ChrisX’s Top 10 Anime Series that could use a return into the Super Robot Wars franchise

Hello, it’s ChrisX and welcome to another entry SRW Season.

Everything began from this humble game

Well, as you know it, Super Robot Wars have been running since 1991. Each games contain different rosters of anime series, though some may return if certain titles are within one continuity.

But it is inevitable that they do not use ALL the rosters they have used so far, since an overbloated cast will make it hard to create a coherent story. As a result, sometimes a series gets a little forgotten and after appearing at one point in Super Robot Wars… and then not appearing for long.

And as a fan, of course I have a set of series that I liked, but Bandai Namco hasn’t seen it fit to bring it back to the newer Super Robot Wars. And that’s why, I am now listing the Top 10 Anime Series that could use a come back to the SRW series.

Now before we start, I’ve got to set the rules first. Actually it’s simple, the series must not be used by Bandai Namco again starting from this period: Super Robot Wars UX. I think that’s a safe limit. Therefore, there cannot be any series that have appeared in these titles:

  • Super Robot Wars UX
  • Super Robot Wars Operation Extend
  • Super Robot Wars Z3: Jigoku-hen
  • Super Robot Wars Z3: Tengoku-hen
  • Super Robot Wars BX
  • Super Robot Wars V
  • Super Robot Wars X
  • Super Robot Wars T

And I didn’t include X-Omega and DD not because they’re bad, but they’re… kind of different than normal SRW (even if DD plays similarly to it).

Also this countdown only takes account of how they perform within the context of Super Robot Wars series, not a review of whether the series is good or bad. But story synopsis is of course coming. And… that’s it, really.

Well, in that case, without further ado, here’s ChrisX’s Top 10 Anime series that should make a comeback to the Super Robot Wars Series!

Number 10

#10. Vision of Escaflowne (Last seen: Compact 3)

I will have to say that for as much as people have applauded this series, I have NOT watched the Vision of Escaflowne. All I heard was its hearsay. I… just didn’t have the time for it.

The plot is pretty Isekai. High schooler Hitomi Kanzaki (by the way voiced by the ever famous Maaya Sakamoto) is doing her daily life activities when suddenly she got engulfed into a war in another world that looks medieval but has gigantic mechas known as Guymelefs and she has divination powers, in which she uses to help end the war over there.

Also there was this super psychotic pyromaniac bad guy named Dilandau (I was there when character shrines in the internet was common, and he got a lot). And… um, that’s it. That’s all I know about it.

But I do know that it has a beautiful music. Not exactly my taste, but the opening music is beautiful. And it was featured in Super Robot Wars Compact 3. I’ve had experience with that game and seeing that New Story of Dunbine (Shion, not just Sirbine) just got into Super Robot Wars T, Escaflowne would’ve been my next ‘this needs to return’ series from that game.

Also that mecha design is SICK. Something that looks like a medieval knight and can turn into a dragon? If it gets into HD, SIGN ME UP!

While it’s all I could say about Escaflowne, I think it’s safe to say that it is right there as the #10 of the anime series that needs to make a return to SRW.

Number 9

So… Cosmic Era Gundam. For the most part, what we got a lot of times were the latter series, Gundam SEED Destiny, and… well, Super Robot Wars had a reputation of giving that series a gigantic fix in the story that it was considered having a respectable story whenever it’s in Super Robot Wars. This is indeed a great achievement.

But what if I say I think it’ll be nice to go back to its origins? That is to say… the original Gundam SEED. We haven’t have that for awhile, have we?

#9. Gundam SEED (Last seen without Destiny in a normal SRW: W)

Okay, it’s going to be in Super Robot Wars DD, but due to how unorthodox the game is, despite being closer to a traditional SRW, I think I can make the excuse that I do want the original Gundam SEED back to a normal SRW.

It chronicles the story of the war between normal humans called Naturals and genetically enhanced humans called Coordinators, with the young pacifistic boy Kira Yamato getting thrusted to the war and having to encounter some of his best friends on the opposing side and having to come to terms with his origins as a Coordinator. In short, that’s Gundam SEED in a nutshell.

Yes, I understand that Kira Yamato is a controversial character, but the chance of him properly taking the protagonist spot of the Cosmic Era again isn’t the reason why I want Gundam SEED back. It might be a bit too silly, but the reason is simple enough…

Well, okay, not one reason, but TWO.

