ChrisX’s Top 10 Disliked/Hated Video Game Characters

Hello everyone, this is ChrisX and…

… Well. This topic can be a rather touchy topic. Hated characters in video games.

Once upon a time, this was the shit amongst the Countdown Community.  Almost everyone had their own versions of ways to put on their rages on characters they do not like or just piss them off. Lately, no one seems to have made such thing and more or less they look like they’re more embarrassed than anything.

From what I saw, some included characters that were generally unpleasant and ‘were meant to be hated because they do a lot of inhuman atrocities’ as characters they hate… which is probably what the producers of the game wanted on these characters. But sometimes, a character just annoy or piss the hell out of you on a personal level for what they represent or how they were written in story. Maybe they just somehow hit you on the wrongest spots ever, or the way they were written just absolutely do not sit well with you. Are they too pointless in the story? It doesn’t matter if the character was meant to be hated or not, some characters just fricking rub you in the wrong way and you just can’t help to hate these characters.

So let me try giving a shot on this topic. And unlike many many times, let’s see if I can pull this off without flying into rage.

The usual rule apply, one character per franchise and only from games I’ve played. But before we start, please read these important points:

  • This list will contain SPOILERS! So if you are currently engaging with the games listed in the tags, well you have been warned. Tread with care.
  • This list is subjective and highly about my opinion. If you somehow like some of the characters listed here, don’t let it get to you. I won’t say your opinion sucks or you suck for liking these characters. This is just my opinion, not to be meant to be taken as fact.

Without further ado… I’ll try to limit my rage and let’s dig in into the video game characters I hate and want to punch in the face… I hope.

Number 10

For the most part, I think people who played video games might agree that the Duck Hunt Dog is one of the most annoying characters in video games ever. And I don’t believe that its appearance in Super Smash Bros alleviates things.

But for people who grew up and played games from the old Windows 3.1…? Like me? Oh boy.

Enter this free bundled game named SkiFree. It seems innocuous enough, you are just minding your business with a Ski on a snowy mountain. It’s a game like that.

But after certain time has passed, there came this effin’ Abominable Snow Monster AKA Yeti who ran to you and then gobbled you up, killing you.

#10. The Abominable Snow Monster/Yeti (SkiFree)

And it had the balls to taunt you by jumping up and down. No sounds, but that’s a kick to the balls the same, even the Duck Hunt Dog doesn’t even bite you in the nads upon game over.

Now, it is a well known fact that there is a cheat that allows you to speed up the game. But the Abominable Yeti is relentless. You can speed up and avoid him, but in the end, it will come to you. And eat you.

And taunt you, the player behind the screen that your game is over. That he has prevailed and there ain’t no way you’re killing him. Except fan works.

“I just killed you and you can’t escape! Nya nya nyaah!”

I can understand that he’s supposed to be what TV Tropes called ‘Game Over Man’, but, mock the hell out of the dead player that they killed themselves when there’s no way we could kill him? Really? Apparently the word ‘fairness’ was not in Bill Gates’ dev team’s (or just Chris Pirih’s) dictionary back then. This is how to make an endless game for them.


The game itself is fine, but it really could do without That. Goddamn. Yeti…

Number 9

Fire Emblem has always graced us with solid characters. Be they lovable protagonists, or antagonists that we can respect, usually in form of an enemy we can respect, or even an enemy that scares the bejeebus outta us. But for the most part, we can be sure that Intelligent Systems will always give us a villain that has depth as big as their participation levels.

Right? RIGHT??

Well, I wish I could say it’s always the case… until I met Surtr, that is.

#9. Surtr (Fire Emblem Heroes)

Fire Emblem Heroes became a runaway success for Nintendo. However, having played other Gacha games that actually focused on the story and characterization, I can definitely say that Heroes deserve a better storytelling. And this is all encapsulated in Surtr, the Big Bad of Book II. Surtr is the Emperor of Flame, ruling the Kingdom of Muspel with an iron fist, delighting in seeing people suffer as they burn away to death. He’s also expansive, is an abusive father and… um… he likes fire. A lot.

