Top 10 Video Games For 2019


You should enjoy this kind of excitement from me for awhile. My next posts… are not going to be pleasant ones. Well, I dunno about spoiling or anything, but…

(VG Characters I hate/don’t like (title pending))

That’s what I said. True. But… do you know what time it is? It’s nearing the end of 2018, not to mention Christmas!

Talking about something negative like that during Christmas seems distasteful, so let’s talk about something else more positive. Since 2018 is almost at its end… let’s see what we have for 2019. As usual, the gaming scene is still going in strong, and honestly they do look promising. I’ve gotten some of the games I hyped for last years, some of them were really as good as I hyped, some of them… not so much. But enough about that.

Once again, I am going to list the Top 10 Games that I am hyped for in 2019. There may be repeats, because some of them got delayed into this year. But even so… Let’s just do this! Here’s my Top 10 Games For 2019, which might not fit well with the public opinion, but it’s still my own opinion!

Oh hey, it’s a reused picture, since this game is also gonna be released in 2019, but not in my list.

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Unpopular Opinion: Alas, poor Warcraft!

alas poor warcraft
Alas, poor Warcraft!

I knew it well, readers, a game of infinite epic, of most excellent experience… It hath borne me on many epic gaming and story hours; and now how abhorred in my imagination it is! My gorge rims at it.

Here hung those epic, meaningful heroes that have been admired I know not how intense. Where be your great union now? Your peace-loving sorceress? Your anti-heroic undead mistress? Your image of a honorable Orcs and Horde, that were wont to set the common fantasy audience in awe? Not one now, to praise on your characterization and lore? The images have fallen. Now get you to Blizzard’s chamber, and tell them, let it be known that their new image of Warcraft is no longer one that I admired, and they can just hump on their new fans that just want to kill off one section; I want no part of it…

Make them happy at that… apologists-fest…

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Top 10 Video Games For 2018

Hello everyone, this is ChrisX and today we are finally doing another countdown…

And it’s NOT about characters for once.

Yeah, the year 2018 is here, and to greet this new promising year (uh, I hope), let’s begin with a list of games that got my interest for this year. Yes, the future of video game is still pretty long and 2018 has promised a lot for gaming overall. Though I have a rather WEIRD taste that maybe not everything would be in-sync with many of you guys’ tastes. But I have to say it.

This list might not be permanently accurate forever, as we may see delays or that I don’t pick some games that has a rather vague release date, even around 2018. And for once… I’d like to try a new style for this post…

I’ll try not to be too much of a blabbermouth for each sections. Let’s see… 4 sentences at most per section will do.

Without further ado, let’s begin this countdown of…


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Editorial: Is this the end of Sengoku Basara?

Hello everyone, it’s ChrisX again and welcome to a section I’d call Editorial. In this section… well, let’s say that I just take a look at a certain event within the gaming world, and give my comments about it. Perhaps it would involve some speculation or things like that. This is not meant to be a fact, let’s just say it’s just some of my opinions, thought this one probably might not be too unpopular. Unlike my other kind of post…

So let’s start this section with…


Wow, that was a bleak title for one of my favorite franchises.

But it couldn’t be denied. As we entered the last stages of Playstation 3, the super fun, adrenaline-rushing Sengoku stylish action game Sengoku Basara series… is facing the dangers of getting killed.

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Top 10 Video Game Wind Masters

Hello everyone, it’s ChrisX in another countdown about the elements. Well, I already did my favorite element. So… let’s see what’s next… Ah yes. A blizzard is a common usage of the element of ice, a storm of snows. By that, it’s not formed with solely just ice. Another element is in use of that, and it’s called the Wind.

One of the four cardinal elements in many stories, the Wind give a great emphasis on speed and freedom, those who wield the element of winds are either someone who can’t be kept down while they zip around the field with ease. In addition of that, there are grace to be found within manipulations of winds. But that is not to be underestimated, the wind contain enough great power to even shape the land itself. Want proof? Try near on a tornado and see if you can stand your ground.

