SRW Potential Analysis: Kannazuki no Miko

Hello and welcome to another entry of the SRW Season. Or rather… well it has been quite a ride. The SRW season has ran for quite a time and it’s time I return to my usual schedule of general fiction posts. But it doesn’t mean SRW Season is truly over. I’ll definitely post more SRW-related stuffs later.

But before that truly ends, here’s one fun set of posts I can make up to be an ongoing series post.

So what is SRW Potential Analysis?

There’s a lot of mecha anime or anime that has mecha in it that hasn’t been included in the SRW. How likely could they be included? What are the obstacles? Is there here something to be done in order to make it a legit inclusion? And that is where SRW Potential Analysis come in, to gauge on how likely it is or how HARD it will be for the series to be included.

Though this is an analysis, this also puts my opinion inside. So if you somehow disagree and needs to say something about it, post it in the comments section. Also be wary of a lot of spoilers when it comes to reading this!

Well, let’s get on with our first analysis. Today we will take on the anime/manga series known as Kannazuki no Miko.

SRW Potential Analysis

Episode 1: Kannazuki no Miko

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ChrisX’s Top 10 Anime Series that could use a return into the Super Robot Wars franchise

Hello, it’s ChrisX and welcome to another entry SRW Season.

Everything began from this humble game

Well, as you know it, Super Robot Wars have been running since 1991. Each games contain different rosters of anime series, though some may return if certain titles are within one continuity.

But it is inevitable that they do not use ALL the rosters they have used so far, since an overbloated cast will make it hard to create a coherent story. As a result, sometimes a series gets a little forgotten and after appearing at one point in Super Robot Wars… and then not appearing for long.

And as a fan, of course I have a set of series that I liked, but Bandai Namco hasn’t seen it fit to bring it back to the newer Super Robot Wars. And that’s why, I am now listing the Top 10 Anime Series that could use a come back to the SRW series.

Now before we start, I’ve got to set the rules first. Actually it’s simple, the series must not be used by Bandai Namco again starting from this period: Super Robot Wars UX. I think that’s a safe limit. Therefore, there cannot be any series that have appeared in these titles:

  • Super Robot Wars UX
  • Super Robot Wars Operation Extend
  • Super Robot Wars Z3: Jigoku-hen
  • Super Robot Wars Z3: Tengoku-hen
  • Super Robot Wars BX
  • Super Robot Wars V
  • Super Robot Wars X
  • Super Robot Wars T

And I didn’t include X-Omega and DD not because they’re bad, but they’re… kind of different than normal SRW (even if DD plays similarly to it).

Also this countdown only takes account of how they perform within the context of Super Robot Wars series, not a review of whether the series is good or bad. But story synopsis is of course coming. And… that’s it, really.

Well, in that case, without further ado, here’s ChrisX’s Top 10 Anime series that should make a comeback to the Super Robot Wars Series!

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Super Robot Wars T Review/Verdict

Hello, it’s ChrisX and welcome to another entry SRW Season–(cough!) Crap! It looks like I’ve been infected with a severe case of dengue! SRW Season will be right back once I made full recovery…

1 week later…

MUCH better. Now where were we? (ding dong) Oh, what now? Hm?

Oh. Ooooh.

(Several weeks later)

Ah, crap! I have a blog season to attend! Hm… well, I was planning for a countdown. But now that I got this baby running… Welp, might as well!

Hello, it’s ChrisX and welcome to another entry of the SRW Season.

Well, if you’ve been following me, especially on Twitter… You know that fateful day. The moment Bandai Namco announced their 2019 entry of Super Robot Wars game… Super Robot Wars T. The hypest SRW game at least in my eyes. I jumped around, grinning and yelling like a madman as a result of the ultimate hype that came with a SRW close enough to be the SRW of my dreams. I tweeted things about SRW T and made a comeback to its fanbase (at least on parts I know). It made me remember how much I was an SRW nut beforehand.

And at March 20th, the game finally arrives at my doorstep. And… uh, that’s why there were no blog posts, I was too busy playing. (Sorry!)

But then comes the question. Is the game GOOD? Personally I haven’t really finished the game. I’m about halfway or sorts… but I guess it won’t hurt to give a review of this game. I shall review this as someone who was absent from normal SRW games (the last mainline SRW I was active was at Z2.1) and would like to see how much it was presented right now. I will also point out any flaws that this game had. Mind you, this is not a perfect game, but let me try to be fair.

This review are subjective and based on my opinion alone. If you do not agree with it… let’s agree to disagree.

Well, without further ado, let’s see how this game stands up!

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ChrisX’s Top 10 Banpresto Original Characters

Hello, it’s ChrisX and welcome to another part of SRW Season.

