Overwatch Character Ranking 10: McCree

Probably because I rarely go for Wild West stuffs, but it’s usually rare for me to see a well-done cowboy character. But McCree? He’s got a lot of good stuffs that kind of makes me feel like a cowboy. Except the Horse.

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Overwatch Character Ranking 11: Pharah

In deathmatches games like Unreal Tournament and Quake III Arena, I love Rocket Launchers. In games like this, it seems less powerful, but when you combine that with Pharah’s jetpack, it kinda makes it up.

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Overwatch Character Ranking 15: Roadhog

Once upon a time, I thought that I wouldn’t be able to appreciate the typical ‘get over here’ skill like Pudge or Blitzcrank. But I guess Streetpig showed otherwise. It helps that he’s surprisingly has good depth for a story character.

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