First, there’s this piece of music known as INVOKE sung by T.M Revolution, and I dare to say that it’s one of Takanori’s best pieces. And in the history of Super Robot Wars… it was only ever included ONCE. In the 3rd Super Robot Wars Alpha. That was quite a waste to not put that music more often, right? C’mon, I want a modern rendition on that.

Second, the main antagonist Rau le Creuset. One of the more despicable characters in the Gundam series, but one character I fricking enjoy giving him the good ol’ Super Robot Wars treatment: Tell him that his rants about how humanity are the true evil are just full of bullshit. I could tell that millions and millions of times and never get tired of it. Doesn’t matter if I had to resort to seeing SEED Destiny again, I want more chances to punch Rau in the face (even with the SEED Destiny cast, his clone included!) and tell him he’s full of bullshit over and over again!

And I guess that’ll be all? By all means, I’m more of a Super fanboy, but Gundam SEED had enough elements that wanted me to see it back again and… that’s why it’s the #9 of the list. Come on, Bandai Namco, I had my Rocket Punch (with the proper accuracy Spirit Command) ready to throw to Rau’s smug face.

Number 8

Mazinger series! One of the big stalwart series of the Super Robot Wars franchise. You never get a Super Robot Wars that does not have a Mazinger. Though the main hero Kouji Kabuto wasn’t exactly the one I’m looking forward the most from this saga, he’s still a good enough character to carry the day.

We’ve seen derivatives and upgrades like the Mazinkaiser for good ol’ Mazinger. Considered one of the most powerful iterations of the Mazinger family, it continued to be a great unit, so long as you’re not allergic to Super Robots in general. But there is one mecha, according to dear creator Go Nagai, that might be a match for Mazinkaiser, and so far he hasn’t had the heart to pit them in one series together to see which one is the strongest.

Oh you know what I’m talking about. It’s the UFO Robo Grendizer.

#8. UFO Robo Grendizer (Last seen in SRW: Z1)

I mean, just how long since we last saw Grendizer? The first Super Robot Wars Z? Honestly, it’s a rather long overdue time we see the actions of Duke Fleed and the weaponry of the Grendizer, from Screw Crusher Punch, Double Harken or the Anti-Gravitational Storm…

Oh right, short synopsis. Well, our hero Duke Fleed is an alien that fled from the destruction of Planet Fleed by the Vega Alliance Army, now residing on Earth and taking the guise of Daisuke Umon. It just happened that the aforementioned Kouji Kabuto was also nearby and expressing interest in making first contact with aliens… and accidentally stumbled on the Vega Alliance, forcing Duke Fleed to once again take flight with his trusty robot Grendizer and defend his new home. Don’t worry, Kouji is helping, even if he was in a place far from his trusty Mazinger Z. That was a big nerf, but Duke Fleed still needed all the help he could get for his battle against Vega Alliance.

We’ve seen the Grendizer in Super Robot Wars a lot, but it was always with the unupgraded Mazinger Z. Sure, maybe Go Nagai was doubting about putting Grendizer with the upgraded forms of Mazingers, starting from Mazinkaiser to even Tetsuya Tsurugi’s Mazin Emperor G. Or heck, Mazinger ZERO. The day when Grendizer came side by side with them would be a day to look forward to.

Oh and of course, it does help that I do like Grendizer by default. They even promoted a new Infinity model of Grendizer in 2019! The #8 entry of this list is just itching to return. So c’mon, Go Nagai, cast away your fears and let’s have Grendizer return, hopefully along with the advanced Mazingers.

Number 7

This series, just like Escaflowne… is one series I only got the experience from the Super Robot Wars series (who am I kidding. A lot of them are like that to me). And it’s not even a popular one. However, it always has a smashing appearance in each time it appeared in SRW.

#7. Hades Project Zeorymer (Last seen in SRW: J)

I am talking about Hades Project Zeorymer. A story that chronicles about a certain young Masato Akitsu who has to fight a secret society called “Hau Dragon” that possessed unique mechas with dysfunctional pilots (but no generic mook mechas), while all he had was just the titular Zeorymer and his ‘assistant’ Miku Himuro. Only that he occasionally gets split-personality shenanigans that turned his generally wimpy self into a battle-ready, absolute asshole personality known as Masaki Kihara.