And that’s kinda all we can say. No, really, I’m not kidding.

Surtr was written like a super flat villain, and most of the time, he was safe from our reach due to his invulnerability throughout Book II, and any moments he came and wrecked things, he’ll keep reminding you with that smug-ass face…

Does it hurt that you can’t do a thing as I wreck things and plunge you to hopelessness and despair? Eh? Eeeehh? U mad, bro??

Do. Shut. Up. I don’t need another one of that goddamn yeti.

All these should have been recipes for us to feel satisfied with his defeat. But… for some reason, there’s just no satisfaction that the tyrant was dead. We just switched off his immortality, killed him, and that’s… it? Oh come on.

What damned Surtr the most to me is not ‘how many atrocities he did’. He’s a shallow evildoer, but the last part, he did well. It’s just that you would have expected more from a ‘armored tyrant’ from him. Characters like him in other Fire Emblem games tends to have more depths than his ‘cardboard cutout’ villain style, only fulfilling the bare minimums of a villain, and give him author’s protection to make him look ‘menacing’. Zephiel from The Binding Blade were driven with how his unfortunate past showed him the dark side of mankind. Hardin was brainwashed and consumed when he was at his weakest point. Even the cackling evil guy like Ashnard has his own visions on the ideal world.

Surtr, on the other hand, is like what happens when you have someone who should be on the caliber of Hans from Fates, and put him on the position of Garon. Or Hilda from Genealogy of the Holy War to the position of either Julius, Arvis or even Manfroy. At least Hans and Hilda know their roles and places, but Surtr? Oh hell no…

To the end, he always just had to be the flaming pile of shit.

Number 8

Y’know if there’s one thing that I liked the most… is the respect on legacy. If a character has a reputation of being good, to twist it over simply for ‘shock value’ is just a big no-no to me.

The Mortal Kombat game has gotten a rather big makeover, and the cast of character remain colorful and nice. Storytelling, though… Ugh, why does it have to be ‘bleak for the sake of bleak, gore for the sake of gore’… The way they tell the story via cinematics actually deserve a gigantic praise, but the content of the story is still one that makes me shake my head.

And the biggest one that makes me just feel like I want to puke is… Liu Kang… I mean, jeez, what have Netherrealm Studios done to you, Liu Kang?

Well, this form is still normal.

I mean, I get it, they think that previously, your characterization is lacking. You were there because you’re mister goody two shoes whose job is to win Mortal Kombat for Earthrealm with your turkey gobble yell. I could get by about your anguish in Mortal Kombat 9, I mean, you had the right for getting angry at Raiden while being kept in constant dark to the point that your friends and girlfriend die.

Then Mortal Kombat X happened.

Oh, and because a goody-two-shoes is always gonna be boring. Isn’t that right, Netherrealm Studios!?

For some reason, Netherrealm Studios decided that since they don’t want a goody-two-shoes Liu Kang, the way to develop him is a complete U turn from morality. Liu Kang is turned into someone who sought power for himself, usurping the power of Netherrealm in the absence of Shinnok and poised himself as an invasion force of Earthrealm. While other Revenants kind of felt horrible at their state (including Kung Lao and Kitana), Liu Kang seemed to REVEL in it. Hell, he even praised Freddy Kruger and tried to recruit him for his forces after Freddy killed an innocent child.

#8. Liu Kang (Mortal Kombat X and forward.) (The vanilla Liu Kang is fine)

Is this a kind of ‘I hate this guy because he does bad things as a villain’? Maybe. But for the most part, it’s because Liu Kang spat on his old legacy because apparently, the legacy of a good guy was too boring. Like, now, he has even less shades of grey, only a hair closer to a cackling cartoon supervillain. I mean, what the hell? Am I the only one who doesn’t always think that Good is boring? Liu Kang really is better off being nothing more than a turkey-gobbling warrior monk goody two shoes than this kind of thing that has no respect on the legacy built up in years…

And now I can’t even look at the Liu Kang I respected (not a favorite, but still) in the past the same way again…

Number 7

Ah yes, Musou/Warriors games! Who just doesn’t love hacking and slashing through a bunch of peons while mildly learning about history of either China or Japan? And when you combine both of them into Warriors Orochi, it gets EVEN better! Long story short, I love this series. And you know because FINALLY I can use all caps word and exclamation points in this paragraph!