(P.S: I’m only joking on the tornado. Don’t ever try this!)

Unlike most other elements, the wind is formless and with it, it can take on many forms which can be used to protect or strike the enemies, usually by sending them aside or upwards, or sometimes used in conjunction of storms to devastate their enemies. This is the list of the 10 masters of wind in video games that I think utilizes the best of the element in addition of having enough sense of freedom to embody the spirit of wind.

Yes, 10. It isn’t my birthday and it isn’t my favorite element.

That said, same rules apply. Only from games I played and only one per franchise. Welp, time to breeze through the list! This is…


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Top 10 Video Game Time Masters

Hello everyone, it’s me ChrisX and we’re back in another Top 10 list.

A particular element that tends to stand outside the common group of elements like Fire, Water, Earth and Wind (and Ice, and Thunder, and… a lot more) is the element that constantly moves even as I type this post, even as you read this post, even as you even so much take a breath. With this element, man grows from walking with four limbs, to two limbs and eventually three. I am of course talking about Time. The element that continue to march on for eternity, causing living beings to grow, to mature… and to die (unless either a massive blunt force or a pointy stick to a body part would have a word for that. Or viruses and bacterias.)

In video games, it’s pretty common that there’s someone who uses time manipulation to give them the advantage when it comes to fighting. They come in many flavors, either by rewinding, accelerating or altogether stopping time itself to give them plenty of time to set their enemies up. And hey, time motifs can look cool, starting from clockwork, stopwatches, or the cogs of time. And now is no better time to count down the clock of the 10 masters of time itself.

The normal rules will still do. Only one per series rule, and of course only from games I played. And exclusively for this, no mere Time Travelers. Sometimes you CAN use the time-travel device, but that doesn’t make you a Time Master. If you want to Time Travel in this list, you need to produce the phenomenon from your own skills or body, not borrow someone else’s. Also I know some of the more famous titles might be missing from this list, but please excuse me on that… because I haven’t played through those games, mostly.

And the time is ripe to finally start the countdown of…

time intro.jpg

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Top 10 Video Game Archers

Hello everyone, it’s ChrisX and I frickin’ apologize for not updating for so goddamn long time. Things… happen. New games, jobs, and stuffs like that. But yeah, I’m… kind of back. I hope.

So that being said, let’s go back to another list including weapons. Let’s see about… ranged weapon. Of course, the first instance of ranged weapon is… stone. Yeah, pick up a stone, then throw it to your enemy. But eventually, it evolved into something more eloquent. For instance, eventually they sharpened the rock, and put it on a stick. And thus… a throwable pointed stick

… Pointed sticks?

… Anyway, as humans evolved more, they started to develop more classy weapons to attack from afar. But pretty much, amongst the older weapons, the most popular one has got to be the bow and arrow, where you launch your arrow using a strung bow. The user of this weapon would later be known as ‘Archer’.

And seeing that video games often take place in fantasy themes where feudal weapons were used, it’s no surprise that there are tons of archers in video game history. And hell, sometimes even in modern times, there are still archers that forego more modern ranged weapons like guns, and instead uses bow and arrow. It’s easier to pull a trigger, but archery is a different beast altogether. Calmness and concentration plays a bigger part in this, so a lot of archers really come with a cool head as they are looking for ways to get into the best position and then give one fatal accurate shot that will still kill their target just as good as a gun does. On a head.

I mean, sure, we do have some super hot blooded archers out there, but I don’t think that would make them quite efficient in a long run. However, that’s that: Cool-headedness definitely will be a bigger part on what makes a great archer in video games. But otherwise, same rules apply. Only one character per series and only from games I played. And another thing… the characters must be MAINLY using bow and arrow for their weapon. If a bow is just a side weapon for them… I’m sorry, but that’s out of question. Also… crossbows? I try not to use them. There seems to be more crossbow users that later would warrant its own list.