Before, I talked about the strength and weakness of normal Super Robot Wars and Original Generations Super Robot Wars. I also mentioned that each Super Robot Wars games will have original characters, a lot of them would get included into the Original Generation games. These are what would be called the Banpresto Originals.

They may not have the extensive history like other licensed show heroes, but these characters tend to be really quirky and likable on their own. These are mostly helped with their own design, personality, the mech they use and a lot of times, their own music. I’ve grown to love a lot of these characters, that a lot of times they become my lynchpin of playing even the normal Super Robot Wars games, and when it comes to those who has gotten into Original Generation games… boy did I have a lot of difficulties on choosing who to pick!

And so that’s why I will now count down the 10 Banpresto Originals that I liked the most. I don’t think the usual rule applies, because this is just within one video game series. So let’s just get straight into the list itself. This is ChrisX’s Top 10 Banpresto Original Characters within Super Robot Wars!

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SRW Season: Normal SRW and OG SRW

Hello everyone, this is ChrisX and welcome to the first series of a post known as the Super Robot Wars Season… where I speak about one of my favorite crossover franchises, the Super Robot Wars.

Yes, that previous editorial was just a prelude.

So if in the previous post, I talked about the outline of Super Robot Wars and my experience on how I got into it, now let’s talk about something else. A rather hot topic between Super Robot Wars fans.

Fans of Super Robot Wars usually identify Super Robot Wars into two types… a Normal SRW and an Original Generation SRW. To be brief, the former is the typical SRW that involves crossing over many many anime shows, and the latter is an SRW involving original characters that have popped up in various SRWs.

A lot of fans seems to hold the beliefs that the former is the true heart and soul of SRW, that if they remove the anime shows… it’s not an SRW anymore. And up until V, the Japan-only status of regular SRW and the almost-requirement to watch most anime involved to get the fullest out of a regular SRW was such a daunting task that the OG series became preferable for easy digestion and it also helps that the characters over there are also pretty colorful, quirky and lovable. Most of the time.

But we’re not here to say which kind of SRW is better. Instead, let us just look at these types of Super Robot Wars and see their strengths and weaknesses in more details. Perhaps, together we can learn appreciate both sides.

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Editorial: Talking About the Super Robot Wars series.

Hello, this is ChrisX.

If you have noticed some of my posts… yeah, right now I’m REALLY big on the Super Robot Wars series. For those who doesn’t know, Super Robot Wars is a franchise by Banpresto (now merged into Bandai Namco) that is a crossover between tons and tons of mecha anime. It’s pretty much an anime geek’s dream come true.

Since it’s come to that and the Super Robot Wars games are recently being officially translated to English, let me use this time to talk about Super Robot Wars in general to brief you guys what the series was like.

What is Super Robot Wars?

As stated above, it’s a crossover between A LOT of anime. It all started with humble beginnings, a GameBoy game at 1991 by Banpresto that featured titles like Mazinger Z, Getter Robo and Gundam. And like many Banpresto licensed games before, it’s almost like the Super Deformed series: The machines are sentient and they were just united against an original common enemy. Plot wasn’t something that you could try to bother with there.

When the game eventually gets a sequel in the Famicom system, Banpresto created the archetypical new way to tell a story. Rather than sentient machines, the plot was more like an amalgamation between various series, united against a new foe that brought up many of the existing villains together. In other words, imagine a Japanese robot version of Avengers or Justice League. Throw in one or two original characters that has links with the new enemy and the preparation was complete, all that’s left was to put the plots in a blender together to create a symphony of new stories and possibilities.

Oh, and can’t forget adding new franchises together. Yeah, you think it was just Mazinger, Getter and Gundam that got all the fun? Gotta share. And so, the roster gets crazier and crazier, with additions of the likes of Macross, Voltes V, and later on big names like Code Geass, Gurren Lagann.

So yeah. You wanna see Geass, Gurren Lagann and Evangelion in one game? There you go.

It’s a crossover not for classic titles only, but modern titles are also allowed to join in the fun.

Oh and the plot quality? Well, if you think that this is just a lazy mish-mash of plots… well, sort of. In the earlier days, maybe that was what Super Robot Wars was like. But after a few years, they pretty much made it their mission to make a coherent story that merges multiple plots and treating the cast fairly.

So if you understand Japanese (which is not an absolute requirement to enjoy these games, as you can see below), you may end up appreciating some ‘improvements’ that Super Robot Wars did to some of your shows that you deem problematic. And even on the shows you like, you will enjoy to see how your show walk on a new possibility when the neighboring show also has a part in building up your plot. If you see a villain somehow getting away scots free in the original show… well chances are, you get to be the relentless hammer of karma that gives that villain an undue retribution for their crimes. Happy times for justice!