Whenever Zeorymer appeared in Super Robot Wars, it always have this ominously awesome music that keeps you on your toes, and even the chiptune version in J was an absolute treat. This is in addition that Zeorymer’s signature attack, visually and narratively, is an absolute bonker. Clasp your fists and instant nuke!? Really? Sounds pretty awesome to me! At the very least from the experience, at least the split personality thing didn’t last long and it ended in a more or less decent term so it’s not quite an obnoxious hero that I have to put up with.

And depending on the installment, we also get the upgrade Great Zeorymer, which turns an already broken unit into an EVEN MORE broken unit! That’s a super sweet deal!

And yes, I know there is the problem that Miku’s voice actress, Chieko Honda, has already died, therefore it might pose problems to get a new actress if they want to use a lot of new lines.

It’s not exactly a stellar anime, but I have a special favor for the Zeorymer of the Heavens. That’s why it’s #7 of my ‘needs to return to SRW’ anime list. Just please, next time you add it, Bamco, don’t make the requirement damn ridiculous like in J, making me sacrifice some scenes from the anime I actually like.

Number 6

Sorry. I’m going to have to cheat here a bit. This entry has TWO series in it, but they had the potential for good chemistry. And heck, Super Robot Wars have proven it, in a way. Though one of them actually belonged to the series that are within the forbidden SRW by the rules, I should mention that the big focus should be the one not within the list.

I am talking about the Dancougar series. Yes, the original Dancougar and the newer (if you can call it as such today) Dancougar Nova.

#6. Dancougar (Last seen in SRW: Z2.2) & Dancougar Nova (Last seen in SRW: Z3.2)

Both plots were different to each other, but the similar mech designs would make a good crossover shenanigans. But let’s get on the plot synopses first. The original Dancougar is about humans fighting against an invasion from the Muge Empire, an invasion where they were already in a disadvantage because there was a traitor within their ranks. However, there is one last trump card humanity had: The Cyber Beast Squad. The members of this squad, Shinobu Fujiwara, Sara Yuki, Masato Shikibu and Ryo Shiba, were dysfunctional, but in time, they would learn to work together to unleash the potential the squad’s final form of weapon, the Dancougar.

Meanwhile, Dancougar Nova didn’t involve that ‘humanity losing in a war’. However, it did feature a war-torn land, whereas there is a third party force that interrupted wars and giving the advantage to the losing, but never finished the job for the side they supported. It also featured a Dancougar named ‘Dancougar Nova’ a similar squad of four people, Aoi Hidaka, Sakuya Kamon, Kurara Tachibana and Johnny Barnett, and they were monitored by a figure that sounded a wee bit like Shinobu (but totally different person).

Even on the description alone, I can already see a good crossover potential. Imagine the original Dancougar fighting to the end, and when they were losing, Dancougar Nova came to help, but left them when they’re strong enough to finish the Muge Empire. But then, when Nova left, the Muge Empire started pushing the Earthlings back after reading Nova’s pattern. This would be ripe for conflict and development between the good guys.

Of course that rarely happens because of SRW’s tendency to relegate Dancougar into post-script season, because it could just work like that. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind a coverage of Dancougar from the beginning, combined with Dancougar Nova, even if I have to slug through with 4 machines before getting the sweet Dancougar. But with SRW’s tendencies to combine such smaller units into one unit before the combination, it’s possible.

Combination made in heaven

But of course another reasons why I wanted the Dancougars back were for a lot of reasons. As usual, there’s some sweet musics for the original (the Nova one… not quite for me, sorry), both of them have sweet finishing moves involving a sword that evoke you to yell altogether with them “YATTE YARUZE!/LET’S DO IT!”. And hey, this combination attack is still one of the sweetest that SRW ever made.

How they removed the original Dancougar in Z3 despite so is something that still baffles me. I guess that is why I let Dancougar Nova into the list, because unless there is the original Dancougar, it wouldn’t make the cut.

All things said, these would be one reason I want not just one Dancougars, but TWO Dancougars to return to SRW, giving them the position of #6 in this list. Come on, Bamco, JUST DO IT!

(… Wait, why does that feel like promoting something else? …………. Never mind! Moving on…)

Number 5

Ah yes, the Getter Robo series. One of the Holy Trinity of SRW that tends to skip a title. Back in those days, there were almost no SRW that could be conceived without adding the classic Getter Robo series.

It never appeared again after the first Z.

In exchange, we get Getter Robo Armageddon, who has debuted since D. After having to slog through a game that was pretty punishing to Super Robots, it got into the Z series since the second series and got some tweaks in storytelling, also appearing in V and T. All good and nice, the characters might be grittier, but didn’t go over the top.

