About Me

My (real) name is not important. What’s important is about this introduction page…

Wait hold up, I gotta get off that Hatred vibes. Don’t worry, folks, I’m not one murderous bastard. Moving on.

ChrisX’s Brief History

I go by the nickname ChrisX, it’s short and close enough to my real name without leaking it to public. I’m an avid gamer, admirer of stories, who also works as an IT Programmer/Developer. However, for this site, this is just me getting a bit loose from daily activities and chronicling my sweet sweet memories with fictions, mostly video games.

What this site is about

This site mainly served as a way for me to express some of my opinions on things. It’s chiefly on countdowns. Several youtubers that made countdown videos serve as my inspiration, but while I would love to make videos about it just like them, my time is limited. And in site/blog format, I can also expand into formats outside video games. And not only countdowns, I also like to put readings or personal analysis about certain things in fiction. All in all, this is a site for fun.

Why do you like to put in youtube links to music in your countdown posts?

If it was a countdown video, you’d insert music to enhance the mood. This is my way to alleviate that within blog post, and not using too much space just to upload music. A lot of countdown makers in youtube do that.