SRW Season: Normal SRW and OG SRW

Hello everyone, this is ChrisX and welcome to the first series of a post known as the Super Robot Wars Season… where I speak about one of my favorite crossover franchises, the Super Robot Wars.

Yes, that previous editorial was just a prelude.

So if in the previous post, I talked about the outline of Super Robot Wars and my experience on how I got into it, now let’s talk about something else. A rather hot topic between Super Robot Wars fans.

Fans of Super Robot Wars usually identify Super Robot Wars into two types… a Normal SRW and an Original Generation SRW. To be brief, the former is the typical SRW that involves crossing over many many anime shows, and the latter is an SRW involving original characters that have popped up in various SRWs.

A lot of fans seems to hold the beliefs that the former is the true heart and soul of SRW, that if they remove the anime shows… it’s not an SRW anymore. And up until V, the Japan-only status of regular SRW and the almost-requirement to watch most anime involved to get the fullest out of a regular SRW was such a daunting task that the OG series became preferable for easy digestion and it also helps that the characters over there are also pretty colorful, quirky and lovable. Most of the time.

But we’re not here to say which kind of SRW is better. Instead, let us just look at these types of Super Robot Wars and see their strengths and weaknesses in more details. Perhaps, together we can learn appreciate both sides.

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