But if you ask me, there IS one underappreciated Getter that didn’t have much appearances since the past. We’ve gotten quite a lot of Getter Armageddon these days, I’d say it’s just fair that we get Shin Getter Robo vs Neo Getter Robo back after its last outing in Super Robot Wars GC.

#4. Shin Getter Robo vs Neo Getter Robo (Last seen in SRW: GC)

Well, the story is at least a spin-off from the original Getter scenarios. After capturing the main Getter pilot Ryoma Nagare, the Dinosaur Empire launched a massive attack to New York city, where the only defender was Musashi Tomoe. In a desperate gambit, Musashi crushed the Getter Energy core and wiped out the army at the cost of his life… and the whole New York city, causing the world government to ban research of the Getter Energy. But the Dinosaur Empire later came back, and it’s up to Hayato Jin to lead a new Getter Team consisting Go Ichimonji, Sho Tachibana and Gai Daidou to fight off the Dinosaur Empire with the Neo Getter, a robot that doesn’t use much Getter energy, but how long would that last, would they have to resort to the Getter energy again, that this nifty new robot called Shin Getter Robo was happy to provide?

Okay, I understand that we might be losing access to the usual stalwarts of Getter, the usual trio of Ryoma, Hayato and either Musashi or Benkei. But it will let other characters in the Getter mythos get their time to shine. It’s not that often we see Go, Sho and Gai (in the Neo incarnation) appear. Even the Neo Getter have different style than the Shin Getter, and with some tweaks, they might even try to bring back Ryoma to the crowd. It could happen, because this is SRW.

And of course, this is a movie that featured the very amusing incarnation of Jack & Mary King and their Texas Mack mecha. With tons of amusing and awesome Engrish to go. With the Super Robot Wars games giving better treatment to non-main mechas after T, I suppose this would’ve been their time to shine not just as amusing extras, but also a force to be reckoned with, with too much high power, man.

And of course, another good reason for me wanting to come back is that their theme is one of the best from Getter. Yes, I like Storm over Heats.

It’s been too long since Neo Getter saw the light of the day. Really wish they could come back and become a Getter staple. Which is why it’s my #5 in the anime that needed to come back in SRW. It made good showing in the past (even in R)… it could use a more modern touch ups.

Number 4

Masami Obari. The man who also designed Dancougar Nova the above. If you hear that name, maybe two things could pass your mind:

  1. That he designed sexy females with a super ridiculous proportions that you might not be able to take them seriously. (Though I think Aoi was one of his tamer ones)
  2. That he is an AWESOME mecha designer.

And with all those in mind, allow me to introduce you to the one anime that exemplifies all of those Obari stuffs and just ran with it. Oh yeah, if you read the link, you probably would have noticed…

It’s Gravion and its sequel Gravion ZWEI.

#4. Gravion & Gravion ZWEI (Last seen in SRW: Z2.2)

Yes, probably the show isn’t one to invoke deep thoughts, it’s one campy show that… raised its stake in the sequel but for all its flaws, it’s still an enjoyable light show. And hey, it’s one of the series included in Super Robot Wars Z and it became one of my highlights of that game.

Oh right, synopsis. Ahem.

It’s a show of alien invasions, super robots, a woman with gigantic bouncy tits, a squad of maids; some of them with big bouncy tits, convincingly crossdressing guys–Okay, what the eff!?

… Let me try that again.

Ahem. Okay. So, years into the future, the Earth is under invasion of an alien known as Zeravire. Ridiculously rich billionaire Klein Sandman has gathered the force to stop them, the Gran Knights, including one of his many maids Eina; a girl that stayed within his castle, Luna Gusuku, along with her father; a boy that was trained solely to pilot the titular Gravion, Touga Tenkuuji; a woman with mature charms who was best friends to one of Klein’s aide, Mizuki Tachibana, though there’s more than meet the eye than this Tits McGee. And lastly, a shy girl that was secluded in protection of Klein himself, Leele. And even then, there’s just one more spot missing to complete the Gravion. Enter our hero, Eiji Shigure, who snuck into Klein’s group in search for his sister Ayaka, by literally crossdressing as one of the maids and sneaking into Klein’s castle, only to accidentally get into one of the machines and completed the Gravion. And so, the battle against Zeravire continued.