That’s enough for introduction. Now deep breath, take aim… and let’s go on with the countdown.


(Yes, I used ‘Archer’ this time, not ‘Archery Expert’ or ‘Bow Experts’. If it’s simpler that way, so be it)

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Unpopular Opinion: Fire Emblem 12’s Kris/My Unit Isn’t THAT Bad

They’re probably going to kill me for this.


Welcome, friends and all, to a first kind of post that I will be making for this blog. This time, I tackle some unpopular opinions amongst games and characters so far to see them in a less biased manner, and usually going against the public opinion. Sometimes, when the public says something rather notorious, people are inclined to say that it’s the truth, and go along with it. I, however, become inspired to take a small research and see how truthful it is. And if my opinion ends up against the public opinion of the internet… well, thus this section is born.

So let’s dig in into our first foray, featuring the last game of Fire Emblem not released to the English: Fire Emblem: Shin Monshou no Nazo. The 12th game and the remake of the third game.


To start this section, let us start with a word from someone really good amongst the net, RavenKingSage (I’ll never be as witty as you.)

“New Mystery of the Emblem is one of the series’ most underrated games, if only by the virtue of never being getting localized. It builds on everything that made the original Mystery of the Emblem work and added with so much more. Complete with a richer plot, additional character development, features that later helped save the franchise with Awakening, and even some completely new faces, one of which is your own customizable avatar. Sounds great, doesn’t it? There’s just one little detail, though…”

“That avatar is one of the worst characters in Fire Emblem history.”

Thank you, Raven. Ladies and gentlemen, our focus of the day, the Avatar of FE12, Kris… or Chris, if you prefer. (I do recommend you to watch Raven’s video where this quote originated from. Has a good, if opinionated, insight.)

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Overwatch Character Ranking 1: Genji

All right, it’s finally come to this. The moment we’ve all been waiting for. The one character I like the most in Overwatch. It’s… O–

*looks at the title*

Well, shit! There goes the surprise joke element.

But anyway, yeah. Genji is my absolute favorite amongst the Overwatch cast. I can definitely say it’s ‘fave at the first sight’ and I have no regrets.

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Overwatch Character Ranking 2: Soldier: 76

Disclaimer: I have never played any of the Call of Duty games. So really, if I do Soldier: 76, it’s not because I’m too used to play COD, but because he’s good for starting FPS players and remain effective at even higher stages, where he’s more than an aimbot. Not to mention a very fascinating character.


So to start with? From the outer design, maybe there’s not much to expect on Soldier: 76. He’s a guy with normal assault rifle, maybe a bit aged. But I can definitely say that his visor is at least looking really cool. I think he just prefers the aesthetics of ‘as long as it gets the job done’.

And it really shows in his gameplay as your ‘Call of Duty’ guy (or so it’s called…). Soldier: 76 is the very definition of an all rounder. This guy can take on offensive, since he’s got his trusty assault rifle, and an alternate fire that sends out a smaller rocket that explodes on impact for a small area damage and he can keep the DPS real nice if you got a good aim. It’s practically a necessity if you’re new in FPS genre, and yet, if you’re already good at FPS genre, he’s even more effective. Those things you got from playing Counter Strike or Call of Duty will not go to waste. (Just get rid of the toxicity) And by using Sprint, either he can get back to position quicker or run off from unfavorable position quicker.

It’s less flashy, but it gets the job done.

And not to mention, he’s also a pseudo-healer. He can plant a Biotic Field that heals everyone in a small area. Not only this makes you less dependent on health packs, this can also be used to heal if your healer is for some reason not enough to do the job. Yeah, there’s the joke that he’s the team dad (Dad: 76) and he actually kind of going along with it. If someone says “I need healing”, give’em one even if he’s an Offense character, they’ll appreciate it.