But that brings to another thing I really dislike. Trolls. I hate that kind of people who toys around people just for lulz. They’re the scums of the living.

And who to encapsulate that better than the foxy antagonist Da Ji, who only does things because she’s just evil and likes being that way, as opposed to Orochi who only sought death via battle…

But she’s… not the one who hold the place in this list. Oh no, believe me, there is someone else that took this place, and it isn’t because of boobs. Honest.

And that person is this little so-called ‘Shaman Queen’.

#7. Himiko (Warriors Orochi)

You wanna know why her? There is one thing we call ‘gullibility’, but Himiko took that waaaay out there. She’s made to like Da Ji as a friend and gets overattached to her… all while insulting us that we’re all meanies who bullied Da Ji. Um, hello? That bitch was the one messing with us in the first place! And, um, hello? That bitch is capital E evil. Why do you keep running around with her? If she tells you to jump on a cliff, I’ll bet Himiko would do it in instant. This little runt takes the concept ‘Notice me, Da Ji-senpai!’ to a most irritating manner and I don’t like it. At all

And facing her can be a pain as well. Her attacks can easily stunlock you resulting quick death and making you have to repeat the stage if she gets the jump on you. All these makes me just not want to touch her at all.

Irresistably cute, she says. More obnoxiously annoying is more like it.

Overall, I absolutely do not find Himiko endearing at all. She’s just an annoying runt that just wants to hump her Da Ji-senpai’s ass… and I honestly would gladly make her eat the ground repeatedly everytime I face her.

I’d do this to this runt everytime. Sorry, Wang Yi.

Number 6

Final Fantasy Tactics. For some reason, I don’t think I see people talking about this game. Like, at all. It’s a game full of political intrigue revolving about Ramza Beoulve, a former noble who ends up considered heretical for doing what is right, despite the local religion over there turned out to be nastier than what people thought. There were plenty of usurpers, backstabbers and even demon contractors. But the one that I want to punch in the face more than any of these big players?

This stuck-up bastard of a ‘noble’ called Argath Thadalfus.

#6. Argath Thadalfus (Final Fantasy Tactics)

His time might be short, but boy did he use those times to be the biggest obnoxious bastard you can even try to meet. So Argath was a former noble whose house’s name was in tatters due to his grandfather’s cowardly act and he wished nothing more than to restore his family’s glory. Okay, that sounds innocuous enough, but…

On screen, he spends his time being utterly abusive to commoners, treating them as degenerates and subhumans. Extremely callous and self-righteous, he ended up doing the one thing so horrible that Ramza and his best friend Delita completely changed their views on the world… I can’t say much, but it all roots from him being an asshole with absolutely zero respects on commoners.

And there you have it, folks! His oh-so-punchable true nature! So much more punchable than even the guy who had an annoying laughing scene!

So what does that make him? If there’s a saying that rich nobles or aristocrats are utter monsters, Argath is the ultimate example of that, moreso than other evil nobles around the game. If you’re saying that this was an intentional part, like you’re supposed to hate him… well I don’t think so. He stuck around you as a guest character and was ostensibly on your side and also told you about his origins and goals, so the game had in mind to at least sympathize with him, or showcase that other big players turn out to be even worse.

But I still want to sock Argath in the face even more than those guys. He can tell about his motivations and desires, but if he does all those ‘dehumanizing’ terms in execution… All those excuses about his past shaping him to be the man he is as of that time mean complete jack shit. No sympathy shall be given to him.

I’ll take this any day over that pompous bastard, thank you very much.