Sounds pretty basic, right? Yeah, that’s how it is in the first season. However, after a few lighthearted episodes in ZWEI, the stakes started rising, with some crushing reveals that put the Gran Knights on the ropes. But I do appreciate on just how they just run with all those things without thinking overly deep things. And of course the design by Masami Obari is a super sweet treat. The mecha itself is one of the typical Super Robots made more buff with Masami Obari and it has pretty sweet animations and attacks befitting on a Super Robot.

And hey, the way they handled the plot in Super Robot Wars Z was pretty spot on and made me like it, even if it’s still a pretty basic show. I mean, it’s like watching Power Rangers or Tokusatsu (in a giant mecha!), while deep plots are sometimes appreciated, you’re mostly there on the cheesiness and fight scenes.

Of course, it was removed in Z3. Just like the original Dancougar.

A reminder that we ARE still dealing with its mecha here.

And since its showing was just the first two (or three) Z games, of course I want the Gravion back into a new SRW, and mind you, it’s not because of the tits. I grew to eventually appreciate all of its aspects, making it the #4 of the series that needs to make a come back into SRW. I really miss all the Gravion actions in Z and…



Number 3

The heck is this…?

There is a world called Cronos, inhabited with machines and robots that act like humans. The evil robot group known Gyandalar invaded it to search for the energy known as Hyribead, and along the way killed a martial arts master that guarded the energy. It is up to his son and the successor of his school of Tenkuu Chuu Shin Ken, Rom Stoll, along with his friends, Drill and Jet, and his sister Leina Stoll, to stop this evil and free their planet.

Huh. Sounds like what I wanted to say about the synopsis.

Rom Stoll and his Tenkuu Chuu Shin Ken is well known amongst the Super Robot Wars fandom, having been present in the Compact 2 Trilogy, later remixed into the Impact game, and later on MX. Known for his tendencies to stop any bad guys in the middle of doing evil acts by telling them to “WAIT!” and give a scathing speech against them or a rousing speech for the good guys, and tell the bad guys that demanded his identity that they deserve none of them, he is well known as one of the biggest baddasses of mecha shows.

Oh yeah. Good times, good times…

With epic finishers like God Hand Smash, Rom (and his friends) went on to become great fan favorites, but after MX, he never appeared again. It is about time that he once again rise up and show the world about the strength of good heart, justice and Tenkuu Chuu Shin Ken once more!

Yeah, I know… it’s… uh…

#3. Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos (Last seen in SRW: MX)

People call it… Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos!

What do you know, that’s actually what I wanted to write! Thanks, uh… Who’re you again?

You don’t deserve to know my name!

And there he left… I wonder what kind of evil have I committed that I don’t even deserve to know my name. Anyway, yeah, the #3 of this list is Machine Robo: Revenge of the Cronos. Is that why I look evil? Moving on…

Number 2

Right now, SRW has been doing ‘weird entries’. Yamato in V. Wataru and Nadia in X. Harlock, Cowboy Bebop and Rayearth in T, Devilman in DD… But you know what? If you want to speak ‘weird entry’, SRW has long done that.

Back in the GBA era, no one would’ve expected that SRW would include something, while having some staples like command center, combat planes… had the main attraction being human-sized hero. Okay, there may be armors involved, but it’s a human-sized hero that kicks the asses of creatures bigger than he was. And there was massive angst drama involved before it was made mainstream.

And this series is known as… Tekkaman Blade.

#2. Tekkaman Blade. Last seen in SRW: W

It would be easy to say that the original Tekkaman should be here, but I’m talking about series that has made an appearance in SRW and needed to come back. And yes, I’m aware that it had a sequel, and I want them back too. Anyway…

Tekkaman Blade basically told the story of humanity under attack again… this time, against parasitic aliens known as Radam. These aliens were like beasts with no conscience. However, they were also led by armored humanoid beings known as the Tekkaman. However, humanity found hope when the Space Knights encountered a man they referred as D-Boy, who can transform into a Tekkaman known as Tekkaman Blade. Thus began D-Boy’s fight against the Radam, while uncovering his extremely tragic past which is tied with the Radam… and it’s not a pretty one. Whether he will find happiness at the end of the road is anyone’s guess…

Also, Tekkaman Blade 2. Last seen in SRW: W

And there’s a sequel, whereas there was another invasion of Radam, but there was at least a new Tekkaman squad now defending Earth. The sequel was initially not that well received, but after being added into Super Robot Wars W, in which it became a Midquel, its reputation was restored, sorta.