And in regards of his ultimate Tactical Visor… well at the first glance, it’s what people call ‘aimbot’, because for a small moment, Soldier: 76 will activate his visor so he aims automatically and reloads quicker, though just for 2 full rounds. But in that time, if you’re in his sights, you’re as good as dead. Now people can call this cheap ult, but I think it’s NOT. Yeah, it aims automatically, but Soldier: 76 can only lock down one character at a time, so in the middle of a big crowd, it gets trickier to lock down one character you want to shoot down. Like for instance, a tank can still get in the way. And since his ultimate is announced, if people sees you, they’ll have plenty of time to hide, making you waste the ult. Thank goodness Soldier 76 at least has a Sprint, so even if he can’t fly around or teleport for better positioning, he can still at least get to a better position quicker. Wiping out the majority of a team with your ult is not as easy as you think, but it’s still very satisfying thing to pull off. Hey, if it gets the job done…

Okay, maybe that one is still a little too simplistic, but like Symmetra, the biggest draw of Soldier: 76 lies in his story. To me at least.


So yeah, remember that time I mentioned about Reaper’s backstory about his ex-best bud Jack Morrison? Yeah, that’s Soldier: 76.

Born as an American farm boy, he enlisted to the super soldier program in order to save his country from the Omnic Crisis. Jack was rather the opposite of Gabriel, while he’s not the ultimate best soldier on the field, he’s also charismatic, able to draw the best of his friends with his leadership. But even then, they were best friends. So he got promoted and rained with awards… something that didn’t endear Gabriel without his knowledge. But even then, Jack kept his ‘babyface’ to the public, serving for their best interests and protecting people, becoming a symbol of heroism.

Does this sound like the story of Steve Rogers/Captain America to you? Hey, they’re also born Americans. But… yeah, it’s not meant to be.

The Overwatch’s reputation fell apart when Gabriel leaked the secrets of the Blackwatch, and Jack still tried to convince the people that they’re still interested in protecting the people. And then it culminated into the fatal battle at Swiss HQ, a battle between best friends Jack and Gabriel, resulting both of them considered dead together. Jack Morrison was buried as a hero, and the Overwatch was disbanded even if they fondly remembered Jack.

Except Jack lived. Seeing all his hard work and idealism completely wasted with naivete and the world was still a dark place with the rise of terrorists like Talon and that there may be another group that orchestrated the downfall… Jack became disillusioned. He threw away all his ‘all-American-face’ persona and resigns that in the end, he’s just another soldier with a mission: To uncover the mystery behind Overwatch’s downfall, no matter what it takes, even if he has to use dirty tricks. After stealing an assault rifle that can fire small rockets from an Overwatch HQ, he became a vigilante, just using the callsign “Soldier: 76″… because that’s who he is… a soldier, at the year 2076. Not one for justice like he used to be before… but just someone who has a mission and will fulfill it.

While I’m okay with squeaky clean heroes at times, I am very much fascinated with those who has underwent trauma but still resolved to do what they think is right, even if they change their persona. Soldier: 76 is pragmatic and grumpy, but deep down, some of his old persona still shines on, acting out of concern of his team in his own grumpy way (as someone who’s seen the horrors of war and how idealism alone gets people nowhere, it still makes sense) and sometimes if an innocent’s life is on the line, he could still forego his mission for them. You know, Blizzard LIKES getting their heroes to be Fallen Heroes, but I’m impressed that they didn’t make Soldier: 76 fall THAT hard unlike Arthas or Kerrigan or the playable cast of the first Diablo. He’s one of those anti-heroes that I can say done quite right and a decent portrayal of how a charismatic ideal hero can fall.

Dad: 76 reporting for duty.

So yeah, a fascinating backstory and development (and still has rooms for development), still a very decent antihero personality coupled with potent fighting force that is covered with the mask of “Newbie character right here!”, I really really like Soldier: 76 rather than just dismissing him as a scrub character. Everyone has their tastes after all, mine just happens to put Soldier: 76 REALLY high. The hero that Overwatch deserved but not the one that they needed at the moment.