Number 5

Compared to the Musou series, Sengoku Basara takes a gigantic over the top approach instead. Characters deviate way more than history would have it and I think they depend more on anime tropes than history. After all when they want to make something more on cool stylish action series, they can’t just bother with historical accuracy a lot.

This results characters with ridiculous personalities, though some of them end up ridiculously fun. But there is one character that tick me off to the point that I do not recognize this character as a portrayal of his historical counterpart…

#5. Mouri Motonari (Sengoku Basara)

This guy’s basically a colossal douchebag, exaggerating the historical Mouri Motonari’s bouts of ruthlessness to the point that you think ‘why do you think he even exists?’. He’s so self-important that he thinks everyone else is a pawn to be manipulated, extremely disposable and he’s the only fucking genius in the whole region that deserve to exist.

Wow, eat your heart out, Vega. Even if Motonari doesn’t speak of narcissism and beauty enough, his ego about his importance probably surpassed your ego about your beauty. Talk about a level of insufferable on the levels of Uwe Boll on movies…

“I am the only genius in this whole fucking clan.”

Okay, you might be thinking that if he’s such a jerk, why do I hate him like the game wanted him to be? Well… two things. First, the game attempted to hint that he’s just a lonely soul who believed that no one understood him due to his genius… What? I’m sorry, I can’t hear that over your orders of stomping your fellow men callously. Oh, he also made claims that all he did was for the survival of the clan? Sorry about that too, I can’t seem to understand that when you add up ‘As long as I alone exist, the clan exist, so the rest can die!’. Yeah, I think I’ll just off you and then leave the clan alone.

Second, I’m already okay with some of the rabid changes Sengoku Basara did to the historical characters, but Motonari is pretty much the one whose deviation piss me off the most. See, the historical Mouri Motonari had a good epithet where he called upon his three sons, handed them one arrows each, told them to break them, the sons easily did. Then Motonari gave them three arrows each, and this time the sons failed, so Motonari can teach lesson in unity: One person is easier to break than three people united together.

With how Motonari goes in Basara, I think he’s the type who doesn’t even want to give that kind of lesson to his family. It’s like it’s just some pretentious prick who lived in Chuugoku and claiming that he’s Mouri Motonari, while straying really really far from it. How did he get so much adoration and praise? Is it the pretty boy look despite how he should’ve been an old man? Or is it his unique gameplay (which honestly, is a positive thing I can say, even if I’m not a big fan and his personality turns me off from even trying that)?

Yep, I suppose prettiness is what makes people cling on him in the first place…

None of that matters to me. Mouri Motonari in Basara pissed me off so badly that I would gladly punch his pretentious face over and over again. Sending him to Xavism is too good for him.

Number 4

You know, it’s funny. As you grow up, you get to learn the more nuanced sides of life. One of the things I learned is that in history, rarely had there been a man who was REALLY pure evil (except that one Fuhrer, but let’s not go there). History is actually pretty fascinating, regardless of the result.

So let’s take that history and turn it into a simplistic black and white story to hammer down “Hurr durr, Conquerors are baaaaad!” message with the franchise called Onimusha!

Now I am not specifically saying that Onimusha is a bad franchise, I’ve played some of the games, and they’re good. It’s just that the storytelling is kind of outdated and has a disturbing tendencies to turn some famous historical people, especially conquerors and warlords, into cardboard cutout villain that likes to twirl their mustache.

I mean, look these guys! First, Oda Nobunaga. He oozed evil, he became some sort of guy whose dark sides were exaggerated. Next, Toyotomi Hideyoshi is made into ‘sleazy bootlicker’ and that’s… kinda what he is here. And let’s not even get to Yagyu Munenori, who were stripped of his more honorable qualities for the sake of romanticism of villifying him. For some, it worked. But to me, I do not think that historical figures deserve this kind of cardboard cutout treatment.

And it just happened that there is a deity that enabled this to happen… and he’s just about as flat as a cardboard cutout as the historical figures he contacted with (Oh, come on!). Meet the Onimusha true big bad, the Genma God Fortinbras.