I just like how much character drama the original Tekkaman Blade had with its characters, and if it helps, being super small sized, you have a potent destructive force with a plot to go (and one that you could take seriously. Yes, I know Bonta-kun existed, but that is for times you are trying to make things more jokey). Any Tekkamen always perform well (sometimes too much), the story was great (and the sequel was improved with the usual magic of SRW), and it remains as one of my best 90’s anime to know.

Of course, I realize that we have the challenge of two voice actresses already passing away before it would get a voiced SRW entry, that being the aforementioned Chieko Honda and the late Yuko Mizutani. It’ll be a challenge to find their replacements, but I really have faith that they will find a way.

It’s been so long since we saw Tekkaman Blade in action, debuting in J, and last appearing in W, and in any of its appearances, its story was greatly presented, the units were great, making it the #2 of my ‘most wanted to return to SRW’ anime series.

With all these said, now you may wonder which one would sit on the top…

Number 1

The Robot Romance Trilogy by Tadao Nagahama was one of the mainstays of Super Robot Wars. Although that mostly was represented by the Choudenji robots, Combattler V and Voltes V. But even then, they haven’t appeared for years and… okay, they appeared in DD, but it would be nice if they would appear in more modern SRW once more.

Oh don’t worry, I’m not talking about THEM.

The last of the trilogy didn’t get much love, and honestly, I really wish it could make a come back. This is none other than the last of the trilogy, the only mecha that didn’t run on Choudenji/Super Electromagnetic, but instead on other resources and mostly… LOVE!

It’s Daimos. Whose last appearance was at Super Robot Wars Alpha 3.

#1. Daimos. Last seen in SRW: Alpha 3

But if you ask, a Robot powered with love? Well… not really, but the pilot’s willpower is empowered with love. How? Maybe the synopsis will help.

Daimos centered about yet another invasion of Earth by aliens, this time by a race of winged humanoid aliens known as Balmlings, because of a peace treaty that went awry. The hopes of mankind lie on the astronaut son of the Earth representative that got killed, Kazuya Ryuuzaki. He’s also a Karate expert and he fought against the invaders with the titular Daimos, which translated his body movement into its own, meaning that he could freely use his Karate skills to make Daimos into a Karate-fighting robot. But then, he saved a beautiful lady named Erika and fell in love, which fuels his fighting spirit to fight for his beloved… and things got complicated when it turns out that Erika was the princess of Balmlings, and the situation started to grey out, as humans also could prove themselves to be corrupt as hell while there were decent humans; and the same was applied to Balmlings, there were decent ones and there were horrific ones.

In other words, gray morality war drama meets Romeo and Juliet romance, ho!

So what makes it so special to me? I think I already have told you guys about how I got into the normal SRW and Daimos played a part of it. Super Robot Wars Advance wasn’t its debut, but it was enough to showcase how I love SRW modifying the existing plots for better, and Daimos was one of the shows that captivated me, enough that I hunted down the anime, had to contend with the Filipino dub until I found the subbed version.

Additionally, a robot that moves based on the pilot movements are always a big plus for me. Not to mention, Daimos’ signature move, Reppu Seikenzuki is basically punching his enemy so hard, it impales the enemy and crushes every of its mechanical insides. It was just every kinds of awesome savage on that.

Though it is the greatest challenge to bring it back to SRW. This is because… well… a majority of its supporting actors were dead, and its main actor, Akira Kamiya, has refrained from doing a lot of louder hot blooded yells he’s known for to preserve his lungs. It would be a challenge to bring it back to mainline SRW…

Yet it has been so long, that I still want it. I’m sure Bandai Namco can find a way about the voice issues. It’s time it got time to shine with or without the other Robot Romance trilogy series. Karate fighting robots are always a treat, it’s got a really good story even for a 70’s anime, it’s one of the series that showcased the beauty of Super Robot Wars story modifications (as far as my experience goes)…

It is my #1 anime series that I think needs to come back to SRW pronto!

Thanks for reading, if you want to note your own list of series you want to come back in SRW, or agree with some of my points, leave a comment. And of course, the SRW Season is not yet finished! There’s some more…

Until then, this is ChrisX signing out… because ouch… is it just me, or my ass feels like it’s been dealt with some sort of pain from an invisible force…? Looks like I’ll have to pass the Honorable Mentions this time. Excuse me…







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