SRW Potential Analysis: Kannazuki no Miko

Hello and welcome to another entry of the SRW Season. Or rather… well it has been quite a ride. The SRW season has ran for quite a time and it’s time I return to my usual schedule of general fiction posts. But it doesn’t mean SRW Season is truly over. I’ll definitely post more SRW-related stuffs later.

But before that truly ends, here’s one fun set of posts I can make up to be an ongoing series post.

So what is SRW Potential Analysis?

There’s a lot of mecha anime or anime that has mecha in it that hasn’t been included in the SRW. How likely could they be included? What are the obstacles? Is there here something to be done in order to make it a legit inclusion? And that is where SRW Potential Analysis come in, to gauge on how likely it is or how HARD it will be for the series to be included.

Though this is an analysis, this also puts my opinion inside. So if you somehow disagree and needs to say something about it, post it in the comments section. Also be wary of a lot of spoilers when it comes to reading this!

Well, let’s get on with our first analysis. Today we will take on the anime/manga series known as Kannazuki no Miko.

SRW Potential Analysis

Episode 1: Kannazuki no Miko

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ChrisX’s Top 10 Anime Series that could use a return into the Super Robot Wars franchise

Hello, it’s ChrisX and welcome to another entry SRW Season.

Everything began from this humble game

Well, as you know it, Super Robot Wars have been running since 1991. Each games contain different rosters of anime series, though some may return if certain titles are within one continuity.

But it is inevitable that they do not use ALL the rosters they have used so far, since an overbloated cast will make it hard to create a coherent story. As a result, sometimes a series gets a little forgotten and after appearing at one point in Super Robot Wars… and then not appearing for long.

And as a fan, of course I have a set of series that I liked, but Bandai Namco hasn’t seen it fit to bring it back to the newer Super Robot Wars. And that’s why, I am now listing the Top 10 Anime Series that could use a come back to the SRW series.

Now before we start, I’ve got to set the rules first. Actually it’s simple, the series must not be used by Bandai Namco again starting from this period: Super Robot Wars UX. I think that’s a safe limit. Therefore, there cannot be any series that have appeared in these titles:

  • Super Robot Wars UX
  • Super Robot Wars Operation Extend
  • Super Robot Wars Z3: Jigoku-hen
  • Super Robot Wars Z3: Tengoku-hen
  • Super Robot Wars BX
  • Super Robot Wars V
  • Super Robot Wars X
  • Super Robot Wars T

And I didn’t include X-Omega and DD not because they’re bad, but they’re… kind of different than normal SRW (even if DD plays similarly to it).

Also this countdown only takes account of how they perform within the context of Super Robot Wars series, not a review of whether the series is good or bad. But story synopsis is of course coming. And… that’s it, really.

Well, in that case, without further ado, here’s ChrisX’s Top 10 Anime series that should make a comeback to the Super Robot Wars Series!

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Super Robot Wars T Review/Verdict

Hello, it’s ChrisX and welcome to another entry SRW Season–(cough!) Crap! It looks like I’ve been infected with a severe case of dengue! SRW Season will be right back once I made full recovery‚Ķ

1 week later…

MUCH better. Now where were we? (ding dong) Oh, what now? Hm?

Oh. Ooooh.

(Several weeks later)

Ah, crap! I have a blog season to attend! Hm… well, I was planning for a countdown. But now that I got this baby running… Welp, might as well!

Hello, it’s ChrisX and welcome to another entry of the SRW Season.

Well, if you’ve been following me, especially on Twitter… You know that fateful day. The moment Bandai Namco announced their 2019 entry of Super Robot Wars game… Super Robot Wars T. The hypest SRW game at least in my eyes. I jumped around, grinning and yelling like a madman as a result of the ultimate hype that came with a SRW close enough to be the SRW of my dreams. I tweeted things about SRW T and made a comeback to its fanbase (at least on parts I know). It made me remember how much I was an SRW nut beforehand.

And at March 20th, the game finally arrives at my doorstep. And… uh, that’s why there were no blog posts, I was too busy playing. (Sorry!)

But then comes the question. Is the game GOOD? Personally I haven’t really finished the game. I’m about halfway or sorts… but I guess it won’t hurt to give a review of this game. I shall review this as someone who was absent from normal SRW games (the last mainline SRW I was active was at Z2.1) and would like to see how much it was presented right now. I will also point out any flaws that this game had. Mind you, this is not a perfect game, but let me try to be fair.

This review are subjective and based on my opinion alone. If you do not agree with it… let’s agree to disagree.

Well, without further ado, let’s see how this game stands up!

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