#4. Fortinbras (Onimusha)

So, as far as  personality goes, Fortinbras is pretty much what you get for a cardboard ‘evil god’. The story has it that he appeared out of nowhere in the primordial chaos, created the Genma, and then made the human race as food and nourishment for Genma. And… um…. that’s it? Basically, you’re saying that he does NOT know other Shinto Gods and say he’s the one true creator of the actual world? If this was a fantasy, fictional world, I would’ve excused that. But he had the gall to claim that this is kind of the same as the world we live in? Um… what is this? Another of your preaching of “Hurr durr, Conquerors are baaaaad!”?

But overall, the most damning evidence for him is that he’s infecting other historical people, mostly conquerors, to be like him: Baby-eating evil, but done in a cardboard cutout fashion that there is no depth. That is just fricking insulting. You played some of those conquerors in games like Civilization? In Fortinbras’ eyes, they’re just baby-eating evil bastards with no character depths. Hell, the Fate series might have been too lenient, nice or taking too much liberties in portraying their historical figures, but at least they also showcased their flaws to balance out their good. But Fortinbras?

Change form all you want, but you’re still the cardboard “Evil God”.

He’s just the same as ever. One-dimensional, just like his race. I can’t even take his race that seriously, and yet he and the story demands to take his evil seriously. Nope, nope, nope. No way I’m gonna give that to a cardboard cutout villain like him. Sure, there’s a HD version of the original Onimusha coming in 2019, but I do not think that it’ll change a thing, so Fortinbras will continue being the cardboard evil god who likes to give villain upgrades to historical figures because he can.

Do stay the hell outta my unique historical figures, keep that ‘cardboard transformer’ away from them. Would ya?

Number 3

Dangan Ronpa series is one of those series that you don’t expect its runaway success. A murder mystery game that takes cues from the Phoenix Wright series with its courtroom-style debates where you pick off statement slip offs that will lead to the truth. And lots and lots of developed characters you grow to love will die. One by one.

And it is popular enough to spawn into other medias like anime and light novel and another new continuity with new cast. But we’re talking about the first continuity here. Just that is enough.

Turns out, all these horrific murders and the chaos within the world are caused by a certain Junko Enoshima. Actually being a hyper analytic person, she ends up being bored on everything and decided that despair is the only exciting thing there is… and she’s going to shove that opinion into the world whether they like it or not. With her analytical skills, she gets through every obstacles she came across, makes unique ways for people to die, and plunges the world into chaos, anarchy and despair to her delight.

She’s almost omnipotent and even faced her death with utter glee because of her despair fetish. And every of her actions were executed with flair and ham because she’s just that eccentric, enough that she can also pass as a super model in spare time. Sounds like the makings of a great villain that you can admire, eh?

Welp, not to me.

#3. Junko Enoshima (Dangan Ronpa)

All those hams and ‘reacting’ like mood-swings just puts a hamper to my likings on Junko, because to me, overreacting do not instantly make a good villain. There’s also the fact that analytically, Junko might be great, but a lot of her accomplishments were done by taking advantage of others, like her own sister, Mukuro Ikusaba, who is the heavy hitter of her plots, and Ryota Mitarai, whose creation ended up being stolen by Junko to make her ideal world of despair come true.

That’s right, I do not think I can respect a villain whose biggest accomplishment was done by stealing from another. I would’ve forgiven it if it was all her, but this? No way. ‘Moving the plot’ no longer becomes a good villain factor due to this. She’s played up as a great, omnipotent villain, but ends up being a disappointment.

Oh, speaking of disappointment? You know her death scene? Where finally karma caught up to her and she lost? Her reaction irritates me even more. She lost, and she ends up being gleeful that she can experience despair on her own, getting one last fetish. So, victory or loss, she gets what she wants anyway. Tell me how that was satisfying, for someone who wants her to pay for her crimes? I mean, come on, is it too hard to remove her despair fetish before finally getting her killed so she’s begging for her lives, just like her first victims? Or denying her what she wants and then subjecting her to a punishment that makes her even prefer death? You call that satisfying?

