Sengoku Compare: Tokugawa Ieyasu

Hello everybody and welcome back to another Sengoku Compare post… Hey, I never said this series is dead, okay?

So where did we leave off last time? Hm… Oh yes, the Three Unifiers. Well, we’re just down to the final one, Tokugawa Ieyasu. The guy who won in the end for being patient and waiting for the right time. One is the traditional old guy, the other one is the younger version. So, which one is the better Ieyasu?

Let’s find out.

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Sengoku Compare: Toyotomi Hideyoshi

Hello everybody and welcome back to another section of Sengoku Compare. Since we’re going through the Three Unifiers, we’ll now take a look at the second one, Toyotomi Hideyoshi. The very crafty monkey who succeeded Nobunaga and completed his conquest to unify Japan, and probably his most resourceful subordinate. One is a flawed, but well-meaning guy, the other one is a tyrant that somehow treats his subordinates with respect.

Which version is ultimately the better one? Let’s try to find out.

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Sengoku Compare: Oda Nobunaga

Hello everybody and welcome to yet another session of Sengoku Compare. Of course, when you speak of the Sengoku Period, you just can’t leave out the three major unifiers, Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Tokugawa Ieyasu. And for that, our focus today would be the first one, Oda Nobunaga. Boy, do I have a lot to say about this man. For many, in addition of a ruthlessly successful warlord, Nobunaga is a popular figure… to get demonized into some sort of devil figure. What used to be his joke of comparing himself with the Devil King of the Sixth Heaven (大六天魔王, Dairokuten Maou) tends to get used literally so they get this ‘devil villain’. Because war is so ugly and devilish and if he’s good at it and kind of revel in it with his long track of success… well you get the idea.

But I digress. Let’s just dig right into the so-called Devil King himself as how Koei and Capcom portray him and compare how it goes with him.

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Sengoku Compare: Honda Tadakatsu

Hello everybody and welcome to another session of the Sengoku Compare. And today, we are going to make a comparison of one of the biggest badasses amongst the Sengoku Period itself, the general known as Honda Tadakatsu. The guy who has entered around 50 battles and never getting hurt while staying active on the frontlines. As such, he’s always portrayed as a premiere badass, and both Koei and Capcom had their ways on it. But… how do they compare? Let’s find out.


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Sengoku Compare: Date Masamune

Hello everybody and welcome back to another session of the Sengoku Compare. As opposed to Samurai Warriors who only had Sanada Yukimura as the constant mascot or main character, Sengoku Basara actually has ONE more poster boy and mascot character, this being the Warlord of Oshu, the One-Eyed Dragon Date Masamune. Therefore, let’s dig in to how the two compares.


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Sengoku Compare: Samurai Warriors vs Sengoku Basara

Hello everybody and welcome to a new section within this blog. Yep, this is not solely gonna be a countdown blog.


So, amongst the hack and slash games I have played, Samurai Warriors or Sengoku Musou by Koei-Tecmo stands amongst the top games I have played. Tons of characters with solid gameplay and great characterizations, and it’s also kind of enriching me about the Sengoku Period in the Japanese history. It’s fun, and in each game, it gets better and better. However, there is another game that is similar, yet different enough that it is also competing its place.


The Sengoku Basara series. Made by Capcom as a ‘competition’ of the Warriors series, this is one over the top stylish action series just set in Sengoku period that sacrifices a lot of historical accuracies for more outlandish and outrageously crazy (as in WHOA, not a bad thing) designs… which still managed to contain a lot of solid characters around…

Ah yes, characters. That is the purpose of this section. Eventually, characters in Samurai Warriors and Sengoku Basara end up overlapping. For instance, both game has their own rendition of Sanada Yukimura and Date Masamune, but aside of taking pages from the actual person, they’re like almost really different characters to each other for their counterparts. It is inevitable that someone is going to make comparison and which one they think is better.

And here, I’m going to compare the characters that have been featured in both series and how I think of them, mostly based on their presentation. Their personalities, their design, their weapons and how they ‘feel’ around playing (of course Basara will have an edge on this one, but this is not everything). While most has their own charms, these sections will delve into more and which incarnation in my opinion I would ultimately like better, mostly when it comes to which one is the more compelling version of the character.

And last but not least, these are all gonna be just my own opinions. If you don’t agree with my thought, that’s cool, let me know in the comment section!  All in all, this will express how I feel about both series, setting-wise, character-wise and story-wise.


Look forward to further posts in this!