It’s THAT kind of crossover, not some mindless brawling excuse plot crossover.

Gameplay and Presentation

So after you get all that, how do you think this is presented for gamers?

Just an example of a stage map.

Well, it’s a turn-based strategy game, similar to Fire Emblem. Gameplay-wise, admittedly Super Robot Wars wasn’t really that hard or punishing compared to other strategy games. You defeat enemies, fulfill objectives (though mostly ‘kill this unit’ or ‘kill all enemies’, but sometimes ‘hold the line’ missions pop up. Oh and also, protect your battleship.), gather money to upgrade your mechas and pilots. With enough money and participation, your squad of mecha will become hyper powerful and overpowered… well you’re going to need it because eventually you will face an overly overpowered final boss that only by combining your squad that you stand a chance. But aside of that, if you didn’t perform as well, all you get is a reduction of cash at most. Banpresto has added extra perks of challenge and difficulty, but it’s not as severe as ‘You lose this unit permanently if it dies’.

In other words, it’s an easy to pick up game and sometimes offer a good enough challenge.

Imagine this, animated.

What shines the most in this game is the animation. Whenever your unit attacks, you’re treated with a series of animation that stays faithful to the anime show featured, with a bit of upgrades touched in. These animation tend to be very epic and can make you feel like watching an anime movie or show by yourself.

And that’s why I tell you that you don’t need to know Japanese to enjoy the game overall. As long as you know turn-based strategy games and you enjoy those, you can already enjoy the game PLUS the nice animations. Of course, if you got bored with animations, don’t worry. After a few games, the franchise allows you to skip those altogether.

I’d try to talk more about this, but that’d be getting in-depth, and we’ll get to that later. But bottom line, it’s quite easy to navigate through and finish the game by getting through the system.

My Experience

At first, I was REALLY averse to Super Robot Wars games in general. That is, until I came across the game known as Super Robot Wars Original Generation.

Remember when I said Super Robot Wars made a lot of original characters in each installments? Well, eventually their bank of original characters started getting bloated that they think they could market a game consisting no licensed shows, just original characters. And they could translate it to English no problem.

It was a cult hit, but I liked how the story moves as well as the easy to pick up and rewarding gameplay and of course, the kickass animation, even for GBA. And if it also helps, I LOVE the cast of characters, which showcases various colors of personality and quirks, while remaining lovable and developed.

And then out of curiosity, I decided to try out licensed Super Robot Wars games that contained some of my favorite Original Generation characters. Sure, it’s Japanese only and there was only a few series I know of (notably Gundam Wing). But thanks to playing these licensed Super Robot Wars games, it opened me to the characters within the Mazinger series, other Gundam series, Getter series and other featured series. I liked them and ended up scouring for episodes of the shows there, becoming a fan of those anime.

My first licensed SRW. All because I liked the originals debuting here that appeared in OG

So… what’s the lesson learned here? Super Robot Wars is a goddamn gateway to watching robot anime! If you didn’t like robots, after you played through Super Robot Wars and provided you enjoy the game, you WILL like robots!

Also, personal thoughts, but because of my experience there, this is also why I wouldn’t underestimate the Original Generation games, unlike many who held the belief that you’re in SRW only for its licensed shows (not that there’s anything wrong with that). It may very well become your very gateway to the Super Robot Wars series in general. Had I not grow attached to the OG cast, I might not even try out the licensed Super Robot Wars at all.

Or try to learn the Japanese language, at first just to understand these games, but by the time they announced the translations, I’ve gone too far and fascinated on the language to stop learning… (It’s a very slow process, however)

Or being able to understand Japanese words so I do not have to completely rely on subtitles when watching Japanese shows. Plus there’s the beauty of comparing between translations…

Or… appreciate Japanese foods!

Or… or…

You get the idea!

Closing Words

Super Robot Wars also had its ups and downs, but it is a franchise that has been running for about 28 years and still going on great. Crossovers containing burning spirit with mostly good storyline are always a real treat. With them opening the gateway to the International fanbase, I know that their fanbase will expand. And I cannot wait to see what the future will bring to this crossover mecha anime.

And on a personal level, it’s also a game-changing franchise of my life. Without Super Robot Wars, maybe I wouldn’t be that heavily interested in Japanese series and language, and learning about it more than ‘trying to sound too cool like anime’ (That’ll get me ridicules, or be called as you coin it, ‘Weeaboo’).

If there’s a contender to be one of my favorite franchises ever… this is one of them. I am ChrisX and…

May the hot blooded Super Robot spirit be with you!