God, I’ll never get on just how much people worship Junko as a great villain. In my eyes, she’s just a pathetic, troll-y thief who masquerades as some omnipotent being… and then turns out to be falling short that I cannot ever respect at all. Maybe there is a pressure point that can remove her despair fetish… but that’s not gonna happen, right? In that case, she can just piss off.

Quick! Ask your resident Hokuto Shinken practitioner to come here to avoid unsatisfying death scene!

Number 2

Ugh. This guy. I’m just gonna say it immediately without bothering with series exposition.

#2. Yuki Terumi (BlazBlue)

Yuki Terumi from BlazBlue. I hate him.

And it is not because of his atrocities as a villain either. It’s what he represents. One of the things he’s known the most is being a Troll. And he is by far one of the worst kind of trolls I’ve seen. I don’t care how ‘amusing’ or ‘making sense’ his trolling acts are… I don’t like trolls, and never will, and this guy being a super troll does not help. Not a villain quality I will respect.

Then there’s also the fact that he just likes to chew the scenery a lot, and being super foul mouthed at that. A lot of people just say it makes him entertaining. It doesn’t make an entertainment factor to me. In fact, Terumi’s constant babbling makes him look like a cartoony villain who just got ahead because he was given a lot of OP toys by the creator. A smug and irritating villain to the end. Mind you, the game also has someone like Relius Clover as a counterpoint fellow villain, and for him, I can definitely feel an aura of wicked coolness by how he carried himself. Because, again, constantly screaming, taunting and overreacting does not make you a good villain.

Isn’t that right, Surtr? Junko?

Compounding to that is the confusing state of his character. BlazBlue is known for its super confusing story, but Terumi is one of the more confusing one that makes me just facepalm on him. See, he took the guise of Hazama, a more mild-mannered but still nasty troll of a person, whose talks seems more smooth and alluring, but that does not hide his nasty nature. It was enough that eventually they ‘separate’ into different beings, but all these mumbo jumbos weren’t really getting into my head as compared to other plot elements within BlazBlue that nowadays, I just think that they’re the same character: Overly obnoxious and irritating.

As if you can’t be more subtle with that super punchable face.

But wait, if you think that’s enough… there’s another damning point. See, Terumi’s true identity turns out to be the BlazBlue-verse’s rendition of Susano’o. You know, the God of Storms and brother of Amaterasu. Except in this rendition, he’s more of an unrepentant brother of Amaterasu who got jealous that he’s always going to be a custodian of Amaterasu and wants to usurp her place and reshape the world so he’s the most feared beings….

Knock knock. Excuse me, there’s a visitor waiting. Huh? A letter? Let’s read it…

Signed, Lucifer/Satan

Oh. Of course. What were they thinking, were they running out of evil deities in Japan that they had to copy Lucifer/Satan traits and then slap it on Susano’o, ignoring about his redemption quest in slaying Orochi? So Terumi’s existence ends up dragging the name of Susano’o to the mud even further. Well, maybe at least his personality would be saving him?

POWER OVERWHELMING. DESTROY. DESTROY. And I’m afraid that’s all I am.

…. Excuse me? What is this personality you speak of from this… thing? As Susano’o, he’s just about “POWER! DESTROY!” and nothing more. If Susano’o/Terumi is praised, it’s just about his overwhelming power. Wanting to rule? Overly generic motive… and once again based on “I am powerful, therefore I rule!”

Okay, as of power, yes he has it a plenty. But power alone does not showcase the quality of the character. All in all, while there’s a lot who will praise Terumi and his other forms as a good villain… That is not what I think. To me, he’s a piece of crap of a character dragging others to the dung hole where he resided that only got where he was due to preferential treatment and the memes, including the excuse of ‘hating me makes me more powerful’. Well, I don’t think that extends beyond the fourth wall. So, piss off, Terumi, you’re just a worthless sack of dirt.

