SRW Potential Analysis: Kannazuki no Miko

Hello and welcome to another entry of the SRW Season. Or rather… well it has been quite a ride. The SRW season has ran for quite a time and it’s time I return to my usual schedule of general fiction posts. But it doesn’t mean SRW Season is truly over. I’ll definitely post more SRW-related stuffs later.

But before that truly ends, here’s one fun set of posts I can make up to be an ongoing series post.

So what is SRW Potential Analysis?

There’s a lot of mecha anime or anime that has mecha in it that hasn’t been included in the SRW. How likely could they be included? What are the obstacles? Is there here something to be done in order to make it a legit inclusion? And that is where SRW Potential Analysis come in, to gauge on how likely it is or how HARD it will be for the series to be included.

Though this is an analysis, this also puts my opinion inside. So if you somehow disagree and needs to say something about it, post it in the comments section. Also be wary of a lot of spoilers when it comes to reading this!

Well, let’s get on with our first analysis. Today we will take on the anime/manga series known as Kannazuki no Miko.

SRW Potential Analysis

Episode 1: Kannazuki no Miko

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