Editorial: Well, that’s an improvement, ASW…

Hello, everyone. It’s ChrisX…

Previously, on Arc System Works…

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Editorial: You had one job, Arc System Works, ONE JOB!!

Hello everyone, ChrisX here and welcome to another editorial…

Which might not be on highest quality because this is made out of an emotional outburst. I try not to get too over bloated, but let me try it.

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BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle: Reveal Impressions

I usually do not do articles like this, but…

I have to.

Because, I have no words.

This is… THIS IS….!!


So let me get this straight. I’ve been a fan of the Arc System Works games, I like the Persona series, I have a soft spot on Under Night In-Birth… and NOW you’re saying that ASW decided to go balls deep and cross them over in a tag battle, while still hot on heels with Dragon Ball Fighter Z!?

technical difficulties.jpg
ChrisX is doing things in his bunk, unable to contain excitement.

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Old Video: Top 15 Arc System Works Characters

Before I start out putting out new contents, I’d like to showcase some of my old lists in video form. It was fun making them, but time constraints means… I’m no longer making them gonna take more time to complete a video, hence the existence of this blog. I might make a new update for these videos as well in blog posts, as time flies, opinions can change.

So the first one is based on one of my favorite VG companies: Arc System Works, the ones behind BlazBlue and Guilty Gear… (These were made before the release of Guilty Gear Xrd REVELATOR, so please excuse the old footages of Dizzy, Johnny and Jam!)

Part 1:

Part 2:

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