Number 1

I could have said all those to the previous entries over and over. And hell, I can see that everyone thinks I’m cultivating a Terumi-hater image.

But even with all those… not even they, not even Terumi himself, makes me want to scream bloody murder from the inside unlike this entry over here… But, I gotta calm down, I can’t let anger overtake me after all this time I made it through ten characters that pissed the hell outta me.

As stated in my blog post over here, Warcraft is DEAD to me. Oh I thought it might get a bit better come Battle for Azeroth, but aside of Jaina Proudmoore getting a hold of herself, everything else just reeks of what I thought to be killing Warcraft. The Alliance getting more shilled, the Horde getting characterizations that makes the players getting embarrassed, and Sylvanas continues to be written sloppily as the ‘Look at me, everyone! I am EEEVIIILL BITCH now!’ character… Giving more fuels to go ‘Yay Alliance, boo Horde!’ unfair craps…

As such, it would be waaay easier to just say ‘Everyone post Cataclysm’ in World of Warcraft since that is the origin of the decay that killed Warcraft for me. Yes, I can just say something like Garrosh, Greymane, Sylvanas or any other pro-Faction War shits or characters getting derailed here and there into this number. But that’d be too easy, right?

So let us look back at the times of Warcraft’s highest time, back when it’s an RTS and the storywriting was a lot fairer… and then there’s this character.

This irritating dastard that bore the same name as one of the few good things in Warcraft and could have been responsible of reigniting the war between the Alliance and Horde again after the hard-fought peace at Mt. Hyjal…

Daelin Proudmoore of Kul’Tiras. (Deep breath) Calm down, calm down.

#1. Daelin Proudmoore (Warcraft)

So, where do I begin for this cur? How does a racist man trapped in the past get hated by me far worse than a pathetic excuse of Satan wannabe?

As I said, Daelin was the father of Jaina Proudmoore. Son died by the Horde during the Second War. And then he changed into a vengeful man. Okay, so far, this is fair enough. He vanished from the story for quite awhile as his daughter took prominence.

Then he came back in the very last scenario of the Frozen Throne, still trapped in the past that thinks that the Horde is always evil that killed his son and removed his own daughter from her place as the ruler of Theramore and broker of peace between the Alliance and Horde, and declared the extermination of the Horde, in the name of his own vengeance. Selfish as shit, if you ask me.

Never mind that beforehand, the Horde and Alliance, Orcs and Humans (and Night Elves) fought for their lives, combining their strength and putting aside their bloody conflict to stop the Burning Legion, an even bigger threat than petty faction conflicts, and Daelin refused to believe that. Is it believable? Perhaps, but it doesn’t make it less irritating. He died clenching in his beliefs of “HURR DURR ORCS ALWAYS EVIL!”. Died like a dog, more likely.

Please stay goddamn dead along with your racist legacy

I wish that is the last time I hear of this racist bunghole, but oh no, turns out by this small action, he left a crack that continued to expand and destroy the newly developed integrity of Warcraft overall.

Daelin’s actions pretty much renewed the spark of conflict between the Alliance and the Horde, in which they once again split into factions and gathering their own allies. I understand that this is to facilitate the new MMORPG setting of World of Warcraft, and for a few expansions, this was kept in manageable level.

But then Blizzard decided to go ham and make the Alliance always the victim and Horde is written to be increasingly more aggressive and doing evil things… as if they just want to vindicate Daelin. From Garrosh nuking Theramore into Sylvanas digging deeper into evilness because ‘natural progression after being turned into undead by Arthas, son!’… yeah, all those was written like that in a way to say ‘Daelin Proudmoore was right! Horde EVIL!’

They want me to hail this guy as a visionary who saw the truth about the Horde? No way in hell.

Oh yeah, they’d go there to vindicate this guy, make the Horde look and act like he envisioned. But instead of cheering, I smell… derailment aplenty.

