ChrisX’s Top 10 Anime Series that could use a return into the Super Robot Wars franchise

Hello, it’s ChrisX and welcome to another entry SRW Season.

Everything began from this humble game

Well, as you know it, Super Robot Wars have been running since 1991. Each games contain different rosters of anime series, though some may return if certain titles are within one continuity.

But it is inevitable that they do not use ALL the rosters they have used so far, since an overbloated cast will make it hard to create a coherent story. As a result, sometimes a series gets a little forgotten and after appearing at one point in Super Robot Wars… and then not appearing for long.

And as a fan, of course I have a set of series that I liked, but Bandai Namco hasn’t seen it fit to bring it back to the newer Super Robot Wars. And that’s why, I am now listing the Top 10 Anime Series that could use a come back to the SRW series.

Now before we start, I’ve got to set the rules first. Actually it’s simple, the series must not be used by Bandai Namco again starting from this period: Super Robot Wars UX. I think that’s a safe limit. Therefore, there cannot be any series that have appeared in these titles:

  • Super Robot Wars UX
  • Super Robot Wars Operation Extend
  • Super Robot Wars Z3: Jigoku-hen
  • Super Robot Wars Z3: Tengoku-hen
  • Super Robot Wars BX
  • Super Robot Wars V
  • Super Robot Wars X
  • Super Robot Wars T

And I didn’t include X-Omega and DD not because they’re bad, but they’re… kind of different than normal SRW (even if DD plays similarly to it).

Also this countdown only takes account of how they perform within the context of Super Robot Wars series, not a review of whether the series is good or bad. But story synopsis is of course coming. And… that’s it, really.

Well, in that case, without further ado, here’s ChrisX’s Top 10 Anime series that should make a comeback to the Super Robot Wars Series!

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