant robots called Rune Gods to save another world, where things got a little more complicated and traumatizing without going Urobuchi-style over the top. It has been one of my (and apparently a lot of people’s) most wanted series to get in SRW for the longest time… AND THEY FINALLY DELIVERED IT! MKR IN SRW! MY DREAM COME TRUE!!

Now you see why I have a hard time concealing my excitement on this SRW alone. And to think that it’ll come in English language too… Praise God Almighty.

So I guess afterwards we will be seeing extra scenes of additional characters being in there…

Right, so those are ChoRyuJin from GaoGaiGar and… okay, I can’t say I recognize this Alen from the Dunbine series… and is that Shiro Kabuto? Koji’s little brother? Is that what became of him in Mazinger Z: Infinity? Well that looks interesting…

Dragon Gundam!? This is good news! Because… well, last time in SRW NEO, G Gundam was treated as mere filler and only had Domon and the God Gundam alongside the Devil Gundam as the representatives. Not a good way to represent the series, Banpresto. So here’s one for your redemption arc for G Gundam.

Okay, that’s Eagle Vision from Magic Knight Rayearth Season 2. It’s taken that most of the mecha actions come from that season, so it’s gonna take a bunch of the scenarios of Rayearth. Hopefully his NSX will be a recruitable extra battleship.

Is this what I can look forward to for Tryder? Okay, I guess…

Whoa, mama! That was a sudden delicious fanservice by Fasalina of Gun X Sword. Hopefully she’ll be a secret unit again, just like she was in SRW K…

…. You’re not gonna show her Dahlia of Wednesday now, are you, Banpresto?

Zagato!? So that means both seasons of Rayearth will be covered!? Okay, this is hopeful, a lot of best stuffs of Rayearth came in Season 1, IMO, but most of them take place in land, not mecha. Let’s see how they got treated with the typical SRW magic of story modification. I hope it’ll be good for that season instead of just leaving it for exposition (though at this point, I should be grateful that Rayearth made it at all).

So to top the G Gundam redemption arc, they’re giving us Noble Gundam… Noble? Wait, I thought it was Nobel? …. Hm? Oh, right. The old dub name. This wouldn’t bother me much, but I wonder if they will use the dub names like Burning Gundam instead of God Gundam. They’re not gonna change things like Hell & Heaven for GaoGaiGar, but will they still change that? I watched that in SRW X, Duo Maxwell referred himself as ‘Grim Reaper’, not ‘Great Destroyer’, so they didn’t use the dub. Is this one a typo or what? Eh.

Okay so we know Ray Lundgren and Volkain, and the trailer finishes off with a good ol’ Breast Fire by good ol’ Koji…

So let’s wrap this up. This SRW downright excites me for several days that it’s just now I could write up this reaction post. To wit… in this SRW that is translated to English, we get:

  • The debut of Magic Knight Rayearth, one of my most favorite anime that I have wanted for a long time.
  • That show, reunited with GaoGaiGar and G Gundam. Hell, GaoGaiGar and G Gundam in one SRW is enough to make hype. And with Gunbuster as the cherry at the top… but that wasn’t the complete Hot Blooded set.
  • Completing the set is Might Gaine. Two Brave Series at once with Hiyama Nobuyuki as their protagonists to dial up the hot blood level to above 11.
  • The return of Gun X Sword. And in a SRW where I probably won’t have ‘guilty pleasure’ on it unlike K.
  • As a bonus, I guess I am happy of the inclusion of Cowboy Bebop and Captain Harlock, that’s still several ballsy moves at once (combined with Rayearth) to attract the international crowd.
  • Looking forward to see how Mazinger Z: Infinity unveil from here.

Well played, Banpresto. You got my attention and hype for this SRW. Now let’s hope it’s not somehow screwed up in the future. Be seeing you in 2019, then!

Want to see all these animated, like in video? Here ya go.

Got any comments? What do you think of this Super Robot Wars? Let me know via the Comments!

This is ChrisX signing out, and… You should enjoy this kind of excitement from me for awhile. My next posts… are not going to be pleasant ones. Well, I dunno about spoiling or anything, but…

(VG Characters I hate/don’t like (title pending))

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