And then there’s also the Kul’Tirans he left behind, who followed his mindset to the tee and goes very far to brutalize any Horde elements they come across, attempted to play on Jaina’s guilt on participating in Daelin’s death. But they’re written to be ‘more sympathetic’ than ‘Miss Next Lich King’ Sylvanas Windrunner.

You know, I don’t like the direction Sylvanas took all the same, I normally can’t even support her, but in between the next Lich King and these unreasonable racist warmongering dicks… I’ll just take the next Lich King to destroy this god-forsaken world, thank you very much.

And it is to my greatest facepalm that he was made to be the basis of the hero Kunkka from the Dota 2 game. Mind you, Kunkka is a very fun character. But his origin of being named as Daelin in the past just…. made me face palm and unable to enjoy Kunkka at the fullest, difficulty aside. But all those aside, I will still proudly admit that I like how Kunkka turns out, but that’s another story.

Don’t worry, Kunkka. You’re WAY cooler than your asswipe predecessor.

So in other words Daelin left behind a legacy of warmongering and conflict between two factions that so far has developed into leaving behind their animosity and uniting together for the common foe, to get back into petty escalating conflict with one side being favored. A racist that gets elevated like that… is absolutely against my principles, and he ends up indirectly destroying the legacy of one of my favorite franchises on the West and to an extent, ruined how I see Blizzard.

Well now you know why I even saw Yuki Terumi in an actually better, if not by much, light than this warmongering stubborn idiot.

At least in the cases of Greymane or the current Sylvanas, I can just say ‘badly written with the current hackjob of a writer team’, but this idiot existed before the ‘badly written’ phase, and helped kickstarting that phase. The bells of death has rang by that point, and a respected franchise started its journey to Hell… because of this bunghole. This is why I hate Daelin Proudmoore the most amongst all video game characters.

I’m ChrisX, and… all this I write, and I’m still restraining myself from spatting any further venom I am holding right now against Daelin Proudmoore. But at any rate, these are all just my opinions, if you find them actually good, as long as you’re not being an ass about it, feel free to keep your opinion. Yes, even about the guy at the top spot.

So, keep your opinion out and I’m signing out. Just don’t expect me to forcefully change my opinion on these guys. I hate these guys and if there’s a place for me to beat the crap out of them over and over again… I’d stream it.

And now if you’ll excuse me… I need to get myself into an asylum. But before that, here’s an obligatory list.

Dishonorable Mentions

  • Grand Maestro Mohs (Tales of the Abyss): Did somebody order an annoying religious fundamentalist caricature??
  • Ronan (Alundra): Take Mohs, make him also a blind zealot for an EVIL God that murders babies if his Evil God wanted him to… ugh.
  • Patroklos Alexander (Soul Calibur): Look, I don’t hold you as badly as many others, but thanks for almost killing the good franchise with your obnoxiousness, ya wanker!
  • Sankuro Yorozu (Samurai Shodown): Pointless, annoying looking, cheater, annoying design (also ugly as fuck)… Makes you quote this to SNK.

3 thoughts on “ChrisX’s Top 10 Disliked/Hated Video Game Characters

  1. The Shameful Narcissist January 20, 2019 / 12:06 am

    I want to play some of these so I avoided reading about them, but you don’t hate anyone from any of my favorites (and even if you did I’m sure you’d have an acceptable explanation) so we’re good!


    • ChrisX January 20, 2019 / 1:59 am

      For spoilers avoidance, yes, it’s good that you just skimmed through it. Just let it be known that ‘one man’s meat is another man’s poison’. Because I know that somewhere out there in the world, there will be someone who hates our favorite and had a good reason for it. And the other way around also works; some people might love one of our hated character (in fact, my advisor/beta reader did for one entry), but as long as we take it with clear head, we get along just fine.

      Liked by 1 person

      • The Shameful Narcissist January 20, 2019 / 2:24 am

        Very true. It’s something I’ve learned over years of doing reviews. The one thing I can’t stand is when something is vilified because it’s not your thing. It’s one of my major gripes with people who critique the video game industry who aren’t into video games or even take the time to learn anything about them.


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