You know what? Perhaps I should dedicate some of my next posts for this franchise. What do you say it… “Super Robot Wars Season”? Yeah, sounds reasonable…

ChrisX’s Top 10 Disliked/Hated Video Game Characters

Hello everyone, this is ChrisX and…

… Well. This topic can be a rather touchy topic. Hated characters in video games.

Once upon a time, this was the shit amongst the Countdown Community.  Almost everyone had their own versions of ways to put on their rages on characters they do not like or just piss them off. Lately, no one seems to have made such thing and more or less they look like they’re more embarrassed than anything.

From what I saw, some included characters that were generally unpleasant and ‘were meant to be hated because they do a lot of inhuman atrocities’ as characters they hate… which is probably what the producers of the game wanted on these characters. But sometimes, a character just annoy or piss the hell out of you on a personal level for what they represent or how they were written in story. Maybe they just somehow hit you on the wrongest spots ever, or the way they were written just absolutely do not sit well with you. Are they too pointless in the story? It doesn’t matter if the character was meant to be hated or not, some characters just fricking rub you in the wrong way and you just can’t help to hate these characters.

So let me try giving a shot on this topic. And unlike many many times, let’s see if I can pull this off without flying into rage.

The usual rule apply, one character per franchise and only from games I’ve played. But before we start, please read these important points:

  • This list will contain SPOILERS! So if you are currently engaging with the games listed in the tags, well you have been warned. Tread with care.
  • This list is subjective and highly about my opinion. If you somehow like some of the characters listed here, don’t let it get to you. I won’t say your opinion sucks or you suck for liking these characters. This is just my opinion, not to be meant to be taken as fact.

Without further ado… I’ll try to limit my rage and let’s dig in into the video game characters I hate and want to punch in the face… I hope.

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Top 10 Video Games For 2019


You should enjoy this kind of excitement from me for awhile. My next posts… are not going to be pleasant ones. Well, I dunno about spoiling or anything, but…

(VG Characters I hate/don’t like (title pending))

That’s what I said. True. But… do you know what time it is? It’s nearing the end of 2018, not to mention Christmas!

Talking about something negative like that during Christmas seems distasteful, so let’s talk about something else more positive. Since 2018 is almost at its end… let’s see what we have for 2019. As usual, the gaming scene is still going in strong, and honestly they do look promising. I’ve gotten some of the games I hyped for last years, some of them were really as good as I hyped, some of them… not so much. But enough about that.

Once again, I am going to list the Top 10 Games that I am hyped for in 2019. There may be repeats, because some of them got delayed into this year. But even so… Let’s just do this! Here’s my Top 10 Games For 2019, which might not fit well with the public opinion, but it’s still my own opinion!

Oh hey, it’s a reused picture, since this game is also gonna be released in 2019, but not in my list.

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Editorial: ‘Reaction’ to Super Robot Wars T!

Hello, this is ChrisX. And gee it has been awhile and… Hmm? What is this?

Super Robot Wars? Now that’s a series I haven’t been around with. I don’t know, maybe the lineups didn’t interest me or something, or finally the abundance of Japanese overwhelmed the hell out of me. The last SRW I played was Super Robot Wars K. However, I had really fun times with these series. It introduced me to many wonderful mecha anime (Original Generation series is another story, and I LOVE them). Gameplay is simple strategy game, but you’re probably not in for that. You’re in for your favorite robot beating or blasting the shit out of your enemies, re-enacting some famous anime scenes, and hopefully fix some of them for a better end… Long story short, it’s a massive crossover that’s done right and awesome.

Lately, they have been making translation for the English language. Two games have been released, V and X, but it wasn’t enough to get me funked. This one, though? I’m funked as hell. You wanna know why? Well, I guess I’ll tell you as I ‘react’ to the images of the trailer and tell you what I think about what gets in there… You’ll see why I’m… well… trying to hold my excitement right here.

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Character Spotlight – Sypha Belnades (Castlevania)

Hello and welcome to a new section within my blog. Well, I think back then I did one similar post for a Fire Emblem character. You can think of this as a spotlight post for characters outside Fire Emblem series. Maybe I’ll also integrate it to this more general Character Spotlight section.


Anyway, I’ve been playing Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon, and it’s GREAT. It’s a throwback to Castlevania 3: Dracula’s Curse, one of the best Castlevania titles there is, even amongst the NES version, given even better quality of life additions (quick switching time is one of them) and retaining its fun. But speaking of Castlevania…

(Don’t worry. I’ll give my piece on the current state of Konami one of these days)


No doubt that when you speak of Castlevania, the first thing that comes to mind is the Belmont clan, and also… Alucard, who also debuted in Castlevania 3: Dracula’s Curse. But you know who else debuted in that wonderful game?

This certain character named Sypha Belnades.

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