SRW Potential Analysis: Kannazuki no Miko

Hello and welcome to another entry of the SRW Season. Or rather… well it has been quite a ride. The SRW season has ran for quite a time and it’s time I return to my usual schedule of general fiction posts. But it doesn’t mean SRW Season is truly over. I’ll definitely post more SRW-related stuffs later.

But before that truly ends, here’s one fun set of posts I can make up to be an ongoing series post.

So what is SRW Potential Analysis?

There’s a lot of mecha anime or anime that has mecha in it that hasn’t been included in the SRW. How likely could they be included? What are the obstacles? Is there here something to be done in order to make it a legit inclusion? And that is where SRW Potential Analysis come in, to gauge on how likely it is or how HARD it will be for the series to be included.

Though this is an analysis, this also puts my opinion inside. So if you somehow disagree and needs to say something about it, post it in the comments section. Also be wary of a lot of spoilers when it comes to reading this!

Well, let’s get on with our first analysis. Today we will take on the anime/manga series known as Kannazuki no Miko.

SRW Potential Analysis

Episode 1: Kannazuki no Miko

Series overview

Kannazuki no Miko is a YURI anime/manga. Yes, you read me right, it’s a series about girls love. The mecha’s there, but it wasn’t the main attraction. As such, perhaps some of the fight scenes weren’t as wonderful, but it can still get very intense. The plot itself may get a little confusing, but with extra insight, you can make sense of it.

Yes, the mecha didn’t get as much focus, but since when has that stopped SRW?

Anyway, the story is about a seemingly normal, shy and timid schoolgirl Himeko Kurusugawa, attending to a prestigious school in her home, the Mahoroba village. Alongside her are two high class students, Souma Oogami and Chikane Himemiya, pretty much the two school idols that everyone assumed to be dating.

Of course, assumptions are just assumptions. Souma actually had his eyes on Himeko; whereas Chikane has been Himeko’s best friend, and as far as Chikane is concerned, Himeko is probably her only friend, since she was so prestigious and peerless that everyone was afraid to get too close to her, thinking that she’s above all of them. Being popular sure is hard.

And what do you know, Himeko and Chikane share the same birthday too! Except that during their 16th birthday, suddenly, a malevolent deity known as Orochi decided it’s a good time to wake up and caused havoc in the world through his subordinates, known as the ‘Necks’ of Orochi. And one of the Necks just happened to be Souma. Orochi also came with giant mechas for each Necks, so Souma got on his Necks and was made to target the people that could harm Orochi… Himeko first, then Chikane. For both of them are the Solar and Lunar Priestesses, beings that are destined to kill Orochi.

But, Souma loved Himeko so much that he used his willpower to defy Orochi’s order and turned towards the priestesses, now dedicating his life to protect the priestesses, ESPECIALLY Himeko, from the other Necks. And of course, over the time, Chikane also started to realize her own feelings to Himeko, and she learned some horrific truths about her past life, which made her resort to some drastic actions…

I wouldn’t say what those actions are, but I guess it was so drastic that she had to pluck out a pear from a tree and give it to Himeko?

OK I’ll stop talking now. But I should probably tell you that the drastic action was such a surprise moment that it… caused a big controversy amongst the viewers and may affect their perception. So if you’re gonna watch the show, just be prepared of those.

Also the music is awesome.


So the fact that it HAS mecha and not being just a one-episode deal, it means that it’s fair game for a traditional Super Robot Wars. It was a shout out to the OVA Hades Project Zeorymer, which already appeared in some Super Robot Wars titles, right down to the Necks being similar to Zeorymer’s Hakkeshus. However, Kannazuki no Miko faces several challenges that must be addressed.

And it isn’t about the yuri theme. That can stay.

First, while Himeko and Chikane are the main protagonists of the story, Souma is the sole mecha pilot for the first portion and majority of the series. This means that to follow through the plot, the main heroines had to stay out of the limelight until its plot concluded. And THEN they gain a mecha. Thankfully, Bandai Namco also already had an experience with a series where the main heroine is a non-combatant or pilot, as shown in Super Robot Wars X with Nadia: Secret of the Blue Water.

Secondly… well it involves that pear thingy. The pear was apparently really heinous that it probably cannot be put into the story, not just about the rating, it would make the morality look really muddled. Therefore, Bandai Namco needed to modify that scene so Chikane had to resort to another action that can be more heinous than… giving a pear? Yes, yes she must.

(Sorry, just bear with it. I really don’t wanna say the non-euphemism version out loud)

Third, the ending. Well this is where the spoilers come in. The ending involve the world being reset after the defeat of Orochi, because a certain doom has befell onto the world. And also to insert some reincarnation stuffs. However, if we all have been following Super Robot Wars, we all know that the heroes DO NOT like the world being reset, their efforts rendered meaningless. Because of this, Bandai Namco had to modify the ending, either to make the reset not happen, or go blow Orochi up before any resets became necessary.

All of these challenges had to be addressed while keeping the spirit of Kannazuki no Miko intact.

Synergy with other series

Obviously, a Super Robot Wars series entry needs to have its plot intertwine with other series, they can’t just stand alone. Kannazuki no Miko would be no different, but which series could stand with it?

The no-brainer answer? Hades Project Zeorymer. The series that gave the anime version of Kannazuki no Miko inspiration. Nova Saber has made a write up about the similarities that you can read on this (Including how I think that Souma may work well with the Zeorymer protagonist Masato Akitsu), but I’ll get more on that in touch with how Zeorymer itself was handled in SRW:

In Super Robot Wars Judgment, the Hakkeshu lent their services at first to Dr. Hell’s army in their hunt for Zeorymer. This can be translated that with the Orochi Necks, rather than standing alone, they could latch onto the nearby world destroying menace that could provide them with mooks while they hunt for the Mikos.

Between the Hakkeshu and Orochi Necks, they could be depicted as rivals in regards of their goals. While they aim for world destruction, their motives for it might differ that it could clash together. Perhaps the Hakkeshu wanted Zeorymer so they could destroy Orochi, or things like that. It’s all up to Bandai Namco.

Another thing they could touch upon is the shoujo-ai elements. Kannazuki no Miko being made in the 2000s… the LGBT crowd were not having the place to stand, and so one of Chikane’s angst sources was that she liked Himeko enough that in her time, such relationship was considered forbidden. As of now? People have been rather loose and accepting to LGBT, and we also have several anime with tons of lesbian tones. With or without mecha. And some of them have been in Super Robot Wars. Majorly the Iczer series or Cross Ange, and to an extent Magic Knight Rayearth (they did tone down the same-sex pairing, but it’s there, being made by CLAMP and all). Such shift in values may affect how Kannazuki no Miko is written in SRW and how both Himeko and Chikane dealt with their issues of same sex romance, and the addition of such series can also help out with that.


Yes, the challenges present is more than just one, and Bandai Namco still had to preserve the spirit of Kannazuki no Miko intact. Still, Kannazuki no Miko is an interesting series to put on. If Bandai Namco can surpass these challenges, it could be a worthy addition. And they really had to get creative, but usually with creativity, good results will come. I mean, they managed to fix the otherwise controversial Gundam SEED Destiny; Kannazuki no Miko is another controversial show that can be helped with the magic of SRW story.

And with that, the SRW Season comes to a close, but that doesn’t necessarily mean this series is retired. Hope to see more in the future. This is ChrisX signing out.

Now how am I going to fix that banner…

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